1. My BTC trading has improved immensely 1 month ago. Thanks to Mr David klinton and his team when I gave up on the lower time frames. I have 2 systems that I trade on the 12hr and 4hr. It’s easy to manage your emotions when you’re trading in slow motion. Plus seeing the price of Bitcoin right now !! I’m so exited.

    2. @The Tweatles
      ☠️☠️☠️DE4TH TO PUTIN☠️☠️☠️

    3. @The Tweatles 
      ☠️☠️☠️DE4TH TO PUTIN☠️☠️☠️

    1. Putin took 1 year to rid Russia of free media, 4 years to dismantle their electoral system and their Judiciary collapsed unnoticed. Only blood of millions or Putins death is going to end it for them.

  1. So this guy was poison went into a . coma
    An still have to go jail for 3 years

    3rd world justice

    Just hope he comes back from jail

    1. Do you know another person who received 2 suspended sentences and is at large? Do you know another person who, having two suspended sentences, committed 60 violations of the conditions of a suspended sentence and only after 60 violations was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison?
      Such condescension is generally possible in any other country ??? Can you even get a second suspended sentence somewhere else while under the first one and not go to jail instantly?
      By the way, all his sentences are purely economic – he was caught in fraud and theft
      Justice of the 3 world.

    2. @Dov Rockefeller We’ve known Putin is a tiny idiot all this time.
      Now he is a liar too.
      Jailed for seeking medical treatment outside of Russia. (Who wouldn’t leave that hell hole?)

    3. @Alex xelA when you don’t have fair elections and you dont follow the russian constitution the US will see people in crisis.
      When Putin ignores US warnings he will pay.
      This isnt another US intervention. When it happens the first time there won’t be a will to fight back a second time. 🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇦🇺🇸🇺🇦😁✌️

  2. So the Dude who was in a Coma
    is Guilty because he was taken
    to Germany for Treatment when
    he was in a Coma. 😂🤣

    1. ​@teretere vanakere In need, American style “Freedom of Speech” and “Democracy” if you don’t agreed with my propaganda/CIA filtered News Making machines as Julian Assange and Edward Snowden run away from US indictments per “freedom of speech” and “Democracy”, State surveillance machine against its own citizen divulged by Snowden. adding
      War Crimes reported by Assange. pl, checks out : DemocracyNow”, “VT-VeteransToday”, “GlobalResearch,ca” and “Grayzone”
      those are American web news and all reporting the US atrocities against world citizen and its own people.

    2. and he was also the owner of 2 probation terms at the same time (the only one in Russia, if not in the world), committed 60 violations of the probation terms BEFORE he was in a coma. Just consider 60 violations and he was free. How many times would you have broken the terms before going to jail? Would you be free if you received a second sentence while on probation? But he was free and still violated the conditions 60 times – the guy was asking for it.

    3. @astartes 23 I agree, he also made a fake video with us Americans and the Germans about a palace that is actually a hotel and not Putin’s lol what a joke. Wake up people

  3. At least they didn’t Put a Packet of
    Novichok Agent in his Hand when
    he was in Coma and then Jail him
    for trying to Poison himself. 😜

    1. @AllahBlessRussia andChinaAndTurkey wait till you see the next riot we have planned. It’s gonna “blow” your mind 💥

    2. @AllahBlessRussia andChinaAndTurkey don’t worry once we take over I’m sure you’ll be happy with Donald trump as your new president.

    3. @AllahBlessRussia andChinaAndTurkey yes, we Americans are causing these riots. But only because we want to take over your country for the beautiful Russian woman. We will take over and take your woman Russia will be part of the USA soon 🇺🇸👩❤️🇺🇸

