Cocoa Piece Killer Rushane Barnett Sentencing Postponed | TVJ News – Sept 22 2022

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  1. I don’t care if he confessed on the day of the murders If there ever was a case that deserved the death penalty it was this one. 45yrs before parole would be appropriate, really??? 🤯🤬

  2. It is so funny how women always defend these kind of killers. So if someone killed him back and sit down and waited for the Police, I guess it is only fair for them to go free. What do you mean the fact that he waited for the police????
    Serial killers and killers of women and kids are always passionately defended by women Lawyers.

  3. The News team is doing a great job getting the News to the world.May God continue to keep the team strong.❤️🇯🇲🌄

  4. The killer Roshane Barnett even though it is the law that someone represent him.He should not be benefit in anyway,he should not go to prison and eat taxpayers money.❤️🇯🇲🌄

  5. Tamika if you are reading this: why don’t you just shut up and stand there!? This ain’t a case to zealously represent your client. Annoying. He had 5 bodies to stop and think.. bout wait for the police! Man want a food and shelter after him heinous crime. Annoying.

  6. It’s sad how a man can take 5 live yet still he get to live and enjoy life, eat 3 meals per day, get visit from friends and families, have all phone in jail while the mother and grandmother other of this family is being hurt and reminded they she will never see her daughter became the nurse she was training to be, none of the children complete school, to hear their laughter, to clean up after them and to love them unconditional. Instead she I left with 5 grave to sit and look on saying these where my grandchildren and my daughter. At this point death is too good for him, it’s going to be too easy he need to be tortured everyday of his life until him dead, him need to be locked in a confined space and not even to see outside make it feel like him in a coffin make him beg fi dead and death dnt show up. Them need to make a torture chamber in Jamaica cause all these criminals do is do their crime then go prison and talk about who badder than who, still sending out orders to have people kill and then years after they get let out amd come back to the same life they left.

  7. The attorney lied Barnett runaway from the crime location. The whole case is a joke. Man killed 5 people and live to eat, sleep and breathe. Only in clown country Jamaica. I think the criminals will get bolder in the wrong doing. Not good.

  8. Jeeeeeesus christ mrs llewellyn you’re doing a great job please continue in that same pattern justice must be served I don’t even want to hear his lawyer statements

  9. By law it doesn’t matter what act was carried out by the accused as this isn’t a grand jury trail.
    Even if it was a grant jury trail, the accused awaited on law enforcement, he admitted guilt and cooperated with law enforcement and investigators.
    Judges have to follow legal guidelines and Barnett is entitled to sentence reduction as his attorney pointed out.
    He should get 30 year max before the possibility of parole as his own age must be taken into account as well.

    I have a question thou why did the prosecution push specifically for the death penalty in this matter, they never did when that serial killer whom they found tons of serial killer novels (books) at his home which inspired him to go around Jamaica killing teenage school girls.
    Nor did they push for the death penalty when that Rastafarian man who murdered his entire family in a voodoo ritual in his hopes of becoming a priestess, interesting right the prosecution never push for death penalty then and little kids were murder as well so what’s the difference here?

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