1. @Joshpower57 that’s out of left field, so what’s your other account that I pissed off enough for you to come here and cry so long after I posted anything?

    2. @AbCdEfGh weird brag, seeing that the gulf red states have the poorest people who need the most federal welfare because they have bad economy’s and need the federal government to redistribute blue states wealth to poor red states. Not that you passed 1st grade, so you wouldn’t understand how government works or how to verify which states are net takers from the federal government…

  1. I’ve never been on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. And I never invested in crypto. Clearly, being an old fart has its advantages!

  2. i remember in 1996 , when John Mayor dissolved parliament , called for an election to be held as Five years did passed in accordance with the Longevity of a UK parliament under UK Law , he was much critissaized for willing to have , what was discribed as a LONG ( in Time ) campaign , roughlly 40 days , etc … he was critisaized much and for that and for being weak as his majority with time was diminishing MP fleeing to Tony Blair s New Labour etc …. and John Mayor went on TV to try convince UK voters Why they should vote conservative , and once at “Breakfast with Frost” one sunday he appeared in a Rose collour shirt , i was happy to see him that way ….

    1. He can be embarrassing though, you can be that Woke all the time, great so called Journalists are getting pushback

  3. Not a single thing O’Sullivan said is true. Also, he has that “I do children” look to him, so good riddance.

  4. Cnn starts off by saying, “with no explanation” followed by Elon’s explanation. Cnn can’t get anything right.

  5. The real news here is that CNN is still operating ! How they can do this with a following of 100 people is truly amazing🤣🤣

  6. This is just hilarious coming from CNN. They could just focus on their layoffs and stop displaying their hypocrisy.

  7. Cry harder, CNN, there’s people all over the world dying of thirst as we speak, your tears could literally save lives! At last, CNN has a positive impact on the world.

  8. Doxxing is against the rules. I know you’re used to being able to do that with 0 consequences and pretending that’s not what you’re doing, but that is what you are doing.

  9. “No explanation”
    He literally explained how you idoits were giving away his private locations and one of his sons were stalked because of it.

  10. Also, Elon only banned people from positing the link to the page on the website tracking his specific plane. The website itself can be posted, and the pages for anyone else’s plane (Russian oligarchs, CEOs, world leaders) can be posted.

    So it’s not about anyone else’s safety, he literally is just banning people for posting links to *his plane only.*

    I don’t think you can get anymore overt in terms of censorship, than that. The information is public, tax-payer funded and published in a public forum. It’s also incredibly important information to the open source intelligence community & journalists, who frequently rely on such data to investigate cases of international fraud, sanction & tax evasion, etc.

    Note: the FAA has a program for individuals who would like less information to be publicly released about their aircraft. According to public records, Elon has not requested to be a part of such a program.

    Also, he is stretching “real time location” to mean the location of a plane, a tour bus, a campaign stop, etc. Is it now censored to tweet, “Elon is appearing at such-such town hall for a public event announcing XYZ?”

    Where is the line?

    Again, he said a couple of weeks ago Twitter should allow almost all speech up to the point it becomes illegal. The data in question here is so legal, and so public, that it would in fact be illegal for it not to be public.

    And, Musk regularly posts photos of himself and his children in real time on social media. Censorship of public data shouldn’t be the first step in someone’s personal life to manage security as a public figure.

    One journalist was even banned for sharing an LAPD news release discussing the case in question. How is that not protected speech? It’s a news release from a police department. Like?!

    Can the police put out a tweet notifying the public of a “suspect’s” real time location?

    That suspect hasn’t been convicted of a crime, they’re a private citizen… is that now censored?

    When you have to ask questions like that, you’re in super deep censorship territory.

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