Coffee upon waking could impact blood sugar levels

Coffee upon waking could impact blood sugar levels 1


A new British study suggests that having strong, black coffee before breakfast could impair our body’s control of blood sugar levels.

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30 Comments on "Coffee upon waking could impact blood sugar levels"

  1. stop wasting my time with, could, would, and should type of no news reporting.

  2. Covid-19 Comes from a Wuhan BSL4 Lab | October 3, 2020 at 5:48 AM | Reply

    this is news?

  3. Aboo’s Animals | October 3, 2020 at 6:09 AM | Reply

    Depends on the coffee. Drink natural unsweetened coffee, you’ll live to 105.

  4. What next 2020?

  5. What is this breakfast you talk about?

  6. Why does every small pleasure have to be destroyed by some study or other. I have started my day with coffee for 50 years…so GO.AWAY!
    Next week another study will find it cures ebola.

  7. Working on the lying angle

  8. Chris Bockhop | October 3, 2020 at 9:11 AM | Reply

    You put your end panels over top of your captions.

  9. Omg like thanks captain obvious this is news? Everyone knows this already yawn ho hum what a big news story hahahahah losers

  10. Once again you broadcast a video without voice audio and then proceed to cover the captions with ads so you don’t get to learn what the video was for,this video was a waste of your and my time because of this,keep doing this and I and everyone else will stop watching your videos.

  11. Sleep, who can sleep?

  12. If it won’t kill me, I’ll keep on drinking it day & night. 🍷

  13. Study out of the UK. There’s your problem. Italians would have never considered even doing the study. Ironically, Italy has half the obesity rate of the UK. I don’t think the coffee is the problem.

  14. Stubbing your toe could impact your toenail.

  15. That’s why I have shot drops; it’s a better rush in the morning keeps me going through these tiring times.

  16. Uh huh.

  17. I love breakfast. I wish i can wake up at 5 to make it but i wake up 6.30 and barely make it to work on time. My work breakfast is usually oatmeal or chia seeds pudding nothing delicuous just so I don’t starve. I wish i had hot breakfast everyday but i don’t know how that’s gonna work

  18. and what happens when you don’t eat a sugary breakfast?

  19. Why this? It’s not like you care for people’s health.?

  20. Ariel Colussi | October 3, 2020 at 4:36 PM | Reply

    or dont go for a sugary breakfast…

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