CO2 emission reduction behind target: report 1

CO2 emission reduction behind target: report


The United in Science 2021 report reveals the world is behind in the battle to reduce CO2 emissions.

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  1. Trudeau has been calling himself a climate change champion for 6 years. So where’s all those trees you promised Justin?

    1. Bc planted a couple hundred million last year. Why not look at the info posted. Trudeau’s policies dont work. Carbon capture/refinement

  2. If Climate Change was such a big problem caused by Humans then wouldn’t the solution be to reduce the Humans?

    1. I think there’s a date coming soon we may actually realize that’s something that’s been planned for a while now.

  3. If we allowed for little to no immigration our population would naturally decrease and we would need to use advanced technology to get all the work done. Bringing in 400 000 new Canadians a year from mostly low carbon output lifestyles to a high carbon output Canadian lifestyle is not the way to reduce carbon output

  4. Let’s see: opening up more pristine wilderness for drilling and fracking, more research into new fossil fuel sites, continued subsidies of the fossil fuel industry… and we wonder why they didn’t hit the target, eh! smh

  5. Justin Trudeau lives in a huge mansion and his cottage is 4 times bigger than my house . This is our hypocrites in government

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