1. Putin fears Navalny and his supporters the same way that Pelosi and the Democrats fear Trump and his supporters. Both the commie Pelosi and Putin have to destroy their political enemies any way they can.

    2. @Nepthu No. The people on the other side of the political spectrum just get indoctrinated by fox and some lesser known conspiracy toting news sites. Both are bad, but not equally. CNN lies and warps things, but then conservatives take that fact and craft really crazy narratives that aren’t even close to reality. If you bring up any well known contradicting evidence to someone on the right, they just say “the left lies” and then source articles published by news sites that are funded by Crypto fascists.

  1. Putin is wanting to keep him in prison long enough to get through the next election without Alexi being able to participate.. That’s what this is all for..

    1. @James Cale Putin is going down just like trump it is the most high God time and his people he is hungry at what Putin are doing so is falling is coming because the world are watching

    2. @Thee Empress the difference between Trump & Putin is minimal. Only Russia is not the US. Russians have always bowed down or been beaten down by a totalitarian regime & a ruthless leader. Putin cud Never get away with what he’s doing to the protesters in Russia, in the USA. Putin is going to eradicate Alexi. Who is going to stop him? BIDEN?! His handlers are still trying to convince him he is CIC, not the winner of another Senate race.

    3. @Thee Empress what a same overused tired worn out expression. Stop talking Religion 101. I don’t think god has uttered an intelligible word in (Aramaic) for about 2,000 years. Communist Russia was atheist BTW. Putin is an Russian Orthodox Christian. Let the power of historic education compel you.

    4. ​@Fra Diavolo No,i didn’t say “they sometimes agree on same laws”,I literally meant that they are the same party with no difference whatsoever. They are not opposition,they have same interests. In Russia everyone who oppose ruling party – being pursued,threatened or forcedbribed to collide. Therefore there is no opposition in Russia,other than non-systemic one.
      If in such context you say that democrats and republicans are being same way – you know nothing about both US and Russia politics.

  2. Look at him cheesing, while roughed up and detained by police.
    Omg LOL. This dude is hard as “F”
    It’s up to Russia, to reclaim Russia.
    God bless, from the USA.

    1. @Matthew Klassen Nice ad hominem attack. Usually when people resort to those, they know they lost the argument

    2. @Matthew Klassen wym? Democrats or repubs especially dems, since all the way before these year Democrats will not stop giving oligarchs the monies

    3. @Matthew Klassen they need to focus internal issues America needs to bugger off before you guys destroy the yourselves and the world because of your recent shannigans

    4. The problem is, a bunch of old fools from the Cold War era, trying to keep the narrative going.
      It’s a new dawning.

  3. Putin says to the Oligarchs, “You protect me and I will protect you.” It’s nothing more or less than a Mafia racket. Lavrov should ask himself why every single person who runs against Putin is either poisoned, tortured, jailed or killed.

    1. Whatever he’s doing he’s doing it with impunity. His projected net worth is north of 400 billion. Nobody mentions that.

  4. My grandmother always said “the higher they climb, the harder they fall”, look back in history and remember the Romanovs.

    1. Yes we remember the holy romanovs. They where brutally killed by the bolsheviks (zionists) with support of the west to topple the true chrisitan monarchy. But today it has risen and you can sprout nonsense about russia but it is mighty and this worries west.

  5. The West needs to do its share by stopping the money laundering of Russian mob cash in financial institutions like Deutsche Bank and Bank of Cyprus.

    1. @Boris Gbaguidi On behalf of billionaire who stole money and therefore make millions poor – thank you for the thing you posted. What is your favourite perfume? Millions of russians suffer poverty, ill health hunger and anger. But what is the scent of the perfume you recommend. Phukyu

    1. Trump envies and admires Putin for his absolute power for a lifetime, extreme wealth, and his power to poison, disfigure, or kill opponents, including Russian journalists who expose the truth about him. The Internet has put a bit of a clamp on Putin though, because it’s harder to get away with killing opponents in secret these days.

    2. Trump owes more than 400 millions to Russian oligarchs, why do you think he was siding with Putin every time.

    1. Russia: More educated than the US. Spends an eighth of the money the US does on actual defense and has only a handful of foreign bases compared to the US’ 900 bases. The US can’t stop warring and the need to dominate and subjugate the world.

    2. @g p But of cource Navalny went to Yale, his daughter is in Stanford, Oxford and Harvard also popular amongst Russian elites learn from the best, but military is not the strongest Russian force, it’s bitches, with just a mouth and almost no clothes or education they get a clearance all across pass to White House or Pentagon like It’s Disneyland.

    3. @Black Queen  @Black Queen Again have you ever been to Russia or know any Russians? How am I supporting oppression? Nobody is oppressed in Russia. Its a constitutional republic. People voted for Putin. I just gave you an example of true oppression with African countries but you dont care for that. Black qeen ,what a joke. You sure think highly of yourself. Dont preach morality you dont even have. Hate to break it to you but your morality is not superior to mine or anyone elses. You cant even distance yourself from your ego bubble and prejudice about Russia to see what Im saying.

    4. @Black Queen I haven’t even smoked. I am totally against dictatorship as much as I am against Russia for Russians movement, similar to skinheads, am sure if you black they will have good position for you, and anti semitic jokes of Aleksei Navalny which he proudly supports. Internet is a strong force and if somebody goes public it’s very easy to find a path where he or she coming from.

  6. Well, I live in Moscow and the feeling that my own country is slowly turning into 1984 keeps following me.

    1. I feel that way about my home, the UK.

      The scale and details may be different, but I feel like things are going seriously wrong with every aspect of life.
      I’m scared

    2. Its up to you guys to let it happen….you should have more ways to keep people at the top in chack…..but sadly some heads would have to roll to cleanse off the corruption that has taken place there…..don’t let them oppress you Russian brothers.

    1. If you see his luxury prison cell and his assets you’ll understand what kind of fool you are.

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