CNNi: Prince Charles' ambitious new plan to combat climate change 1

CNNi: Prince Charles’ ambitious new plan to combat climate change


In an exclusive interview with CNN’s Richard Quest, Prince Charles says humanity’s impact on the environment cannot be ignored at this moment in history and the environmental cause does not seem as “eccentric” as it was once perceived to be.

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    1. Hmmm we have been hearing this for 40 years.
      We have passed the point of no return 4 times now.
      Experts say we got till 2050 now. These same experts also say an decrease in tempeture due to less sun activity will happen from 2050, maybe causing an ice age. Soooooo Basically telling us we cant confirm if all these drastic measures have any effect. Country already didn’t have the money for this plan and now with Covid even less.

      I pitty the poor soul who has to tell his people that they will ignore the problems they have now, to do something about a problem that may never happen.

    1. @sam-online
      Currently Prince of:

      Upon succession King of:
      Antigua and Barbuda
      New Zealand
      Papua New Guinea
      Saint Kitts and Nevis
      Saint Lucia
      Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
      Solomon Islands
      United Kingdom

    2. @Andrew Egizi Some decades ago everyone was wetting their pillows for poor trees being cut down. Plastics were encouraged to be used to save them. Now everybody is crying their eyes out to ban plastics in favour or wood. The second you start making paper from rice, kitten poo or thin air, you have a movement marching for rice, kitten poo or thin air. Come back when you’ve stopped cleaning your butt to save the planet instead.

    1. @Liss Clark Prince Charles is worried and concerned. He does not govern the UK, he represents the Royal Family. The UK government is responsible for laws, action and policy. Please put the blame for mishandling the Coronavirus on the UK Government (including Boris Johnson), but not on the Royal Family. The UK has a different constitution to e.g. the USA.


    3. @Liss Clark You obviously live in another “reality” so it is not useful trying to discuss with you. I hope that your “bubble” pops soon.

  1. I’m glad Charles the environmentalist which he has been for decades is using his position and office to save us all. Nice 1 Charles

    1. @Bill H glad to hear it Bill. Thee most toxic social media going 70% of the worlds child Porn is on that thing.

    2. @Tina Koller You’re talking BS. To begin with, you don’t need to love animals or whatever to realise their importance and go out of your way to not interfere with them (save them).

    3. @Bill H Covid-19 in a scam. Planet Earth is flat. Trump is a second Jesus. You’re full of baloney, in lack of a better word that Youtube allows here.

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    1. Any attempt to combat climate change and environmental devastation would have to include every single square inch of land on the planet so Yes indeed, Africa is included-if you live in an African nation it might be a good idea to chase up your Government officials to find out if they have been made aware of this “Terra Carta” initiative and what they propose to do as a contribution to the joint effort to save our planet?
      GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. He makes a very good and interesting point regarding the rights of nature/ the Magna carta and is using his privilege for good, a refreshing change

    1. AGREE ON THAT … but at least he can influence those who’s can make big choices of an economy …unfortunatally so

    2. @Happy Raccoon He has privilege, and I don’t particularly like that, but the man is looking at the future of this planet! I commend him!

  3. I know this is a serious issue but this announcement is hilarious coming from him after watching the Crown. The way he fussed over all his gardens at Highgrove it all makes sense now

    1. Sorry girl, in this corner of the world (Europe) children above the age 4-6 can tell the difference between a TV show and reality. I know there are countries in the world where a reality show stuntman can become president but it’s a hopeless place anyways.

    2. If you believe a TV adaptation of anything you are in trouble-I never watch TV unless Tottenham Hotspur are playing football (soccer)-and I would never watch “comfort tv” like The Crown.
      All that aside, he made some very good points and the fact that the US is re-joining the Paris Accords on the environment is massively encouraging because you will have the right man in the White House clocking in on the 20th-this is great news for all of us!
      Well Done USA!
      “… The United States can always be relied upon to come to the right decision-after it has exhausted every other possibility!…” Winston Churchill

    1. Dear Peter of Brexit Britain: We, the rest of the world, do or tend to do. Except for a few former colonies here and there where they cling to Victorian or Georgian hillbilly dialects.

  4. CNN, please, can you up your volume before you render….? I am forced to listen to this at full volume… most vids I listen to at 25% or 30…

  5. Prince Charles is a great man is at the forefront of trying to save the environment and has been for half a century. no one listen to him and most people laughed at him for the first 30 years of his work it will turn out to be his greatest achievement

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