CNN’s Clarissa Ward speaks to Ukrainians mentioned by whistleblower

CNN's Clarissa Ward speaks to Ukrainians mentioned by whistleblower 1


Reporting from Kiev, Ukraine, CNN's Clarissa Ward tracked down two of the Ukrainians mentioned in the whistleblower complaint — Andrii Telizhenko and Sergii Leshchenko.

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  1. Rememer when Jeffrey Epstein murdered himself?

    • @jeck jeck It is not false equivalance. It is factual equivalance to think the politicians are rotten to the core, NOT the voters. AL is a Republican heavy state. Obviously many of the AL republican voters voted him out in 2016. There is nothing there jeck jeck. Politicians KNOW what business they are conducting behind closed doors.. The voters are their lemmings. At least you state it is your opinion that you think democrat voters are ‘better’. I will give you that.

    • @Variable Volume
      Voters need to have responsibility too. That’s how I see it.

    • @jeck jeck fair enough. Just know that most of us out here are idiots who ASSume we have it figured out. And we have no clue what these bastards do behind closed doors. And you are entitled to your opinion, but democrat voters are just as hypocrital as the republican voters, because most voters heads are in their asses.. Have a good night jeck jeck

    • @Variable Volume
      Likewise, have a good night.

    • no.


  3. The video is incomplete

    • Sandra Vanderleek it’s not a full clip because cnn is trying to twist the truth to fit their narrative. Only a fool could not see what they are doing.

    • @Jim Beam So, about your original statement of “no one watches cnn” and CNN having 7.57 million subscribers…

      Also, this ‘bozo’ isn’t losing anything? You clearly assumed my nationality.

    • AkamirNN ok BOZO, if you’re not American them why are you commenting or even watching a video that relates to out politics? YOU and people like you don’t have a voice in our elections. I can guarantee you that voters on both sides will say their least concern is foreign aid. So get fucked, go jack off, and leave us alone. No more welfare to the world.

    • @Jim Beam *SO, about your original statement of “no one watches cnn” and CNN has 7.57 million subscribers…. stay on topic and refrain from insults.

    • AkamirNN Are you a citizen of the US? If not get lost. Dumb moron

  4. A trailer for a full report?

  5. Raunak Ramakrishna | September 30, 2019 at 9:54 AM | Reply

    is there a longer version of this interview? It was cut short at quite an inopportune moment.

  6. man i really wanted to find out what happened after the

  7. Ones a Russian ones actual ,UK. That’s the problem it’s a war with thousands of spies mixed in and about the UKs so iety

  8. Remember when politicians weren’t celebrities? If you’re a fan of a politician, you’re doing it wrong.
    Source: Hitler

    • FullerGoEasyOnTheComics | September 30, 2019 at 3:16 PM | Reply

      @Dmitri Fukov Obama started with an economy wrecked by Bush, then Trump took over after Obama’s hard work to fix it all. It is now tanking quickly. Nice try, though.

    • @FullerGoEasyOnTheComics The only thing Obama had to do is not nuke the United States for the economy to rebound. Trump took an economy at a high that was seeing no growth, and that was starting to plateau, and lit rocket fuel under it. Literally just the mention of Trump winning the election saw a major spike in the DOW due to investor confidence. The worse thing to happen to our economy since Trump winning the election was the Dems taking the house, which caused the market to dip.

    • @Russell T yes. His celebrity status got him in, plus running against Mondale helped a lot. But he didn’t act like a celebrity during his 8 year term.
      Souce: born before you.

    • Thanks to leftists you are sardonically referencing Trump.

    • has nothing to do with leftists bullshit. I’m very cynical of both parties.

  9. “We need to investigate this properly”

    Ahh yes, my favorite Anime

    Guiliani Senpai- ACE DETECTIVE

  10. 0:16 Former diplomat…? Sure that’s not a truck driver ordering something at Denny’s?

  11. Listen to the first interview persons breathing. I suspect his health is at risk. Wt related?

  12. “Giuliani offered no evidence to back up his claims, which were often semi-coherent.” – 5/27/19

  13. CNN tried their shot to get the conspiracy deeper but..They wouldnt stick to CNN’s narrative so they cut them off.

  14. 1:05 Did this shite reporter just call Biden’s quid pro quo a ‘Conspiracy theory’ yet he admitted it in front of a freaking camera?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh hell no, I’m out of here🤣🤣🤣🤣 See you at the ballot dems 🗳 #KAG

  15. Go get them Giuliani! The mirror of the Free World! Lock him up lock them all up! Trump 20/20

  16. This manufactured scandal will end up as a replay of the Russia Collusion Hoax where Deep State leakers
    fed a willing and un-American media a bill of goods only to have the lies blow up in their faces.
    Dems took the bait again…hook, line, and sinker.
    Reel ’em in, Mr. President

  17. A phone call between two adults! Hang him 🤗I ask a adult to steal a tic tac for me and that adult is incapable to say no! ! Makes perfect sense if you work for trash like CNN or MSNBC.

  18. Thanks Clarissa for the truth about how Joe Biden and his son…committed treason

  19. That is some hard hitting journalism there! I’m being facetious of course and for you liberal viewers that don’t know what facetious means? It’s that you’er not open minded enough or smart enough to use your smart technology to figure out what it means.

  20. Bar and Durham are getting close, the democrats and media are coming unhinged. LOVE IT !!!!

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