Colorado Sec. Of State: Our Elections Are ‘Most Accessible’ In The Nation | All In | MSNBC 1

Colorado Sec. Of State: Our Elections Are ‘Most Accessible’ In The Nation | All In | MSNBC


Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold debunks Republican claims about her state's voting laws: "Colorado has the most accessible elections in the nation. We're also considered the most secure elections in the nation." Aired on 04/06/2021.
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Colorado Sec. Of State: Our Elections Are ‘Most Accessible’ In The Nation ​| All In | MSNBC


  1. Now’s the right time for everyone to stand up to Republicons and ask them to “STOP THE STEAL”!

  2. Having only voted in California and Oregon, I don’t think I would have ever voted if I had to stand in lines, or couldn’t fill out my ballot at the convenience of my kitchen table and drop it off whenever I wanted at the nearest drop box (OR), post office (CA)–or if I procrastinated, conveniently located neighborhood polling location on voting day. I mean, seriously, this is just bs.

    1. @Non Ya no, bigoted because you’re too ignorant to stay on the topic at hand and keep conflating issues. Especially when you’re calling minorities lazy for wanting the same mail in ballots that other states like Colorado give to every registered voter. Like I said, if you’re too bigoted to understand the problem then you should just be quiet. I mean unless you like proudly displaying your bigoted ideals more? Georgia, like every other state, required IDs already whether you choose to educate yourself instead of parroting alt Reich talking points is up to you though…

    2. @E E Funny you are the only one talking about race. I’m pretty sure the Georgia law doesn’t say minorities have to wait longer than whites. Whether you’re black or white and you are too lazy to wait in line I really don’t want you voting.

    3. @Mark Alton Whatever. Fact of the matter is, it needs to be easier across the board. Not just in states like CA, OR and CO. Make it easy on all people everywhere.

    4. Seriously…those who can’t get out and vote on election “Day” ARE SIMPLY LAZY.

      Those who hate ID verification are just asking for fraud on steroids.

      Those who think voting ought to be a year long process don’t care about the truth that could come out of hiding a day or two before Election day…like Hunter Biden’s Laptop that caused many voters to regret voting for Biden, but it was too late to change their vote.

      Those who think COVID rules need to be permanent….are just scared to go outside and will rot inside their caves and basements.

    5. @Non Ya I say maybe you should move to georgia. In a district where most people wait 6 to 11 hours to vote. Then you tell how does it feel or are you all bark and no bite.

  3. I know one thing, it’s not against the law to hand out food and water to Coloradoan voters standing in line to cast their ballots. Oh, but I forgot! There aren’t any long lines of voters. They’ve filled out the ballots at home, at their kitchen tables or desks and dropped them off in one of many, always accessible drop boxes.

    1. @P C When you’re waiting in line for 10+ hours the water you drank before going to the polls isn’t gonna cut it. How about they just don’t make it illegal? What type of freedom loving person would do that?

    2. @P C Always has been one vote for a legal person, what planet have you been on… oh you are assuming voter fraud occurred in GA. Funny thing, GA held one of the most secured elections, and guess what it was run by Republicans… so are you accusing Republicans of committing or covering up voter fraud in GA? So you say you can hydrate enough at home to sit in line in the sun for up to 8 hours? That is what happened in GA during the primaries. I should know, I had employees come back who said they gave up and will try another day when they saw how long the lines were. The only reason there were some changes to GA’s initial bill was there was a lot of push back. If I recall, no excuse absentee voting was going to be eliminated in the initial bill. Shows more towards what the intent of the law was for!

      So why would GA feel the need to remove the SoS, a position Kemp held, from the election board? Are the state legislatures upset that the one they have now was more concerned in running a fair election than bending to Trumps demands? AZ is in the process of doing the same thing! I guess state legislatures want more control and the ability to wipe out their constituents voice. Look at Missouri, they just ignored the will of the people that voted for expansion to medicaid… that’s right they are ignoring a law that was voted for by both Rep and Dem citizens of their state. Then there are those states that handicap Dem Governors that were voted in so they can remain in control. It has become very evident the GOP could care less about their voters.

    3. @Eric Holdsworth Lazy! You might want to consider we are a country that puts work before life. There are days I struggle to make a simple dentist appointment because too much is going on and I can’t leave the office. My previous employer gave an hour for people to vote, so with 8+ hour long lines means they couldn’t vote unitless they took the day off. Then there are those that work off shifts, they can’t afford to stay in line for 8 hours and barely get enough sleep for their next shift. No one should have to wait more than 30 minutes in line to vote, let alone 8 hours…. our election laws need to get current with todays society. There is enough technology and methods that can ensure a secured election is readily available to it’s voters and can be held 24 hours a day in the areas of high population densities.

    4. It’s not against the law in GA to have water on hand…just not by politicians.
      You obviously haven’t read the GA law…it’s very similar to CO…but GA has 2 more days of voting than CO does….both states require ID on NO-excuse absentee ballots….
      But Co seems to send everyone in the state a ballot…registered and non-registered….which means the living and dead get ballots, the dementia folks in nursing homes, those in coma’s and all the illegals too. I suppose ballot harvesting is allowed…where the Democratic harvesters “HELP” FILL OUT BALLOTS.
      Yep…you need to read both laws and align them with each other. There are major similarities and WATER IS ALLOWED BY NON-POLITICAL ENTITIES.

