1. Healthcare and politics need to be separated from each other in this country. Alas!

    1. Every day about 3-400 unvaccinated die from covid. 90 percent of those are hardened anti-vaxxers – and 90 percent of those are Trump republicans.
      Future sure is looking bright …

    2. @dan dansen hate to admit your right, with people dying, but yes dan the MAGAts are killing themselves with stupidity. Kind of cool hey bro

    3. You’re not wrong, this is the first time I’ve seen in my life where individuals literally hate others based off their own medical choices! I don’t recall anyone giving two shits about another person’s health until 2019! Great humanity is worrying about others and others health, but at the same time it’s also created so much division! Healthcare has now become politics!

  2. I can’t believe how disingenuous these people are. Here in Namibia, we have been hit hard with the Delta variant. People are dying.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I watch a channel called Ocean Conservation Namibia, where a small group saves seal from entanglements. The coast is amazing. I can only wonder about the rest of your country.

    2. @Jock Young I wouldn’t think so, but I am not a virologist. I think if somebody is worried about contracting COVID they should get the vaccine.
      I do get concerned when there is an effort to supress different opinions.
      The Biden administration is now working to supress text messages that they consider spreading “misinformation”. I would like to decide that for myself.

  3. Corona care should not be paid for by the government if the patient had the opportunity to get vaccinated but declined.

    1. TOTALLY AGREE!!! I’m sure some is paid by their health insurance but I’m sure PLENTY do not have insurance & WE as tax payers pay their bill! So friggin stupid!!!

    2. I’ll go a step further, ER beds should be prioritized to go to non-covid patients … I don’t need to subsidize anti-vaxxers health insurance costs, us liberals hate ‘healthcare queens’. Your choice, your cost.

  4. I want Tucker Carlson to disclose whether he’s been vaccinated or not, the same way he wanted to see Obama’s birth certificate. If he’s so anti-vax put your money where your mouth is Tucker

    1. He has already said he got the vaccine. He also never makes the point people shouldn’t get the vaccine. Watch the show and not the soundbites.

    2. @John Watch the show???? Why should we watch something we know should never get any air time to begin with? Why watch someone who had his lawyers publicly admit, he doesn’t rely on facts? Why watch someone who’s told you, you can’t trust them to be honest with you?

    3. And if he does so what … people have the right to believe what they whose … not what cnn force down there throats

    1. @Dylan Smith I appreciate you enjoy thinking about sex with men but it is not something I do or think about. Please share your fantasises with like minded men. Enjoy your gay thoughts.

    2. @phil heidt I’m sure you do appreciate someone acknowledging your existence. It’d be nice if your buddies at CNN cared about all the people dying in Cuba because of wanting freedom.

    3. @phil heidt you can deny your true feelings all you want. If you were straight, you wouldn’t be watching CNN videos.

    4. @Dylan Smith Hey MAGAt Dylan you make no sense go back to talking about sex with men something you seem to know a lot about

  5. As Carl Sagan once stated, …”this is the dumbing down of America…a kind of celebration of ignorance”. There you have it folks. These mouth breathers will quickly learn about Darwinism.

    1. Is that why government educated kids get dumber ever year and and death rates are worst in Democrat counties?

    2. Yall must not trust the vax more than anti vaxxies because you should feel safely inoculated but yet somehow feel so insecure of its abilities to protect you you feel the need to BULLY. Yall love abortions and my body my choice but not when it comes to this I smell hypocrisy.

    3. @K Hill Could you please name the “newer, more complete theories” that have replaced the biological evolution theory? Thanks in advance.

      Lab-made vaccines or natural remedies discovered by someone that save vulnerable people who would otherwise just die are cooperative human adaptations to survive adverse environmental conditions like disease-causing viruses. Then it’s no longer ”survival of the fittest” in an individual sense, but rather in a collective sense as a species.

      This could be interpreted as biological evolution too. But if any adaptation (not specifically a COVID-19 vaccine) weakens the organism’s survivability against other environmental conditions or reduces functionality in other aspects, can it still be considered evolution i.e. an improvement?

      For example, certain dog breeds like Daschund (which is shaped like a sausage) or Pekingese (which is shaped like a feather duster) were bred through artificial selection for unique aesthetics. While this is also a kind of biological adaptation to help the dog survive in it’s immediate environment (by being desirable and valued by humans inside houses as pets & hence cared for and protected), these adaptations prevent these dog breeds from surviving on the streets or wilderness on their own or even in packs.

  6. Remember the last time you contracted polio or measles? No. Because you were vaccinated. All school children have to provide vaccination records, so how is this different?

