Collins To Vote In Favor Of Impeachment Trial Witnesses, Documents | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Collins To Vote In Favor Of Impeachment Trial Witnesses, Documents | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1


    1. @Lepetit Roquet people are tired to corrupted politicians and vote to Trump for better economy bc he is businessman. Exactly he has done good for country and fulfilled the promises. For 8 years Obama couldn’t eliminate Abu Bark al-Badgdadi but Trump pretended to withdraw from Syria then guy came out. The wall and jobs promised are satisfactory. All GOP senators don’t want to miss the votes from Trump’s voters if they vote against Trump even senators Doug Jones, Sinema and Manchin hate Trump but they don’t want Trump-voters hate them. If you read the book of Peter Scheitzer, you will find the Obama regime was corrupted, not Biden, Kerry or Pelosi alone but many Obama’s people from FBI, CIA, State Department, Defense…

    2. ​@VanGiai Do “people are tired to corrupted politicians and vote to trump […]”
      You seriously can’t see why that is absolutely hilarious ? ;P Man that’s the best joke of all !
      “Exactly he has done good for country and fulfilled the promises.”
      No he hasn’t, but yes he has, in that he hasn’t be he has tried, and trying is all that counts after all. He deserves a chocolate medal and a participation prize.
      “For 8 years Obama couldn’t eliminate Abu Bark al-Badgdadi”
      He eliminated Ben Laden. Not that it matters. Eliminating the USA’s enemies is kind of the most basic thing one can expect from the POTUS, right ?
      “pretended to withdraw from Syria”
      he didn’t pretend. The russian have taken over the place since and the kurds have been overrun and have surrendered.
      “The wall and jobs promised are satisfactory”
      Ah ah ah ah ! Man you’re fun. I guess you’re easily satisfied. ’cause, you know, still not a mile of new wall has been built by trump (but private citizen have paid for a bit of wall from their own pocket, so that’s something I guess).

      Keep the entertainment coming ^^. I tend to forget how amazing your delusion level can be.

    3. @Lepetit Roquet it’s not a hoke. Democrats are corrupted, we are coming after the son of Joe Biden, and Paul Pelosi, son of Nancy Pelosi and Stepson of John Kerry soon, senators Graham and Ted Cruz said that.

    4. @VanGiai Do trump is a joke ^^. Power corrupts, but the guy was already rotten to the core to begin with, now he is surpassing himself. Nobody would have believed such a shitshow in a TV show, and yet here we are. Corruption to a level way beyond watergate, all institution slowly failing, lies becoming so normal it’s boring when they are mentioned on the news…
      The most amusing part is that Biden’s son can be considered as corrupt, as he accepted money to offer access to the VP, even if it weren’t his intention (and it might even have been intentional), but trump made corruption so normal, so constant that Biden’s son actions look pale in comparison, almost naive and innocent. And indeed, relative to trump and in terms of corruption level, Biden’s actions were child play.

      That’s how crazy things are today and I love it ^^. You guys just made corruption and crimes normal in politic. The only thing that is missing is violence, but I guess five more years of trump should do the trick at some point…

  1. It’s sickening how every single senator statement or vote is calculated for strategic effect to benefit the GOP. Not one of those swamp monsters puts America first.

    1. @Ash Roskell not a Trump supporter here. Never have been and I think your panic is a bit extreme. The government can’t deliver mail properly for God’s sake! How the heck are they going to rig voting in every state? I mean, they can’t run the VA, they can’t operate mail delivery, I got mail for 3 different people yesterday and none of them were me. Then there are all of the democratic strongholds that are already so good at cheating it would be hard to top. One area in my state had more votes cast in the last election than the current population of the area, including children too young to vote. And here is the deal as well, these politicians have so much crap on each other that there is no way they are going after each other. Republicans know these Democrats are not coming after them if they win the next election. Why? Because Republicans know all of their dirty laundry. So chill out, the corruption is so widespread up there, that it’s 6 on one hand and half a dozen on the other. All of this same stuff was said by Republicans when Democrats acquitted Clinton, it’s gonna be fine. Oh and just FYI, we have interfered in foreign elections and foreign countries have interfered in ours for a very long time. Nobody cared until now. Have a drink or something.

    2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    3. @Ash Roskell here is where I come when I am in danger of not being depressed. A few comments read and boom, you can be laying on the floor crying in no time. Good heavens!

  2. So a trial with no witnesses or evidence provided. That’s exactly how trials are conducted in 3rd world banana republics like Venezuela.

    1. um dipwad, the HOUSE HAD THE TRIAL AND FAILED. Senates job to judge on that trial not have another one. but since you are correct about the house not letting Trump have witnesses and acting like a 3rd world shithole….like the dems are

    2. @ David J You know you’re a stupid, seriously dumb-downed ‘arschloch’, right ? Go study the U.S, Constitution, as well as the actual facts of these entire proceedings, before you make ignorant, lazy, simpleminded comments………Freakin’ morons !

  3. Well, dems, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to take this lying down. Waiting until November to object isn’t enough.

    1. that wasn’t.chicken it’s going to be disastrous for the GOP in the polls
      Maybe this is how it was all meant to play out in the end…………..

  4. @MSNBC : these ridiculously short soundbites are an insult to your audience! I miss the days when these interviews were served in one piece and above all, with context!

  5. I love how the headline is *still* “Collins pretending to be honest and impartial for the fifty BILLIONTH TIME even though we’ve all seen this movie and know which way she’ll be voting”

    1. It’s time for any Republican Senator who votes for witnesses to be cut off from the GOP. All funding and support.

    2. ItΒ΄s time for all republican senators who vote AGAINST witnesses to be kicked out of office, cause they violate their oath of being impartial – not to speak of their oath as senators to CONTROL the executive branch aka the president.

    3. @wolfgang simons look you clown your crazy liberal democracts are tempting a coup plus you don’t have to worry we don’t want Susan Collins your can have her; she will be primary and defeated.

  6. Anyone who thinks Trump is Americas actual president doesn’t get who holds the purse strings. Money out of politics is the ONLY solution

  7. GO AND VOTE November 3 . The highest voter turn out the last 100 years was in 1960 (62.8%) , in general it’s around 55% . A democracy ain’t a democracy if the people don’t participate in the process . Oh please don’t come with the crap we ain’t a democracy but a republic , it’s a republic just like most republics based on a democratic system , there are no democracies Switzerland is the closest , the rest all have representatives of the people just like the USA .

  8. Isn’t it convenient, that she makes her “definite” decision, the minute Alexander makes his definite “NO” public?
    No harm done then, huh, Susan?

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