    4. Another American plan for a coup in Russia (what they did already did in Ukraine in 2014) has collapsed! The US Embassy in Russia, published the routes of the protesters in Russian cities (imagine what it would be like if the Russian Embassy in the United States published routes for those who came to the Capitol) : https://ru.usembassy.gov/demonstration-alert-u-s-mission-russia-5/
      For adult Russians (deceived people, mostly students and teenagers, came to the protest actions), the opinions of the West are not interesting!
      Given the anti-Russian propaganda and demonization of Putin in the West, there are still a lot of mysteries for you (Westerners) about Russia and Putin. I have already written about American fairy tales about Navalny (which has a rating of 2%), it is surprising that Germany does not make contact with Russia in the investigation of the Navalny case, when Russia says that the hospital in Omsk (from where he was sent to Germany) preserved biological samples of Navalny, where the poison was not found, as well as foreign Minister Mr. Lavrov stated that the German clinic Charite admitted that they did not find poison in Navalny: https://ria.ru/20201005/navalnyy-1578219876.html but for some reason the poison was found in the Bundeswehr laboratory (in fact, everyone knows that the Bundeswehr depends on the Pentagon – even the German defense Minister is appointed with the approval of the Pentagon, since American nuclear weapons are stored at the Ramstein base). They even sent their own poisoned samples to Sweden and France, so to speak, to confirm their version. So the situation with Navalny is a CIA provocation to embroil Germany and Russia and to stop the project “Nord stream 2”! So my previous post on Navalny and Putin –
      About Putin and the “label” that the American media hang on him – “Putin is a KGB officer”, about the recent situation with the so-called “opposition leader” Navalny, and the situation in Ukraine, etc.
      Navalny as a politician does not pose any threat to Putin! Moreover, everyone in Russia knows perfectly well that Navalny is in fact to some extent a” special services agent ” of the United States. Look at how actively the US promotes the idea of “lack of freedom in Russia” and at the same time actively protects the Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny, (and they do it for a reason) – he graduated from Yale University https://yandex.ru/images/search?text=навальный%20закончил%20йельский%20университет&from=tabbar (in my opinion, he is an agent of influence in Russia) and was seen at meetings with the Americans. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXHUsMRD9MY and European diplomats (This is an ardent Swedish Russophobe and a specialist in “color revolutions” in sovereign countries) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKY6zna838g&t=320s and at the same time, he feels at ease in Russia and gathers rallies (mostly young people who do not remember the difficult 90s in Russia , but I think that he is a traitor to his country, because he acts in the interests of a foreign country-after all, a strong Russian President is not needed in the West, as well as a strong Russia. Moreover, the world-famous medical journal “Lancet” published data on Navalny’s tests: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)32644-1/fulltext there was found lithium (which is used in psychotropic drugs) and as you know, it is lithium that increases blood elastase, which was referred to by the Western media, that allegedly because of the increased blood elastase, Navalny was poisoned with the poison “novichok” (which is 100% fatal). Do you really think that the Russian special services would act like amateurs/ “schoolboys” if they were faced with the task of poisoning Navalny? This is complete nonsense! Who is this fake intended for? Naive people who have been “trained” by anti-Russian propaganda for many years, and then are ready to accept the most sophisticated lies for the truth?

      One must be a fool not to understand that Putin is being purposefully demonized in the West only because he did not “bend” to the policy of American globalists! In 2007, at the Munich security conference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlY5aZfOgPA he made a famous speech and voiced all the things that many people in Europe think about but are afraid to say out loud! Putin called on the United States to respect the interests of other countries and build a multipolar world and this caused animal hatred of Putin from American politicians! It was Putin who always said:”Let’s make a deal.”.. let’s respect each other.”.. but at , the US only strengthened NATO on the borders of Russia and armed neighboring countries and staged provocations, both in Georgia in 2008 and in Ukraine in 2014!

      Three conclusions:
      “The world’s worst combat chemical doesn’t work – just go and puke!” Proven! (this is despite the fact that according to Western media Novichok “poisoned” and Skripal and Navalny and both alive and well)
      – Putin violated the law that does not allow the convict to leave the country (fulfilled the request of Navalny’s wife, who appealed personally to Putin).
      – Putin is incredibly stupid, let the man [with two suspended sentences (the Kirovles case) – remind the person was convicted of fraud before he became a famous politician, he was an Advisor to the Kirov region Governor Mr. White, who is serving a sentence in a Russian prison] to leave the country, knowing the traces of popular poison that will look for the doctors. Who is this fake intended for? For children? Or for a stupid electorate that will “swallow” everything that the media tells it?
      Navalny was under investigation, and he had a subscription not to leave the region where he lived, but he went to another region of Russia, where he felt ill and ended up in the hospital. He had no right to travel outside of Moscow, and even when Navalny’s wife directly asked Putin to allow Navalny to go to Germany for treatment, Putin consulted with the prosecutor and, given the current situation, allowed Navalny to fly to Germany: https://yandex.ru/video/preview/?filmId=3691015564697320718&from=tabbar&parent-reqid=1611481509302711-1599801001258314477500179-production-app-host-sas-web-yp-20&text=путин+сказал+что+жена+навального+попросила+ permissions upon arrival in Russia, Navalny was arrested for violation of the subscription and, it seems that this was a” multi-pass strategy ” of those who supervise Navalny from abroad. I hope he will be jailed for a long time, especially since he is a born fraudster

  4. The Russian military intelligence knows how to tire these protests out, draw it out, then end it. Russia is not ready, not enough protesters and outrage yet, Putin’s grip too big. But it’s an important signal.

