1. over 1k observer(including muslims themselves) had came into those places in these years,you can search it and see how they feel about it

  1. You put someone like an ambassador on Air giving him a platform knowing he will propagate, mis-direct and muddy the facts.
    It’s 2021, All we want is the truth.

    1. @Secretweapon The truth is that the US making lies and creating conflicts against China while ignoring Americans who truly need help!

  2. 2% of people who are watching this comment I wish their parents still alive more than 100 years 💖 💗 💕God bless you 🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

  3. Fareed’s really going to pretend that America has some kind of moral high ground here? How convenient to pretend that America’s continued invasions in the middle east haven’t caused immense death, misery and suffering for the Syrians, Libyans, Iraqis and Afghans…sickening hypocrisy.

  4. What a load of hogwash, this ambassador does nothing but lie and read from his scrip. It is a total waste of time to talk to this man, so please don’t.

    1. I guess the Chinese has to be tough considering the west is keen to incite the Muslims and cause mayhem with their “loooove” for Islam and the Prophet they love to draw to incite the umma. But you know, still better than bombing and droning them. Right??
      Stupid whites caused all this!!

    1. According to Trumptards, they’re building them now. Very hush-hush. Perfectly camouflaged to look like nothing
      has changed. Razor like circle jerk reasoning.

    2. @Mike Barry what are you even talking about? you honestly believe you are more intelligent than us “trumptards”? I bet you don’t even have a bachelors degree!

  5. Fareed handled that with kid gloves. I assume pushing too hard on the Ambassador would result in no further comment.

  6. LOL Don’t listen to that Chinese embasiter they are not trustworthy for example they tried to cover coved 19

  7. Yeh, I can only take so much propaganda. We need mehdi Hassan to do a real interview. Faried is getting fat on consumerism

  8. This is not journalism. CNN basically gave the ambassador an open platform to spew lies. They never debunked his propaganda. How disgusting!

  9. I like GPS but today Fareed didn’t do his job. Too many softball questions and answers.
    One doesn’t have to be argumentative but this was just a Chinese “infomercial”

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