CNN’s Paul Begala: Trump Jr. tweet is ‘indescribably stupid’

CNN's Paul Begala: Trump Jr. tweet is 'indescribably stupid' 1


CNN's Jake Tapper talks to a panel about a recent tweet Trump Jr. posted about Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden. #CNN #News

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  1. Two words…Jared Kushner. Oh, two more…Ivanka Trump. Nepotism, Chinese trademarks, can’t pass Security. Duh. Where is the Equal Time.

  2. Thomas Griffiths | October 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM | Reply

    If people care about this kind of nepotism then they should care deeply about Donald Trump’s daughter and sons making millions of dollars off of the taxpayers.

    • Back what you said up, dude. Accusations do not equate to facts.

    • Me_for_president | October 16, 2019 at 6:57 AM | Reply

      Bovine One courts have said no such thing

    • Martha Makawi its not accusations its is pure facts…

      CNN employees are on video telling how their boss has a personal vendetta against Trump as well as Don ( smell my fingers ) Lemon… and how they make up their news… even have a video of a CNN employee recording a phone call with the CEO of CNN with him sayin he doesn’t want to report on anything but impeachment and to not take certain candidates seriously and to not do segments on other candidates or anything else in general….what am i not backing up????

    • Thomas Griffiths, How? How are Trumps sons and daughters making money off taxpayers??? How? Give me facts not libturded answers???🤷‍♂️👈🏻

    • Brian Barton I don’t think Thomas knows how taxes work… maybe he thinks if you have your own business people have to pay taxes to you 🤷🏾‍♂️… i Think CNN told him that

  3. Well, here’s another look-alike role for Ben Stiller on SNL.

  4. The only explanation is Donald Trump Jr doesn’t know who his father is.

    It’s possible, I guess.

  5. We all know Trump jr would be selling used cars if he had a different sperm donor.

    Edit: No offense to used car salesmen…

    • @Taya Actually it seems you have him confused with don jr and eric trumputin

    • Kifwoo let me guess, you’re a stupid liberal who has no problem with the terrorist regime of Iran and yet you act as if you have the moral high ground to Saudi Arabia. Worry about your country and before you say anything about Islam remember that Christian priests rape little kids inside the churches

    • He would be mopping the floor at an off-brand burger joint with low standards after failing to flip burgers satisfactorily.

    • This is incredibly ride and unfair. Used car salesmen have far more ability and class than Spanky Jr.: He’d probably be driving a truck if he was lucky.

  6. Science is Hard Stuff | October 15, 2019 at 6:45 PM | Reply

    At least Hunter’s dad made his own way. Trump’s daddy did everything for him and Trump Jr. daddy did everything for him.

    • …Hunters dad made his own way LOL. Dear God (yes there is a God) you are epically stupid. This is your contribution…really…Trumps dad did everything for him. FFS please consider not posting anymore. That’s embarrassing

    • Great reason to HATE rich people. NOT. Get real!

    • @Hawkzblade Do you realize how many people are EMPLOYED because of TRUMP? Not everyone can be chiefs. There will always be workers!! It’s called LIFE!

    • Daddy ain’t around to get him out of this one!!

    • Science is Hard Stuff
      dont be jealous he had a father who wanted his son to be set by the time he dies.

  7. Considering the fact that Kushner is now listed as one of Trump’s Senior advisors (top half dozen), and that Ivanka literally attends meetings of heads of State, I really am amazed that this is even being discussed.

    • They are not paid for their public services. They could’ve do as Hunter Biden but they didn’t.

    • @younes jorge That’s moronic. Ivanka and Jared have made many millions of dollars in business dealings over the past three years because of their being related to the President. Donald Trump Junior just charged my former university 50,000 for one appearance. DT Jr. Has NOTHING to offer anyone other than his dad is the POTUS.

      It’s considered bad form to “Like ” your own comment.

    • @glenn anderson Well, that might have been because it was true.

    • excuse me ? Ivanka Trump is THE most classy & distinguished Young Woman EVER in the WH , we as Americans are LUCKY to have her ,, You know it but your Jealous and try to deny It , But your wrong ..! #2020

    • @xjaskix Seems to me I recall you saying some such thing in other postings. Anyway, she’s a moron and a total loser.

