1. @Seydou Kone I agree with you. The USA can invade any country they claim is not “democratic” and now are trying to seem like they love peace. Oh, the hypocrisy

    2. @Jordan Carpenter No it’s not, sane America does not support this at all. We are all for Ukraine and Democracy. Trump is a loser and Failed Dictator that was dethroned and is facing jail for all his lies so do not listen to anything he says. He’s a fake King that wasn’t smart enough to do the job.

    3. But the separatists are truly dying in Donbas. So, of course, Ukraine would have zero tolerance for separatists.

    1. @Nascent Complacence I am well aware that there is a significant difference between the different distinctions of authoritarianism. Ukraine is a democratically elected government. Russia is an autocracy. Which is now heading down the path to becoming an international pariah state and putin’s ideology is that of soviet era russia. He has stated he wanted to have a redo of the end of the cold war. He is still butthurt over the way the soviet iron curtain fell.

    2. @bubisav123 I wasn’t favor of what Bush did after 911 to Irag but Hussein made many threats of weapons of mass destructions and used this as a pre strike due to what happened to the attack in NY. Ukraine never made threats or had any intentions of fighting Russia yet Putin put out several false flags of defending a pro Russia region claiming due to Neo Nazis and genocide which was no evidence of while continuing lying about not invading Ukraine which he did and then changed the narrative because of NATO and then threatened a nuclear response. THIS SHALL NOT STAND!!! He is no hero for adulations that some U.S. politicians are stating for he is an autocratic dictator and is going to kill the Ukrainian President and put in a puppet ruler.

    1. UN is useless, the EU is toothless, and NATO is spineless. Putin must be blamed for this aggression, but at the same time, NATO should be condemned for creating the conditions that led to Putin’s actions. Don’t forget the promise G.H.W Bush made to Gorbachev not to expand “an inch” towards eastern Europe. For the interest of humanity, US and NATO should make a deal that promises Putin Ukraine will never be a NATO member in exchange for Putin to draw all military forces. Well respected globally Univ. of Chicago John J. Mearsheimer talks about “Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?”

  1. A better question would have been “are you familiar with the Nuremberg trials”? Or “do you understand that you are personally going to be charged with war crimes”? And finally “what’s your neck size”?

    1. @Dylan get that boat out of your mouth for a second and realize that if you had anything when I give it to the FBI or release it he’s a fucking mad dog

    2. @Billie Jean I like to stay current. When that was going on, I was calling for war crimes charges against Bush. Nobody listened. Go figure.

    3. @Koroshi is there any definitive proof that Ukraine was committing act of violence to the people that lives in Donbas? So far every news outlet I’ve seen said those claims are unfounded and are lies.

    4. @Korporal 6 there’s a telegram group belonging to Ukrainian troops showing what they where doing. Just go on the dark web and search.

    1. To be fair Zelenksy did rig the election. Although he would have won anyways but that doesn’t changed the fact he rigged an election.

    2. @SlyKing So why should Russia (a foreign country) get involved? It should be up to the Ukrainian people to sort out (alleged) election fraud. That’s like the USA hypothetically invading Canada if Justin Trudeau rigged an election. Does that make sense at all?

    3. @Irondre Thats not the reason Putin is invading though it’s just one of the assumed reasons. Russia is doing what US does, any reason for proxy war is enough to go in

    4. @Irondre in 2014 Russia rigged the Ukraine election to elect their own Soviet puppy who would obey them and they succeeded. It was clearly rigged Ukraine protested overthrew the Russian president and put in their own. Russia has been trying to take over Ukraine for 8 years now Putins finally had enough lol

  2. I thought the world learned it’s lesson with Hitler. How the world allows this to happen in 2022 is just beyond belief.

    1. Given that the Azov Brigade (Ukranian National Guard) is a self proclaimed Neo-Nazi militant group; I, indeed, wonder what you mean

    2. American government are more like htler. How many wars and meddling ahve the US government done. Most of the time they’re killing people in foreign countries and we never hear about it. America is the #1 murder government in the world.

