Coastal Texas Hit By A Hurricane While Dealing With COVID-19 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC



    2. @1017 He didn’t put Texas up for sale , but he did tell Denmark that he would trade them Texas for Greenland.

    1. @Bruce strkland Yes. That’s why we need to get rid of NOAA. You can’t be harmed by what you don’t know about!

    2. Señor Ken they should leave it up to the SDNY and state of ny court. Let’s the democrats keep their hands clean.

    3. @Face Mask Teacher You’re probably right in some respects. I don’t know the litigation well enough, but i’m sure (and i pray) that the Dems will be relentless in their prosecutions as to set an example to discourage future traitors to the United States

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  1. Let’s hope God has more lessons to teach Republicans leaders for failing its people on the war with the Coronavirus.

    1. Dodgy Trump Trump in January: “Ban international flights to curb the pandemic coming into the country from other nations.”
      Democrats: “No! You’re a xenophobe!” The democrats in California and New York brought death to our shores but go ahead and blame the blameless ya bonehead

  2. These governors are so incompetent it’s astounding.. What does that say about the people that voted for them..?

    1. Even the Italians were smart enough to rid themselves of Mussolini in 1943……but not here, the TrumpDevotionSyndrome is too strong

  3. If only a virus wasn’t running rampant and overflowing the hospitals and stretching first responders paper thin………who knew?

  4. Everybody relax. Donny’s Sharpie can handle this lickety-split. After all, he was able to save Alabama from Dorian 😆😜🤪

    1. Trump reminds me of pharaoh in the scripture, when God told him to let his people go and, and he wouldn’t. God cursed him and his family and brought plagues and destruction in his land. The more stubborn he is, the more plagues God throws at him(:

    2. Calamities first.
      Famine is literally already here 👀.
      A lot of spiritually weak minded men👹.
      Also notice how people are getting more angrier and aggressive since the pandemic.

  5. America is lucky, we are led by a genius! He can see a picture of an elephant and say elephant! Then claps his tiny iddy pitty hands! When asked what party does it represent-he said morons! Right again!

  6. As the world heats up, these will only increase in frequency. It’s time to vote out all those old people who don’t care about the young and future generations.

    1. No, its gods breath blowing the virus away according Kenneth Copeland. He just needs put his shield (arm) up to protect people but he probably won’t because they are “sinful”.

  7. ‘Whose boat is this boat?” Famous disaster quotes!

    Where is Trump and his paper towels?

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