Collapsed Building did not get Construction Permits – October 31 2020

Collapsed Building did not get Construction Permits - October 31 2020 1


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7 Comments on "Collapsed Building did not get Construction Permits – October 31 2020"

  1. Sue the permit Department…fake government in Jamaica….the law on property should be equal to everyone…professional on all construction..just like the road need train employee……mmc don’t work need train professional… I am an engineer study in the state

  2. Illegal dumping is a world wide problem not only in Jamaica

  3. Sigh, these governing officials need a crash course in the role of government in an economy.

  4. Contractors are not wise enough to know that the cutting down of all large trees for building concrete structures will result in saturation of the earth and huge cracks on those concrete structures for the roots from the trees holds the earth together for everything on this earth serves it’s purpose so if the earth loose it’s trees where will the bonding takes place for one cannot work without the other for they both depends on each other for survival purposes wise up people and stop remàin as educated well paid fools for wisdom cometh from God so it will be impossible for the unGodly to gain natural wisdom in all their doings trees have to be left to keep the earth in its place for the waters may wash away the soil but the roots from the trees will always remain even if the trees fall

  5. The Greatest Engineer had built the entire world in six days without attending a college or university but just his love and sense for nature but if mankind hates nature that much how well can he build and the building holds

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