Cohen: ‘I Was Acting At The Direction Of And For The Benefit Of Mr. Trump… To Protect Him’ | MSNBC

Cohen: ‘I Was Acting At The Direction Of And For The Benefit Of Mr. Trump… To Protect Him’ | MSNBC 1


In a one-on-one interview with Rachel Maddow, Michael Cohen says every felony he was charged with was directed by President Trump himself. Cohen says Trump personally approved salacious stories the National Enquirer published about Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Marco Rubio. Cohen also discusses the origins of Trump’s “hatred” for President Barack Obama, and why he believes he was the only one to be prosecuted for hush money payments. Aired on 09/8/2020.
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Cohen: ‘I Was Acting At The Direction Of And For The Benefit Of Mr. Trump… To Protect Him’ | MSNBC

93 Comments on "Cohen: ‘I Was Acting At The Direction Of And For The Benefit Of Mr. Trump… To Protect Him’ | MSNBC"

  1. America is dead if Trump gets re-elected. We’ll never recover.

  2. Trump makes Michael Cohen look like a nice guy.

  3. MAGA= My Administration Getting Arrested

  4. dump The RUMP 2020

  5. This is Why Trump doesn’t want Cohen’s Book to come out.
    It’s Too Accurate.

  6. Cohen is a lot smarter than his old boss. At least he can coherently respond to a question.

    • @Comfort Living So obvious how much he hated that, even after 3+ years, his failings where still Obama’s fault.
      Not the first time it’s been said, he never expected to win, not hard to believe, he’s not use to having to work.

    • @Chris Kennedy He was famous in the 80’s and 90’s as well. It was his fame that made the TV show possible. I’m aware he was a Democrat supporter, he said so when he was campaigning and if you go to and check the campaign contribution sources for some of our beloved past presidents in past races I think it will become more clear why he was a Democrat. The Democratic party sold out to big business in the 90’s under Clinton, since then business interest have controlled both parties. It’s not an accident that Obamacare drove up insurance prices and profits with the individual mandate and if you look you’ll see insurance companies sponsored him. Generally for the investment banking community you’ll find Sachs will back one candidate and Morgan the other in most races. If you go back and look at Trumps contributors Vs. Hillary’s for the 2016 election you’ll understand much .
      Trump went from a aloof celebrity liked by many, doing shoots with Snoop and Jayz to the most hated man in America practically overnight for a reason. He didn’t take the big money, he didn’t need to. He did receive allot of funding from individuals and some businesses, real estate holdings etc. But if you want to drive up real estate values you make a place into a better place to live which is a conflict of interest that benefits the American people. As opposed to most businesses which improve value by outsourcing labor to where it can be purchased for pennies on the dollar compared to the US. India, China…. His tariffs have hurt big business by forcing them to source labor from the same market they serve which is good for main street and bad for Wall Street, yet tax breaks have made up for it to a degree.
      As a result of this rogue politician who wouldn’t take their money, they took some of the money they would have contributed to Trump’s campaign and a whole lot more and used it to try to prevent him from being elected through media smear campaigns, their political and celebrity resources etc. It’s pretty obvious it was like someone flipped a switch from Trump ok to Trump is the anti-Christ overnight and it worked. Allot of people didn’t question what they were being told by the corporate media and bought it all hook line and sinker.
      His entertainment company became practically worthless, his hotel income decreased because who wants to stay in Hitler’s hotel? He had to forgo some foreign real estate investments to prevent a conflict of interest, now he’s getting flack over the hotel he added in DC. I can’t speak to all the nearly 500 businesses under the Trump umbrella, but according to Eric Trump who is running them their profits have been cut in half as a result of his election. I’ve studied body language because it helps me when I’m watching a CEO present financials and I didn’t see any signs of deceit coming from Eric Trump. I’d recommend everyone go out and buy the book. “Spy the Lie.” It’s written by the folks who developed the FBI’s deception detection training program, I think it would do allot of people allot of good to read it and start practicing it’s techniques. Ever notice that weird way Rachael Maddow blinks her eyes sometimes when she”s speaking? Did you notice that Michelle Obama kept giving negative confirmations to affirmative statements (Basically shaking her head no while saying something is true) when she spoke at the DNC? Wake up people! Anyhow, I have work I need to do. Later.

    • And he doesn’t repeat himself over and over like a broken record skipping!

