Colin Powell, first Black secretary of state, dies of COVID-19 | USA TODAY

Colin Powell, first Black secretary of state, dies of COVID-19 complications

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has died from COVID-19 complications, his family announced through a social media post.

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    He was 84, had blood cancer and other issues to go with it. A common cold would have put him over the top.

    1. And his blood cancer prevented him from generating an immune response.

      If you have renal failure and are given a prognosis of a year, then subsequently suffocate to death from pneumonia three months later, it’s not the renal failure that killed you, it’s the pneumonia

    2. @Valore Dramack I have friends that are 84 to 94 and they are vital animated healthy ppl and some still drive everywhere they please. They are healthy conscientious vegans and not vaxed. So my point is that 84 doesn’t mean you have to die. Also the ‘virus’ is not a death sentence. I can’t really say the ‘jab’ is not a death sentence because it hasn’t been tested long enough. So sad for Colin Powell.

    3. @Managua Managua not when other people who think they have the right to infect others show disrespect and entitlement to spread the virus.. And a vaccine is not 100% nothing is. So tell me how many other people who have been fully vaxxed have died from covid. 2 maybe?

    4. @GladiatorSlows I can post all kind of anecdotal stories and things I heard online. The amount of proof about vaccines and covid from variety of different countries and different sources is so overwhelming that if you still believe its all conspiracy, you are just too stupid. Maybe it’s not your fault. You and people like you who believe in conspiracies like moon landing or flat earth just have bad genes. Maybe you were born stupid. It’s okay.

    1. Were does it say he pushed George w bush to invading Iraq? Someone prove this! I believe it was George w bush who was thirsty into going to Iraq for oil, so does anyone have proof that Collin powell pushed George w bush into invading

    2. @jimmy crackcorn and casualties, like we really needed to invade Iraq or any other country we have enough bullshit in America to deal with,

    3. @UCUxpsZCZFwz3EIO1p0j7ycw I remember when the United States went over and took down saddams statue I cheered for that, but that also lead to other concequnses for america to be a global target we didn’t need

  2. He was an 84 year old man with cancer, and had gotten double vaccinated. And yet somehow, they’re treating this as “just another COVID death”. Give me a break.

    This man was also responsible for the US invasion of Iraq. My condolences to his family, but I can’t claim to feel too bad about his passing. His decisions late in his career led to a lot of unnecessary suffering.

    1. @Imani Smith 🤣 wouldn’t call that political view point. Dude is one of many that lied to create a war, thousands of dead Americans are on his hands and hundreds of thousands of innocents in the Middle East. May he rest in hell

    1. Vaccines improve your odds of surviving, but there’s not a lot they can do for an 84-year-old with blood cancer.

    1. @EM Lut next week that pretzel Will finally finish off George Bush and they will call that covid related too lol

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