CNNi: WHO investigator reveals what he found in Wuhan, China 1

CNNi: WHO investigator reveals what he found in Wuhan, China


Dr. Peter Dazak, one of the World Health Organization investigators looking into the origin of the Covid-19 coronavirus, talks to CNN's Becky Anderson about the team's findings.
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  1. I guess we can compare how China handled their first Sars outbreak in 2002 to this one. Looking at the ethical decision making in both scenarios.

    1. Playing. Around. With. GERMS. And. Attacking. BIOLOGICALLY. Is. The. Perfect. Way. To. STUN. ENEMIES. Without. Actual. Physical. Warfare

  2. Well, this is silly. They have identified a hypothetical pathway through food, but absolutely no evidence that it was the operative pathway. Of course identifying possibilities is important, but this no more than a possibility.

    1. @Peace Onearth the truth is you know it’s a year later because china refused to let the who into Wuhan. There was no outbreak in or around fort detrick…. Or anywhere else in the world.

    2. @alainmcin as long as you don’t put them in detention camps by the millions and try to erase their culture, there’s nothing wrong with that. Did you forget we were talking about China and the pandemic here?

    1. COVID is CCP’s BioWeapon, search risk-life-flee-china virologist Dr. limeng yan’s reports, find a Gene guy you TRUST(not the ones famous on TV) to verify her reports, she has waken the right(she had to talk with the right 1st since the right was in power), help her waken the left!!

      Why CNN keeps interviewing CCP’s accompliance WHO?!!!!!

      PS:why CCP didn’t allow wuhan people go anywhere in china, but allowed them to go overseas

    2. Yeah….they’re. Full. Of. It. It. Was. GERMS. In. A. Laboratory. Being. Played. Around. With. That. Got. Out. Of. Hand. And caused DISASTER. WORLDWIDE!!!!!!

  3. Both Trump and Pompeo claimed that they’d seen evidence. Why couldn’t they show to the world the evidence they had?

    1. Trump? who cares when coming to China issue. The media says Trump is a liar but helps him spread fake news… hilarious

    2. The 50 cents army are working hard tonight lol.
      The fact that you needed a vpn says it all. Free yourself china the ccn is a virus that need to be destroyed

    3. So sad. Instead of wanting real solutions you’re just venting anger. Wear a mask and protect your community until we know how to defeat it.

    1. @R T This is not political every nation on Earth has been impacted. If you don’t think that zootic diseases are real then you live in a fantasy. Most likely this will not be the last until we treat this planet with some minimum amount of respect.

    2. @uboklc There’s no hope with comments like this. It’s disrespectful to the families of the dead. It will only be real when it’s your family. I hope you never have to suffer that lose.

    3. @Peace Onearth Of course they are real. That is why this was taken from bats and manipulated in the Wuhan Lab. This is the same thing Bill Gates has been talking about for years. This is ENTIRELY political. Look how US news media turned this entirely on Trump, as if he unleashed it on the world. The media claimed he was responsible for all the deaths on the planet. You’re absolutely blind if you don’t see the obvious. Haven’t you already figured out that you can’t “treat” this disease. Even the vaccines we have created are basically obsolete to the “mutations”. There will be a Coronavirus type virus EVERY single year. These ones being released by China are just a little more dangerous than previous years to the elderly and less dangerous than the common flu to kids.

    4. @Peace Onearth I lost my grandmother to the flu in Dec 2019. Stop trying to make those excuses to justify spreading lies about this disease.

    1. @Shiro Ishii I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it started in a lab, but I don’t believe for a second that it was an intentional attack. I believe there very well could have been an accident in lab, and that it spread from there. I know there have been coronavirus studies going on, in order to learn more about the 1st outbreak, and those studies are necessary to help fight future outbreaks. There’s a chance something went wrong. Everything at this point is hypothetical, without being able to pinpoint who was infected first.

    2. ​@Complete Rubbish but bro, I didn’t really know that america has stopped all international flights when the covid has been reported spreading back to the day Mars 2020 or when president Trump said quoted”it is a tough problem” back to January 2020…And I don’t know that the English guys has stopped all the international flights when they have found the B117 cases inside their country… And by the way, the power of shutting down all the international flights is actually on the hand of your government or your customs. if your government really take seriously the covid, they should have done it long time ago…

    3. yea,..right.- Frozen food from another SE Asian nation. What a crock of S%!T. How about bio-marker on DNA Ferine cleavage site from Wuhan P4 Bio Weapons Lab.

  4. Did the WHO ask whereabouts of Huang Yanling the missing WIV worker that has been speculated to be patient Zero.

    1. What do you you understand by the patient zero hypothesis for COVID? And who has speculated that it is this one individual?

    1. @joshua I live in Michigan. Years ago I traveled to Texas and saw people eating bats over there. Go look up yourself.

    2. @joshua Don’t waste time. Hurry up and let everyone see Fort Dietrich Biochemical Laboratory. Not being open is a ghost in your heart

  5. So as Jane Goodall said, this virus was directly linked to maltreatment of wildlife. Our deteriorating relationship with nature is the base of all our problems. End of story.

    1. If you listened carefully, you will hear Dazak saying that it might have come from badger ferrets that were not killed.

    2. @boltsoup Just because they were not killed, dies not mean that they were not mistreated. Why are they in captivity in wet markets. It’s disgusting. Look up 60 minutes Australia’s undercover visits to wet markets. The conditions are beyond awful for the animals.

    3. @Sea Lindemere I have seen these images in December 2019. You are telling this to the wrong person. Wether they were harmed or unharmed is something Peter Dazak did not say.

  6. The “who” has learned nothing and has been useless this entire time and need to be replaced with a more competent organization. I also suspect them of foul play.

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