1. Hear the good news!

      God loves you so much, that he sent Jesus to die
      on a cross for your sins!

      Those who believe in Jesus will go to heaven!
      Those who don’t will go to hell!

      Repent of your sins! Turn to Jesus before its
      Too late!

  1. The troll comments are getting dumber by the day. The smart people left Russia, the ones that could at least tie their shoes went to war and what was left over is now writing comments.

    1. @BRUCEwayneISsober69 God and putin dont talk. But Himars and russian troops are talking all the time. LOLOLOLOLOLOL Slava Ukraine.

    2. America is not a nation but an assembly of merchants that survives on human resources from all over the world. There is nothing called indegenity

    3. @Agantuk You are free to believe what you want, but the truth is that putin has made NATO stronger then 2 decades of work would. So thank you 🙂

    4. @WULF nah! NATO remained what it is but with reduced ammo stockpile it’s more Ammorica dependent. Ammorica made some profit out of this war. I just gave you a survey by Europeans and not my thoughts. Now take my thought. There is intense regrouping in the east and mid east against Ammorika and NATO. With losing grounds in Saudi and Russia becoming the fuel giant, the coming days will be alarming for EU. Anti Ammorika sentiment is on the rise on the other part of the globe. This will reflect in the market.

    1. how is the country that is occupying 20% of the other country and destroying their infrastructure supposed to be the ones losing. I guess they’re not doing as well as they might be expected to but how exactly is Ukraine winning. Their country is being destroyed and atrocities committed against their people to fight a proxy war by the US to try and degrade Russia.

    2. Tucker on fox breaks news. We going into a cold and expensive winter. This guy nails it. Hate him or not. He’s bringing facts!!! Scary news. They don’t wanna talk about

  2. All will be well in the end.Stay strong Ukranians ,some of us out there understand such situations.🙏

    1. @BRUCEwayneISsober69 If by russia will get what they want, you mean defeat. Then yes. Just hope that Nato doesnt enter the war.Russia be gone rapidly 🙂

    1. Agreed though there outdated equipment and beein Drunk prob don’t help with aiming either otherwise I can’t understand why you would hit an apartment buildings more than 6 times. Even if you want to be cruel, or especially then that’s clearly not the best cause of action

    2. Ukraine is know to place command facilities and weapons in civilian areas, human rights groups have also pointed this out.

  3. Hard to imagine what Ukrainian people are going through, the scale of suffering is just unbelievable.

    1. @Артем Артем and what caused it? Does it mean you didn’t know it was started by Russians crooks who were sent there to create chaos to destabilize Ukraine the way they have done in Libya.

    2. @Артем Артем No they haven’t, Russia created a false narrative to turn you into the next sheep that will go to the frontline to die for his palaces and yachts. You don’t understand where this is heading, Putin is going to declare war because there’s no scenario where he wins, listen to Girkin before he was sent to Ukraine for speaking too much. Putin is going to kill all male Russians first, before himself is touched. For him, you’re nothing, just a tool he’s going to use and sacrifice for himself.

    3. @BRUCEwayneISsober69 15,000 over 8 years = 5 people a day. Russia is losing over 350 soldiers every day in the war.

  4. Well, I’m a staunch Republican, but if they mess with aid to Ukraine, Social Security, and the environment they can forget it. There is too much at play already with the economy, and we do not need to add additional factors to stress everyone. All I hear Republicans tell me is what they are going to cut. I have been waiting for years for them to actually deliver something for me. Not cut it.

    1. @Joy Stiicks policy that helps people, not BS about revenge or targeting people have actually heard anything positive from them

  5. There have been many politicians who have spoken out about the war in Ukraine, the United Nations has also voted on this issue. Now the religions, Catholic clergy, Protestants, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism….are themoral cultivator, saving souls, helping the community…speak up. about this war, put pressure on Russia, Ukraine, the US, and Western Europe to find a solution to end the war through negotiation, because the war has so far claimed 100,000 Russian and Ukrainian soldiers and many civilians. killed by bombs, because houses were destroyed, no place to live leading to death from hunger, because of cold in winter without electricity and water (power plants were destroyed). How can religions and priests not speak out about the suffering of people in Ukraine and even ordinary people in poor countries, without enough food to eat, and the danger of nuclear war for humanity. because the ambition and hatred of the leaders in Russia, Ukraine, America, Western Europe has pushed people in Ukraine and the world into disaster.
    Even though it’s late, but the cultivator should speak up, otherwise it won’t be in time. Famous people in the fields of sports and entertainment such as singers, musicians, writers.., entrepreneurs, billionaires, cultural and educational writers, please do not Let’s stay silent but speak up and express our thoughts on this war, and jointly put pressure on Russia, Ukraine, the US, and Europe for them negotiate to find a solution to end the war and bring sustainable peace to the country Ukraine. Don’t only stand to watch 100,000 people die when you can do something to help them.

    Liem To

  6. Fix things through peace talks before its too late. Prolonging this war is useless. Common peoole are suffering not the elite politicians.

  7. UN needs to go into Ukraine on humanitarian aid.

    However they are to spineless, UN has always been a waste of money!



  9. The issue with the attacks on power supply is not just about the speed of repairs. It’s about the fact that Ukraine is not allowed to to target the airfields inside Russia and Belarus where those missiles are launched from. Because the US does not want us to “escalate” and does not give us ATACMS missiles or aircraft to be able to sufficiently protect our civilian infrastructure.

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