1. More likely, she got approached by powerful folks who want to make a theocratic dictatorship out of the US and have a plan to use SCOTUS to do it. She gets the fame (or infamy) and the money that comes with it.

  1. She doesn’t want to make them for gay marriages. Since she doesn’t want that business, then don’t give her the business. That was more profit she could have had but doesn’t want. Find someone else to give the business to.
    There. Problem solved.

  2. She is a problem begging for a solution. She has not been asked to do anything yet. She is creating a problem.

    1. @Stephen Jordan The problem is US not stomping over her with civilized society en masse, progress and wealth for all and not just for her. If she has this much say on this then what’s next? Will she decide our weekend-attire as well?

    2. @BTone Major according to her “faith” there’s a whole load of things you can’t do. Sunday football is gone.. it is their job after all …

    3. @Stephen Jordan Each State is something different, a plethra of Ideological sanctuaries and the volume button for each State is yours to control 😂👍

    1. she’s at SCOTUS because Colorado has a law preventing her from choosing which opportunities she can turn down.

    2. @Anonymous User She’s not even in that business and doesn’t have ANY potential clients to turn down! There is absolutely no reason for SCOUTS to have taken this case, as there has been no harm to anyone. This woman is just using the court system to try to make a name for herself, and that is not what our court system is meant to do

    1. the problem is that same sex couples usually ask for something very strange like they want you to do a ritual or use one of the men’s glop in the cake. that is considered weird by normal people.

    2. no…they’re giving her information but like she says, she’s doing a custom webpage with her graphics and creativity.

    1. i agree with the anchor. but in many cases the same sex couples will make very perverted demands such as including the groom’s glop in the wedding cake or insisting the designer participate in a ritual. that is wrong.

  3. I understand her reasoning and agree she has a valid point. BUT…. Her work is a monetary transaction and has to follow ALL laws established by this country. In short shouldn’t be able to make money in this country then move the goal post as YOU see fit!

    1. These laws are politically motivated state laws and doesn’t exist everywhere. It’s not federal law (although i’m sure some democrats are trying to make it into one) and SCOTUS is now hearing the case. I don’t see what your point is.

    1. @Nil Nil She isn’t practicing her religion. She’s using the idea of a religion as a weapon to be able to discriminate against version people.

    1. @James Holbrook I didn’t detect any hate from her. You on the other hand did spread hate, calling her evil and belittling her concerns about these liberal laws that goes against the moral doctrine that USA and most countries were founded upon.

  4. So if a Buddist goes to her and wants her to create something praising Buddha, then it would interfere with her ability to create something unique? I assume she would have a problem creating custom designs praising Buddha too, but then that would be discriminatory, but apparently it’s not discrimination to not do so for same sex couples. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Not sure if the bible says anything against buddhism 😬. But thats besides the point. The personal freedoms of same sex couples doesnt trump the personal freedoms of this woman. Pretty sure they could find another website designer.

    2. @Rich Hoyle It does say something about the abrahamic God being jealous and angry if you praise a different god or idol.

      Not sure about Jesus’ views in this thou 🤔 You may correct me i’m agnostic and don’t know much about religion.

    3. @Rich Hoyle Its not beside the point, it’s the exact point…pretty sure Christians, Muslims, blacks, disabled, etc, could find other designers too, but let’s not pretend that there is anything united about the US at that point.

  5. 1. She’s being used by Republican politicians who want to ban gay marriage because they don’t want to lose a wedge issue that they can use to stir up their base. She didn’t file this lawsuit on her own.
    2. Stop trying to split hairs. You can make all the art and speech you want. You can show it to whomever you want. You can even charge a fee to see/hear it at the door. But you cannot pick and choose your customers if you are selling a product whether it is personalized or not.

    1. Yes. Funded by the exact global anti-govt billionaires who launder $ & buy judicials thru the Federalist Society, “The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is one of the most influential right-wing groups in the United States. ADF legally launders discrimination behind the rhetoric of “religious freedom” to restrict the rights of marginalized people — causing it to be classified as a hate group.”

    2. so you agree that a LGBT web designer should be forced to create a webpage for an anti-LGBT themed event just because a disabled person made the request?

    3. @Grogg holding an anti-LGBT rally isn’t hate speech under the law. there are plenty of people who are against gay weddings and they’re not being thrown in jail

    4. @Anonymous User You’re right, but the people who falsely say it’s “hate speech” would love to throw them in jail for not having a revered view of sodomy.

  6. One more thing even under Colorado law it doesn’t force anyone to have to do anything they don’t want to do with their own business and they don’t force artists to do or not do something. Others just may follow but you know what others will not use your business and I have a feeling that those that don’t use your business will be greater than those that use it. I personally would rather use someone that has a open mind and not use one of hate.

    1. @kerryn67 well one time 2 men from that lifestyle asked me to do some work on their home. they wanted me to put on a tiny “thong” swim suit and play a game of “slap and tickle” with them. i said, no thanks! i am not from that agenda. Luckily, I was able to get my tools and escape before they captured me.

    2. @sultan whomever
      Sure mate, I totally believe that happened in your fantasies. But in reality? I don’t believe you.

    3. @chad nash
      Thanks for answering. If there’s no difference between a same sex couple and a gay couple making the exact same vows under the same conditions other than the fact they’re the same sex then that’s bigotry.
      People used the same reasoning not to marry a black person to a white person before the laws changed. It’s not right.

  7. How is this case before the Supreme Court. Seems like the issue isn’t even ripe.

    Also, she keeps repeating the same buzz words and doesn’t even answer the question. How is it her message if content is coming from someone else? She’s simply providing the mechanism no matter how many times she keeps repeating custom. At the end of the day, she’s building websites and I can’t imagine she’s not using a previously used template if some one sees some of her previous work and asks that the duplicate the work.

  8. I find it interesting when she was posed with the “slippery slope” question she clammed up saying she can only speak for herself. Yet, when asked about what her LGBT clients felt about her position, it was a everyone across the spectrum believes in MY position.

  9. I like how this woman keeps saying she has LGBT clients like it’s supposed to keep me me from thinking that she’s full of crap. She want her cake and eat it too. She wants to have a business to provide a service, but only to those that she wants to provide those services too, and be protected by the law while she discriminates. Got it.

    1. should a LGBT web designer be forced to do work for a black person who wants a website for an anti-LGBT event?

  10. I’m seriously asking: Does anyone know how the Colorado law is worded that “forces” someone to create art that they don’t want to?

    1. Heaven forbid a nudist club asked her to designe their tee shirts for their summer BBQ. Her head would explode.

  11. “I want to discriminate against people in the community while doing business in a community that is governed by laws that protect people against discrimination.”

    1. Discrimination??? Stop saying that.. That is only relevant in race or ethnicity issues not lifestyle choices…

    2. @Live And Let Die You are absolutely wrong, and not just in one way. First, gender and security are generally fixed by about age 6. Second, we aren’t talking about “lifestyle choices”. People don’t just one day wake up and choose to be gay. Being gay or straight is an inhwrent characteristic, as is being transgender or cisgender. Third, there are a numerous kinds of discrimination. Our laws protect against discrimination based not just on race or sex, but also on age, sexuality, disability, country of origin, etc.

    3. @GreenEyedLady actually you are born male or female.. THAT IS A FACT. NOW DO NOT RESPOND WITH YOUR IDIODACY EVER AGAIN YOU DINGBAT.


  12. Well, I’m imagining what a lovely, sensitive, love filled piece of art this small minded eejit would produce. Her love for life and humanity would’ve exactly what I’d want as part of my wedding day
    Hopefully this free advertising will show people exactly what her work is all about

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