    • @Samual Terry They all do that. MSNBC repeats stuff even after it’s been discredited, take the Atlantic statement Trump supposedly made about the fallen soldiers being losers. They have an unidentified off the record source against 21 identified on the record sources opposing the claim, along with Bolton the biggest Trump hater around who discredited it because he didn’t think of the lie when he was writing his book. and it would have reflected very poorly on him not to have mentioned that little jewel had it been true. Yet they keep ranting on and on about it despite it having been discredited. The same is true of the rumor about the November COVID intelligence report, discredited by the National Medical Intelligence Center’s director who was appointed by Obama, yet they pretend like it never happened and stick to their unverified anonymous source. Just about everything comes from an anonymous source these days and no matter how credible the sources discrediting their misinformation the keep repeating it over and over and over….

    • Sorry he closed eyes dealing
      With a FOOL

  7. I’m surprised this man is still alive

    • Guy is smart enough that he has enough tapes and materials to use against Trump and others when something does happen to him. This is what he did.

    • And he has sayd it before those thats stay by him “good things”those others “bad thing happens to them” bullies them until he destroys them one way or another..there being so many And the “supreme justice”kavenaught another pawn was also helped put in by him n assisting doing his dirty work..all liars.untrusting corrupted thieves still dont get it..where is our Constitutional law n rights…check balances ects..?when we the people will get a break of illegal oaths.. abuse of powers..collussion Its gone too far..

    • Rusty Shackleford | September 9, 2020 at 12:29 PM | Reply

      @Mum MoniQ Cohen from the cohen crime family.

    • Marilyn Reallon | September 9, 2020 at 1:49 PM | Reply

      He may be Epsteined before it’s over! Cohen shouldn’t open the door if Barr shows up!

    • Just more scripted lies by Michael Cohen.
      Listen to these audio tapes:

      In other words: CNN in collusion with Cohen to tilt lies towards the President.

      Cohen is making money selling a book filled with lies and bought by poor idiots.

  8. Love Michael Cohen!

    Glad he’s speaking out.

  9. Obama lives rent free in Donald’s head lol

  10. 2HARLEYS2JEEPS4ME | September 9, 2020 at 6:53 AM | Reply

    MAGA-My Attorney Got Arrested

    • Rusty Shackleford | September 9, 2020 at 4:03 PM | Reply

      @thewanderandhiscomp I haven’t seen a virus.

    • thewanderandhiscomp | September 9, 2020 at 4:08 PM | Reply

      @Rusty Shackleford good for you, hope you get both the flu and corona

    • @Rick Flick – I have read hints and vague references to Trump being re-elected for a third term to finish the swamp clean-up, like Roosevelt was re-elected for a third term, but in today’s political climate, with criminals now operating the leftosphere, I fear that such could never be practicably reasoned and agreed to via any level-headed discussion, in spite of its merit, given the revolutionary culture of the Marxist left, commissioned to overthrow Western democracy. It would probably prompt a civil war, orchestrated by the Marxist belt. After all, revolutions are their stock in trade and is what they are ALREADY attempting to orchestrate right now to prevent Trump’s legitimate re-election.

      However, we can only live in hope that by the end of Trump’s second term they’re all locked up, but I doubt it. As fast as you get rid of one, another infiltrates the establishment to take someone’s place. They’re like rats in a sewer. They never give up. They have all holes covered swarming along all pipelines, like cockroaches. The pedo filth could be their downfall, but again I see any real exposure of that bringing on a civil war too. They will resort to anything to win and win they will, because theirs is a politic of stealth and has indoctrinated two generations. Short of shutting down the Marxist establishment in our Universities and Dept. of Education, I see no hope after Trump.

    • @Dingles They will never stop, but they are not winning & lefties get destroyed over & over their brands cant survive the wild & need to be constantly protected. The MSM is losing control & dems are waking up everywhere, my lefty aunt is voting for Trump, but im not supposed to know that. lots of actual liberals waking up. The Marxist Filth/ANTIFA/BLM are useful idiots, ive seen them up close & they are the lowest ppl ive ever seen, any victory they get will be short lived & cosmetic & if they try the suburbs, they will be destroyed. They can only operate in lefty cities & that just hurts their cause.

      It should be noted, that there are over 190,000 sealed indictments, the average is 1000.

      The MAGA ppl wont stop either. I think Trump needs another term though.

    • @thewanderandhiscomp – Narcissistic ratbag, blowing the last vestige of any credibility that you might have had. Liberals are not only anti-America, they’re anti-Americans.

  11. Trump is really a sick sociopath. Really? Four more years of this would be irreversible. The damage is insurmountable already.