    3. So it was OK fof the US to kill babies, children, school boys n girls and women. Also, because the US intellegence said millions will die so it was justifiable. Why on the Japanese and not on the Germans?

    4. @grandma k. Russia violated Int Law. But the US followed Int Law to invade Iraq, Syria n Afghanistan n killed thousands of innocent Muslims. True, the US Int Law. No problem n violation.

  3. “THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING.” – Edmund Burke – The International leaders is seeing injustice and yet does nothing. Delivering speeches about how upset they are and how they will give sanctions to Russia will not stop bullets. With all due respect PEOPLE in Ukraine are dying and is asking for help, diplomacy is no longer an option. PRAYING FOR THE BRAVE PEOPLE OF UKRAINE.

    1. @DanOfTheWild That public image is pure bullshit. Putin is part of yiddish cabal the same as Trump. Neither are chrstian and both are advised by rabbi’s. Yes I can verify all this.

    2. Good men do something, bad man Putin uses the 6,000 nuclear weapons pointed at America and the West

    1. Cheerleader tryouts are next Tuesday. You sound like those corrupt NATO instigators and alibi makers once their plans unravel.

    2. Putin just wants it to be easier for him to murder journalists and human rights workers in Ukraine, nothing to worry about.

  4. This is what happens when a Narcissist and Pathological liar is in control of a country, military and nuclear weapons. Who does that sound like?

  5. My heart and all my support go out to Ukraine and her people ( my people). The big question is how will the Western nations respond to a Putin puppet government in Ukraine should she fall?

    1. @Robert Klose not used to hearing the truth, Robert??? Biden is a 50 years career corrupt politician. And a stupid one at that.

    2. I’m a war vet from USA this is a coward that’s trying to steal your country an it breaks my heart that my us military is not entering to stop this bullying from a lying coward! My thoughts an prayers for you an your country but believe me they will pay one way or another?? We are with you

    3. @Bill T Marchi “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” — Eric Trump

    4. @Bill T Marchi “We” are pulling for the people of Ukraine? I don’t know who “we” is. You’re certainly not talking about the reich-wing in the US.

  6. Makes me upset how no country is stepping in to help Ukraine, they are clearly overpowered and doomed as resisting against Russia is a death sentence 😔

  7. The problem for both Putin and Biden is that is that UK democracy is quite different from elsewhere. Particularly in recent years, the UK population has an unsettling habit of disagreeing, sometimes inconveniently, with the political classes. The question is simply whether a majority feel sufficiently scared of or angry at what is happening in Ukraine. Unless Putin works fast to counter current opinion, it appears to be inexorably moving to the latter. The likely result is the UK government being forced (inconveniently to both side of the Atlantic) to go a lot further than it so far has with regard to sanctions.

    Should Putin be concerned? Fair to say the UK’s military power isn’t minimal but even that is dwarfed by the influence it could potentially bring to bear on Russia’s dependence on global financial systems (SWIFT being a small example). Putin may regard such action as ‘an act of war’ but his ability to project this to the British public, beyond mere statements, seems rather limited.

    At heart, he’s an ex KGB man schooled in beliefs locked into pre Glasnost Soviet thinking. While he’s effective in projecting the limited influence Russia actually has, it’s important to keep in mind that Ukraine is hardly much of an adversary and the logistics of what is essentially a short trip over the border are hardly challenging. the Ukraine invasion is hardly some devastating victory by a modern day military genius. With regard to whatever Putin may now threaten, Russia’s economy is hardly a powerhouse and its ability to effectively conscript large parts of the population are long since past.

    The economic reality is that the EU, US and UK are able to significantly outspend Russia on defence as well as being able to implement the kind of economic sanctions that Putin would reasonably consider devastating. Irrespective of whether he describes this as an ‘act of war’, it seems unlikely that this will now prevent what seems inevitable.

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