  8. Catherine Williams | October 15, 2019 at 7:16 PM | Reply

    Does Don Jr actually think he’s “earned what he has? Ohh that’s precious. ha ha ha ha ha

    • Me_for_president | October 16, 2019 at 6:46 AM | Reply

      Catherine Williams Florida is also a red state and just as sorry

    • @Catherine Williams but Catherine you forget the point board ex-convicts register as Democrats bottom line if you ever lived in a red City like Detroit Chicago Cleveland William and I seen the damage they’ve done have you heard about Detroit corruption in the public school systems how the Democrats have been stealing money left and right it’s screaming all the time they don’t have enough money cuz they can’t steal it fast enough please

    • @Dorothy Gears so your first line of defense is you can’t spell what a piss poor deflection to the facts you just can’t handle you cry baby get over it your candidate Hillary Villarreal off okay you Democrats just can’t handle a real president that gets things done all you do is hate and divide typical Democrat

    • @Jay DoubleBoo oh I understand politics I also understand that Democrats are Masters at covering up their own corruption while they play the I’m rubber you’re glue game the master of the spin doctor Hippocrates damn double standards Dodge deflect deny discredit deceive and demonize that’s your game plan or got you figured out sweetie hang it up

  9. Eric and Don Jr are truly the Beavis and Butt-Head of politics

  10. Let Jr. blow his B.S. around it’s just going to bring attention to himself, Eric, Ivanka and Jared.

  11. Michael Marceau | October 15, 2019 at 7:29 PM | Reply

    Jr would be selling handiest for EBT cards if it wasn’t for dear old dad.

  12. I disagree: attack, attack, attack, ALL THE tRumps!!!

  13. The irony wouldn’t be as funny if he wasn’t literally called “Donald Trump(tm) JUNIOR”.

  14. it’s like Trump is a mafia crime boss and everyone is afraid of him . And yes Barr is more dangerous then anyone because his goal is to protect Trump even if he knows he is a criminal. I believe a lot of members of the republicans in Congress have and are receiving money from the Russians. Apparently the Russians are pouring millions into Kentucky, to help Mitch and his wife is using her contacts to gain from the Chinese. . The most alarming thing is Mitch is holding up the Bill that will protect the up coming election . Trump is openly asking for help to win in 2020 . Republicans will do anything to win .

  15. So Republicans are claiming the Constitution is the ‘Deep State’? Jesus, Republicans have lost their sanity.

  16. “Trump’s temperament and his habits have hardened with age.” Schwartz said. “He was always cartoonish, but compared with the man for whom I wrote The Art of the Deal 30 years ago, he is significantly angrier today: more reactive, deceitful, distracted, vindictive, impulsive and, above all, self-absorbed.”
    “Every American ought to be concerned about his character.” Schwartz said.
    –Tony Schwartz, the ghost writer for Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”:

  17. “Lying is second nature to him. More than anyone else I have ever met, Trump has the ability to convince himself that whatever he is saying at any given moment is true, or sort of true, or at least ought to be true.
    He said that Trump had no ideology or beliefs, except that he should prevail in the end.

    • @Lisa C What happened to Russian Collusion?..22 mos of what?..How would you characterize that?..

    • @Lisa C How would you characterize politicians, who incite violence against Trump Administration officials, and his supporters, by calling for confrontations in Restaurants, Grocery stores, gas stations etc?..How about people in media, who call 63 million Trump voter’s racist?..

    • Buck Browning Is Frowning And Crying REPUBLIKKKAN Tears



  18. Like son, like father: Donald Junior has as little true insight into himself and his at-best questionable behaviour or into his own lack of morality as his father has. Congratulations little Donny, you are becoming just like your dad!

  19. “Bless trump jr. …just…God Bless his heart”
    Translation: “Don jr…What a disgusting person, with hate & hypocrisy in his life!!!” 😆👏👏

  20. Agent Orange in the WH is not an evil genius he claims to be. He’s just evil!

    • You’re just stupid…
      Bet you can’t name the Russian lie that supposedly hurt Hillary?…but your dumb enough to still believe they did…
      Stupid is has stupid watches on CNN.

    • one thing is these hair comments and orange hair and face digs do make me wonder though. With all the money and power you’d think they would have better dye for the hair and face?

    • Like how Giuliani is a criminal attorney, minus the attorney part. They’re all rotten to the core.

    • @Shar Bear926 They (Agent Orange in the WH and his cronies) want everyone to look at Biden’s son for corruption, but say nothing about Ivanka and Don jr. Hypocritical corruption!

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