    5. @P C imagine thinking hey I’m just going to vote which will take 5 mins than it ends up taking hours long to vote because something is broken or they forgot something etc. and now your thirsty and hungry. Lines shouldn’t be this long where this would even be a problem but it is because Gregoria is allowing it. in NJ I’ve never waited more then 5 mins to vote and in NJ we now have every police station and fire station and court house with a mail in drop box.

  4. You go! Miss Colorado! What? Is your state song? Ex-Marine Corp? From Las Vegas Nevada! I’ve never have heard it! Please advice!

    1. @Lindalee Law no it isn’t, and Colorado is about much more than just weed. Maybe visit Colorado before you claim to live here…

    2. State song is Where the Columbines Grow, but I believe we also adopted Rocky Mountain High from John Denver about 5 years ago to be the 2nd one.

    1. That will be a disaster of epic proportions, only the large states will have a say and the smaller ones will get the shaft. Stupid!

    2. @Eric Holdsworth You mean each person would get one equal vote? Oh NO we can’t have that in America! LOL What a pathetic argument, you fail to even make a point.

  5. Been voting in Colorado for forty years and proud of the changes to make access easier and less time-consuming.

    1. @SourDoughBill
      I see you have a problem with individualism rather then that of illegality or that of a Sanctuary State!!!

    2. @Michelle Cavanaugh
      Nope…gone…permit requirements…hikes full of garbage…people hollaring at 3 a.m. in the woods…traffic via the front range…let alone the onslaught invasion…illegals overrunning as well…ski slopes where you can get manslaughter charges/assault for being to crowded!!!
      To know Colorado is to have been there long ago…when things were tranquil…serene…secluded…

    3. @foresaken to none I’m not sure I follow you…care to elaborate a bit. I missed something …

  6. You know what I find interesting.. We got white as snow people in Colorado and some of the best Marijuana laws. We got Georgia, a large black community who also enjoys Marijuana. However, the laws are a touch different. Buy all the weed and every product ever invented w pot in Colorado, get caught w a joint in Georgia, get 20yrs. Yup, no systematic racism there.

  7. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven.

    Like so more people can see this

  8. I guess the Colorado example is the latest distraction for the GQP as they expect everyone to be like their low information voters and not check things out.

    1. Look who is talking, most democratic voters except the billionaires are the lowest of the low. Bottom feeders and one issue idiots. Keep trying to be a snob like most democrats. Just remember this genius, the dems hate you more than they hate me, because I don’t fall for their nonsense. They just sit back and laugh at you when the propaganda works.

    2. @Eric Holdsworth and the insults like a usual Trumper when they have no argument. Thanks for showing us all you are a loser like the rest of the red hats. I’d say thanks for playing but you never really had a chance. lol

    3. @SpicyHotPot No irony in what you just said at all. What would you like to debate, any topic at all. You don’t have the stones, this whole comment section is full of insults. I just figured I would do the same, but it’s not the same when your little echo chamber is invaded. I am a libertarian btw, just not dumb enough to fall for democratic lies. Not you though, because you are the smartest person in the room all the time. I here they named a reef after you, No Balls Atol. Fake named loser.

    4. @Eric Holdsworth I don’t debate with Trumpers as its a let down in the end. If you don’t like the insults don’t come over, but you want to troll and feel like a big man in your anonymity. I didn’t insult you first you started out of the gate, and that’s where the debate ends, if you didn’t start like that I might have amused myself but its always disappointing at the end since the Radical Right like you have nothing, give nothing, and just manufacture grievances and outrage.

    1. ID’s are required to fly DELTA….To pick up tickets at an MLB game….To cash checks…to open bank accounts, in some cases to use a credit card…although they don’t care who’s using whose card…
      But an ID is necessary to rent a vehicle…to get a Library Card for heavens sake!!!
      But DELTA and MLB are boycotting a state based on them wanting to use ID’s to vote, then they move to a state that requires ID’s to vote???? How dumb are these Corporate entities????

    2. No, you see the democrats think black people are inferior and need their protection and a pat on the head. This always strikes me as racist when I hear a democrat say many blacks don’t have IDs but all the ones I work with and know do. Something tells me that they are lying just by the way their lips are moving.

    3. @Eric Holdsworth I can’t believe that the “colored” folks actually follow this rhetoric. I can’t believe that intelligent white folks speak it and follow the same rhetoric. How idiotic are they????
      Most of this nation is pretty intelligent….it’s the academic system that keeps dumbing us down to this neanderthal thinking…..WAKE UP EVERYONE AND LEARN THE TRUTH!!!

  9. And they require a voter ID, good for you Colorado , now we need term limits for every single elected official NOW!

  10. What about they talk about the fact not just make blanket statement and there feeling if they are saying the tricky disprove facts one by one.??

  11. Unfortunately, with Republicans, it’s not really about accessibility and security. It’s about something else!

  12. Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard of DENIAL as an acronym. Funniest, yet saddest, thing I’ve heard in a while.

  13. Voting in Colorado is awesome it’s one of the things I’m gonna miss after moving out of state!

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