    • You mean insurmountable huh

    • @Storm Friggeberg “such a dem-witted comment. I’m starting to understand why cardi b was chosen to interview Biden, because he believes his voter base IQ is quite low”
      ROFL! it’s rather obvious that you were gazing at yourself in one of your many full length mirrors in a paroxysm of narcissistic rapture (like your cargo-cult leader Traitor-Trump is so fond of doing…monkey see, monkey do, eh?!) when you typed that ill-spelt screed I see! The hypocritical projection of your greed-riven, profoundly bigoted, power-obsessed, knuckle-dragging misogynistic kind is always the most staggeringly consistent characteristic displayed by your swaggeringly self-entitled ilk.

    • Storm Friggeberg | September 12, 2020 at 4:04 AM | Reply

      Hanna Barbera Congratulations, great comment! You’re the type of pseudo intellectual that I love beating at scrabble.

    • @Storm Friggeberg “You’re the type of pseudo intellectual that I love beating at scrabble”
      More Comedy gold from you, yet another Traitor-Trump worshiping, advanced loser-being, who, when he’s called out on his bovine scatology, experiences a total Dunning-Kruger meltdown as exemplified by your impotent, unwarranted chest-pounding. IOW, none of your posts exhibit any hint of your alleged intellectual/skills prowess.

      But then falsely claiming accomplishments/attributes that one doesn’t possess is the most consistently displayed characteristics of the Lying King you so abjectly adore, so it’s really no surprise you would be inclined to ape such behavior. Just two of many examples of such flagrant lying
      1) Putin-Fanboy Trump claiming the Veterans’ Choice Act (crafted during the Obama administration, a lie he’s told over 150 times)

      2) Bone-Spurs Bunker Boy NOT #1 in his class at Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania (this self-proclaimed “so good looking and smart, a true Stable Genius” (the “true Stable Genius” brag…ROFL!)

    • Storm Friggeberg | September 12, 2020 at 10:16 AM | Reply

      Hanna Barbera Our friends across the pond would call that “codswallop”.

  12. My stomach turns more everyday !!!!

  13. You gotta hand it to Dementia Donnie. No Democrat all the way back to the Civil War was ever as corrupt and criminal as the Great Liar in Chief himself. As a bonus he wins the traitor prize too.

  14. Doesnt matter, I watched a woman remind a trumper that donnie said he could shoot someone on fifth Avenue and not lose any voters, her reply? He didnt say that, no he didnt. Excuse me, it’s on tape.
    No its not, fake news, fake news!!
    How do you argue with someone who’s been 100% brainwashed?

  15. I believe him because he’s not painting himself in a good light either admitting to all the fraudulent things he did for Trump. I think it is very unfair that he was the only one to take the fall, and trump just gets away with everything like a spoiled brat.

    • Trump will be indicted ‘ individual one’

    • @sandra johnson Donny will never sue him because he’ll have to drag all his skeletons to Court to be examined in details by judge or jury.

    • @Dumpty Humpty for what
      If Trump doesn’t win all this horse crap will disappear Nixon never spent a day in jail

    • @snoop alert just do a duckduckgo search individual one and it will be clear

    • I believe him because he has more to lose now if he is lying. He was easily looking at 10-15 years. It was his testimony and evidence against IMPOTUS Trump that gained him this lesser sentence. Prosecutors won’t be kind to him if he breaks from his testimony. I believe he came clean, and Donny Sr. knows it.

  16. Mr. Martin The home improvment guy | September 9, 2020 at 7:33 AM | Reply

    We should support Cohen just like someone coming out of a cult. He has admitted his guilt, served his time and is working to make things right. I was never a fan of his but i am a giant fan of redemption. Let’s see what he does in the future! Give him a chance to make it right.

    • Trump paid off a pornstar off to become president. And it worked. That’s the part he doesn’t want you to know about. Re-elect the payoff President.

    • Trump has lied a thousand times more than Cohen. Are you kidding me? Take the book seriously.

    • Trump name on the checks. Disgusting

    • very well said!

    • LandARCHConcepts | September 11, 2020 at 12:05 PM | Reply

      I also think Cohen deserves a break, abusers are very seductive. He has come clean, done the right thing in the end and suffered for it. Like all Trump’s followers he was radicalised, but he did show some moral courage which a lot of people have not done. If even half the GOP had his balls America would have been in a better place right now!

  17. Mike Pence is a ‘fixer’ too, without writing checks, but hiding behind his religiosity. Lying for him, denying important things that might make him look bad. Without people to clean up the dirty work, the guise of him making America great would be uncovered. 😣

  18. It certainly won’t change anything with his minions but it’s interesting for the rest of us to understand more about the dictator Trump.

  19. Great. A man who didn’t even want to be president is now running the US into the ground. We are a joke to rest of the world.

  20. Raymond Nieves | September 9, 2020 at 8:52 AM | Reply

    Says things over and over and over and over too brain wash the brain dead, makes sense.

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