Colorado Gov. Says Vaccine Lottery 'Seeing A Great Reaction' 1

Colorado Gov. Says Vaccine Lottery ‘Seeing A Great Reaction’


Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss his state's economic recovery and new Covid-19 vaccination lottery, which he says has been successful. "I think it provided an extra impetus for people who had been putting it off to say, you know what, I want to be entered in the million-dollar drawing."

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  1. It’s disgusting that people have to be gifted to do what they should do for the country, family friends, etc. What a citizen

    1. Why haven’t they reported on the 276 young men that had sudden heart inflammation after taking the vaccine ?? It seems like this station misses a lot of stories or only reports part of the whole story.

    2. @Jim Berton The *temporary* effects in a very tiny percent of people that went away with no treatment? Quit crying about BS.

    3. It’s never been about the virus. It’s always been about the vaccine. Anyone still falling for this obvious BS is a complete moron.

    1. @No Show Joe ferrets aren’t humans, and the study done on them showed no residual effects and that they didn’t get severely infected again when exposed to the virus. The only way it mutates is if people get infected, which means you’re the one preaching mutations because you won’t get vaccinated. What is your legit source? Not some right wing propaganda site…

    1. @Timmy Truth You didn’t learn so well in school, did you? Fascists are right-wingers. Remember antifa (anti-fascists) are leftists, unlike the insurrectionist traitors on the right. 🙂

    2. @Allan Burns if you believe that then truly you are blind to the evil that both Republicans and Democrats continue to cause. They’ll never be held accountable for thier crimes because the people protect them and deny the very truth…

    3. @Joshua Smeltzer False equivalency. The party of Biden and Obama is WAY better than the party of Trump and W.

  2. QUESTION: When in the history of humankind, have we ever coherst people to take a vaccine? This is sick behavior.

    1. @Central Coast Adventures
      Required isn’t mandatory. And just his troops isn’t the whole country. Nice try.

    2. @Jasmany Foch an outbreak of a disease that occurs over a wide geographic area (such as multiple countries or continents) and typically affects a significant proportion of the population (Merriam-Webster)

      Now you know!

  3. Ya….you keep telling your viewers that. I dont know anybody that will voluntarily receive that vaccine.

    1. Then you should get some new friends, I’ll bet at least one of them is carrying an STI and won’t protect others also.

  4. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic kids scholarships but no money for housing.
    People are so stupid and desperate.
    It’s a joke. His Gen- pay kids to do something.

    1. Denver just bought an old hotel to house the homeless with mental health facilities on the grounds, find a new battle to fight when Colorado is trying to help homeless people.

  5. What about the 275 young men that had heart inflammation problems after the vaccine ??? Why nothing on this story ??? Guess it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    1. The temporary effects in a very tiny percent of people that went away with no treatment? Quit crying about BS.

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