College Enrollments Plummet As Pandemic Drives Students To Drop Out 1

College Enrollments Plummet As Pandemic Drives Students To Drop Out


Wil del Pilar and Howard University senior Renika Montgomery join Tiffany Cross to discuss the rising college dropout rate, and how its disproportionately affecting low-income and students of color.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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  1. The damage to our country continues in ways most people never consider.
    To refuse the vaccine is to consider nothing outside of yourself.
    Even then, your consideration is sadly misplaced.

    1. @Upper 90 Nice try, honey. It’s a fact that the COVID numbers diminished after vaccine distribution and only spiked up again with the stronger Delta variant. Also a fact that it’s the unvaccinated dying from it, including young children. Way to go, America.

    2. @Real American then so why are you so scared of the unvaccinated. You didn’t say the vaccinated are getting sick. When idiots forget to think before they speak. Also I would love to see the proof of kids getting sick and dying.

    3. @Hollywood Dodger Aww you’re precious, pumpkin. Make sure you stay unmasked and don’t get that vaccine, dear. It’ll really own the libs when you’re on a ventilator in ICU!

    1. True, but you can obviously save money by starting off at a community college & then transferring to state schools.

    1. @V Bentley
      Unfortunately YouTube University doesn’t provide you with that piece of paper. But it depends on what you plan to do in life.

    2. @Winston Smith
      Really now. I seem to recall during the run up to the Iraq invasion that those “liberals” were the ONLY people educated enough to know that the WMD narrative was BS. What’s the last book you read? Your post is pure 🐂💩.

    3. @V Bentley TOTALLY AGREED. There is no reduction in tuition cost for poorer teaching quality online. Why incur student debt for nothing, but keeping colleges in business! Colleges will soon run out of business and end up closing.

    1. Biden lied this week about visiting a synagogue after s 2018 mass shooting in Pittsburgh. He lied reflexively because that’s what he thought his audience wanted to hear. That’s what he does.

    2. @aurora_occidentalis do you really want to talk about a president who lies? The former guy had to have his attorneys tell investigators that he could not testify because he was not capable of telling the truth under oath and under threat of perjury…

    3. @E E Biden lies repeatedly and casually. He lies when there is no need or real advantage to lying, like claiming to have visited the Tree of Life synagogue when he did not. In this case it’s concerning not just that he lied, but that he lied about something so readily disprovable, which is indicative of poor judgement and a general disconnect from what those of us not on the left like to call objective reality.

    4. @Huizhe Chen you have to ignore my comment. Doesn’t fit your narrative and you aren’t capable of refuting it in any meaningful way.

    1. @Huizhe Chen Best part is you have responded to me more than once so obviously you’re not ignoring me 🤣🤣🤣 I feel sorry for you racist Cheating Joe fan these days 🤣

  2. Everyone in my family (parents, siblings) have gone on to earn bachelors or master degrees up until current generation. However, my son and niece are holding off on 4-year degrees. There is family money to help them if they want to move forward. But at moment, they have decided the cost/benefit ratio past a 2-year degree is no longer there. And family is supporting their decision.

    1. With how expensive American university is for some people it works out cheaper to attend university in Europe. Best of luck to them

  3. We just keep falling further behind the rest of the world. This country is crumbling. We can’t do great things anymore.

    1. @John Smith no your wrong,when a person goes to church ,they go for a specific reason,to hear a minister or preacher discuss God,when you go to college you go for a specific reason ,to learn skills that will help you succeed in life ,not to listen to teachers or professors preach to you their political beliefs ,do you see the difference?

    2. @John Smith I have my skepisicm of churches and religion in general ,that is a different topic ,but mostly it’s how sanctimonious most people who go to church are,alot,not all believe because they go to church they can act anyway they want too,mostly how they treat other people!

    3. @Shawn Silliman “hear a minister or preacher discuss God,” you mean read from the black book of incarnations, spells and stories?

    4. @John Smith your obviously just a non believer ,don’t make fun of people who do believe ,would you like somebody making fun of your beliefs? Their beliefs do not hurt you ,so get over it,if more people would do that ,the world would be a better place!

    5. @Shawn Silliman “Their beliefs do not hurt you” really?! Trump was put in office, yes! They push their BS down people’s throats and have been for 2,000 years. That cult cause a 1,000 years of ignorance. TAKE YOUR STUPID SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!

  4. I just completed my degree as a full time employee, a father of 2. It meant that I had early days and late nights. My wife was a great support system and I know that many people may not have this.

  5. Why pay all that money to have the on campus courses cancelled mid semester. They didn’t refund any of the student services fees last semester.

    1. EXACTLY. No refund of tuition fees and no reduction in tuition fees for poor quality online teaching. Soon colleges will have to shut down.

  6. College is still too expensive for an Online setting anyways, it’s no doubt students will drop since it ain’t worth it

  7. Even decades ago, when college was much less expensive, I watched fellow students get knocked out by life’s circumstances. Or, they crawled through. One of my employers never could understand that my schedule changed every semester. From what I’ve seen, unless your parents are well off, it’s even worse these days.

    1. Education is the best investment a country can do. Healthcare as well. When you start making education expensive and don’t have Free healthcare it’s impossible to prosper. America will collapse economically if they don’t change. It’s impossible to survive in the long run

    2. Education is for the rich, even if you graduate top of your class chances are that unless you have connections you aren’t getting that plum job.

  8. No school is worth paying 30k a year. During a pandemic, it’s just not. College is barely with it to begin with..

  9. A college education isn’t what it’s cracked up to be anymore (speaking as the parent of a recent college grad). Learn a trade and earn a good living and you won’t have to start off with $80,000-$100,000 in student loan debt that – with interest – will take you 20 years to pay off!

  10. Sounds like the education scam is going away… Give us our money”s worth or don’t complain about low attendance rates…

  11. “This spring” hasn’t happened yet in the academic calendar, so I don’t think these data are all that helpful

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