    1. @mct _ Great comment, good points.
      So relevant that I can’t even discern if you’re talking about Russia, the USA or the EU.

      The western hegemony is a cancer, and death is indeed a lot better.

    2. @Unfiltered Reality
      The difference is in Russians, Germans, and Americans… in education, because if a person is born just in the forest, he will be like a beast, regardless of whose blood flows in his veins. And if you knew the history of the peoples of the world, you would easily recognize good and evil.

    1. @Kalina Phan one of the things i like about Russians is their sense of humour. I mean, the statement that there’s Alexander the Liberator, Ivan (or some other Russian name) the Wise, and now Putin the Poisoner of Underpants – it’s priceless, don’t you agree?

    2. @andy smith Or we could all do as the qanon shaman and like-minded conspiracists – just do our own research and believe whatever we fancy 😁

    1. @Christopher Flores I agree with that statement, America has to stay out, it’s up to the Russian people to make changes for themselves.

    2. The more you sanction the less impact it has the world just moves away from the tanking american dollar and dependancy on a failing country. What would actually be productive would be americans keeping their noses inside their own borders.

    3. @Kintrol Of Spurs Most people live here behind the poverty line. Sanctions against whole Russia will just push many off the edge, some become homeless, lose jobs… Sanctions against Putin and his circle are way more preferable.

  5. Navalny is a very brave man. Knowing that his words can and quite likely will lead to his death is a testament to his bravery. Heroic even.

    1. For me, Navalny looks like Trump.
      How he is acting made me suspect “is he a person like Trump”?

      I’m not sure if he is saying the truth or big scam like Trump does.
      If he is like Trump, it will be a huge problem to back him up.

      First of all, is Russia in a very bad situation?
      Except that Russia also has problem due to COVID-19, people seems in a better situation than before.
      In such situation, if other person want to seek to that position, it’s basically because of his greediness.
      Review the huge mistake US has made.
      We need to see the fact carefully, and think seriously. No gamble, especially in this era still with conspiracy liars and cult believers at large.

      I’m not saying that my speculation is correct.
      Navalny could be a real victim. (of being poisoned by poison that was set in his pants somehow… I can’t help being suspicious though)
      I just think people should be careful in judging things since there are terrible liars like Trump exist, and also, that kind of force might be trying to make the world in chaos to get the control of it.

    2. @You Tabe he was expelled from Germany, because otherwise Russia would have submitted to Interpol – he would have had to be deported because there is no politics in the matter.
      This is an economic crime against a French firm by the way. He just had no choice
      The deportation been accepted, it would have been more difficult to explain than the classic –
      bloody Mordor brutally suppresses the fighter for all good as soon as he returned home voluntarily.

    1. @stgeorge28 With a theory like that, I’m willing to bet your IQ is equivalent to the number at the end of your username.

    2. For me, Navalny looks more like Trump though.
      Don’t you think it’s SO TERRIBLE if Navalny is like a terrible, complete liar like Trump?

      Putin seems much popular than him, and then, why Putin has to kill him?
      It’s like Biden doesn’t need to try to steal the election when he was predicted to win big.

  6. Putins Judge: Why didn’t you report in for your probabtion meeting? Navalny: I was in a coma! Judge: That’s no excuse, take him down!

    1. @Joseph lopez lol he lied about the hotel belonging to Putin and it’s not a palace. That’s a big lie if you think otherwise

  7. Rise, Russia, Rise!! Rise and join us all, in the fight against evil!! Rise up, and make the Poisoner flee!! No matter what he throws at you, Yibambe!! Yibambe!! Yibambe!!

  8. Biden: “Mr. Prime Minister, I’m looking into your eyes, and I don’t think you have a soul”.

    Putin: “I agree.”

  9. Imagine returning to a country after the leaders failed to assassinate you with a WMD grade nerve agent. This man has nuts the size of a grapefruit. Respect.

  10. Court: “You left the country illegally.”
    Navalny: “I was in a coma after *you* tried to kill me. I had no say in the matter.”
    Court: “NO EXCUSES!”

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