    1. @The Trader Sam Not receiving the polio vaccine is the highest risk factor for getting infected with poliovirus. The viruses are only spread human to human by direct and indirect contact. While the polio virus does spread through the a fecal-oral route, that is not its main way of it spreading. Like COVID-19, poliovirus spreads mostly and easily in the air in water droplets.
      When I was born in 1953 there were ample sources of good drinkable water then and the US sewer systems were working as well as today’s but there were still outbreaks of polio in the US. It wasn’t until Dr. Salk’s vaccine in 1954 that the US started to get the outbreaks under control. Once Dr. Sabin’s oral vaccine was being used in great enough numbers in 1959 that 99% of the polio was wiped out in the US.
      Without these two pioneers’ efforts, we’d still be seeing polio outbreaks.

    2. @John Swo Sad thing is there are countless articles and documentaries about polio, but many people refuse to learn from the past. They would prefer to go with their heart or gut feelings.

    1. @Silky Smoothbrain Conforming to public health policies for the good of the community isn’t a bad thing. The fact that over 99% of the COVID-19 deaths are now only Americans who haven’t been vaccinated should tell everyone with an ounce of brain that getting vaccinated can save your life. Too many Americans continuing to remain unvaccinated will ensure we’re having to deal with another variant that could be even more virulent than the delta variant.

  7. Hospitals stand in the way of “natural selection”. Doctors stand in the way of “natural selection”. Do the people talking on Newsmax ever think, or do they just flap their mouths?

    1. I wonder if that Newsmax anchor got hit by a car . If he would go to a hospital for help . Or just lay on the road dieing . And say Oh No! natural selection .

    2. @Kevin Needham everything out of a republicans mouth is cringe. This is how we feel about everything they say. Ur late to the party.

    3. @Corvo Black well,, truth be told….you hyperbolic Dems are my comic relief. I take NOTHING y’all say seriously.

    4. Stopping natural selection has led to a large part of our society unable to be productive members of society. Hopefully, the collapse of the medical system will take them with it.

  8. Americans are all about free speech but this kind of rhetoric is regarded as pure “man slaughter” in many civilized countries!

    1. I suspect the disinformation has its origin with foreign governments who we already know have attacked the US by meddling in our elections and hacking US computer systems over the last several years.

    2. freedom of speech is one this but they are mixing it up with freedom of fact .. where fact has been make your own fact up

    3. This bullshit would not pass Ofcom broadcasting rules in UK. You need some rule US … quickly!

    4. It’s still free speech and on both sides of the aisle, for that matter. I.e., just like Lemon’s, Cuomo’s and Maddow’s rhetoric, especially after Trump’s win in 2016. You don’t have to like it, but that’s not what free speech is about.

    1. @JoeBidenIsAnEmbarrassment 1234 its too bad your existence isn’t fake news, that’d be pretty tight for your family’s reputation

  9. If Fox starts with “I’m not a doctor but I think/feel…” you know this is going bad direction.

    1. I have a right to choose what I inject into my body. I choose to say no.

    2. Take the pledge if you refuse to get vaccinated. I solemnly swear on my life that I will not burden the medical field or go to a hospital if I contract the virus, because of my refusal to get vaccinated. I will stand by my decision and understand that the virus can be deadly and/or leave me with long term medical conditions, but it is solely on my shoulders if this happens.

      If people don’t want to get vaccinated, fine, their choice, their decision. However, if you choose to not get vaccinated then you have also made the decision to not burden the medical field if you get sick. If you die, well once again it was your decision to not save yourself in the first place. I honestly don’t care if you die or have long term effects from the virus, your decision, just stay away from those of us that want to live and don’t want to get infected…your choice isn’t ours.

    3. @John Swo Amazing that you don’t recognize the same behavior on the other side. Both sides are full of it.

    1. @JDT35 Remember, it not just about you. Your suggested behaviour will infect others: your family; your friends. They will suffer and possibly DIE ! That’s the potential downside for not getting vaccinated.
      What is the downside to you personally if you got vaccinated ????

    2. If only.. but it also makes it more likely that the virus will mutate more, possibly putting the rest of the world at risk for yet another varient.

    3. @JDT35 We believe facts. You however haven’t learned to distinguish facts from showmanship and partisanship. Not to mention outright misinformation and lies.

    1. @Mr Da Vinci Trump is the one who said we only had 15 people with covid so why are you riding my azz about it..

  10. I wonder if they can be put up on charges of murder, for this is exactly what this is. It exactly the same as if you told someone to drink poisoned water knowing it was poison. This is very, very very sick and evil

    1. If China intentionally created and delivered this virus on purpose, can we declare war on China?

    1. To be fair I don’t think Darwin ran into a species that was so determined to destroy themselves without reason. The modern Republican need its own chapter.

    2. You believe everything, the Right wingers believe Truth.

      Give yourself a Darwin Award. 😉

    3. I guess we shall see which side was right. I choose to respect Nature and let what happens, happen.

  11. Putin got exactly what he wanted: a weaker America comprised of a political cult impervious to reason

  12. If the circumstances were reversed the Republicans would say “let them die of COVID. Less votes for them”

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