Colorado shooting suspect appears in court 1

Colorado shooting suspect appears in court


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, the 21-year-old suspect accused of murdering 10 people at a Colorado grocery store, made his first court appearance in the case, accompanied by an attorney. CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reports.
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    1. @Aristotelezz If Alcatraz is still active prison perhaps it will be a great idea to lock him in there.

    2. @Elizabeth Morris No one is saying he should go free. The question here is what are we going to do as nation with the other mentally unfit persons who have already acquire these weapons? Are we all good with selling weapons of war to civilians? Should we accept this as the norm in the U.S and keep calling these people evil and move on to the next massacre?

  1. Also mental health didn’t stop him from buying the guns. It definitely didn’t affect his decision to shoot and kill.

    1. @Nelson Hernandez no point homie these fools are idiots. They wont fight for healthcare but will flood the streets for the “right” of a person who is insane to be able to buy a gun.

    2. @Mr Man pop a viem for you? You have a high opinion of yourself. Yes your comment still stands. And it’s still. Moronic.

    3. Sorry blunt hit hard. my point is, my boy, there shouldn’t even be a discussion about allowing mentally ill people to buy guns easily. If they are gunna get one make it hard for em, they might give up on the idea.

    4. @Demon Best I feel you. Them hemp papers is the way to go sometimes. Try the king Bob marley.

      That becomes a slippery slope. As one person mentioned, most ppl with mental illnesses aren’t violent. It’s really not even about the ones that are violent and get guns. It’s the fact that many go undiagnosed or unmedicated. We don’t do well with mental illness as a country. If we had better mental Healthcare, we wouldn’t have as many of these incidents. But that’s a whole other topic that involves capitalism and social economics. Lol.

  2. This Criminals can’t always Claim INSANITY. If he has a history of mental insanity, why does he had a gun? And Seriously, if anybody is under the Care of apsychiatric , or mental professional, or is taking any medication that changes personality, Should never be in possession of Guns. Just like child abuse, it always gets report by professionals, is the Law. Something Similar should be done about the mentally Unstable.

  3. I’m literally feeling sick just looking at him. He’s just sitting there, looking like NOTHING!!!!!

  4. Mental issues or not he had no right to take the innocent lives of these ppl. Especially ppl that didn’t have anything to do with him

    1. bro his evil and to think the police took him into custody, cops kill folks for a traffic violation but mass shooters they love to keep them alive

    2. @XTY Entertain many of our especially Republican politicians and supporters of the NRA put money above lives. Ted Cruz of Texas is the number one recipient of NRA money. Look it up on

    1. His brother knew he had major issues, but what could he have done? Lots of family members know someone has a screw loose or could be dangerous, but you can’t just go to the police or somewhere and say that and expect them to do anything about it. There is nothing the police or anyone can do based on speculation. Sad situation.

    2. @Ron Lugbill that’s why we need laws that allow law enforcement to address family concerns of their loved one’s mental health. Along with stricter gun ownership laws and ongoing licensing requirements.

    3. That is because his brother, as a mouzlam but who doesn’t want to kill, believes what his kouran says about good mouzlams killing infidels.

  5. But if Mental Health doesn’t prevent him from buying a gun, then why would it be an excuse for how he used the gun?!

    1. @gorey4more too much to even type but google- cartels and child abduction
      Cartels and sex SLAVER
      Cartels and organ harvesting
      Cartels and smuggling children
      Lmk what you think.

    2. Agreed! I am all for gun right but I think if you have a serious mental disorder you should not be able to buy a gun. I think 2nd amendment is a right and shall not be infringed. But if you’re it capable of being able to handle one then you shouldn’t be allowed to buy one, but you shouldn’t also be able to own a car or anything that takes a mature / capable mid capacity.

  6. IMAGINE YOU WAKE UP FROM YOUR Bed , Go to your car, drive to a restaurant, store, supermarket NOT knowing you’re gone be cut up in an active shooter event

    1. @Cj Roberts not to mention- Europe is a lot of countries that dont share the same gun laws as the UK, France, etc. But also- NYC has stricter gun laws (almost like London) 10x the population of most usa cities and is the perfect situation for a gunman with an AR-15. even though “but people will find a way illegally anyways” – yeah it turns out strict gun control allows you to arrest someone for having it outside their house, in their car, owning it at all, etc. unlike the less strict cities (Memphis, Atlanta) where you cant do anything until they shoot or threaten someone with their gun.

    2. @Big Bizz420 yeah none of them were libs though. guess that explains why your concealed carrying never has or will stop a mass shooter. Youre mad at gun control because you know you would be denied. Youre gonna end up in prison for something stupid, I can already tell.

  7. Can we just stop shielding these Murders as they have mental illness.They kill people and they are treated like sick people

    1. @Barbara C right. Because the man last week who mass killed the 8 Asian women in a massage parlor in Atl. They trying to say he has some sort of sexual illness or something.

    2. @Liberal Perspective Question did they commit mass murder. Killed more than 3 or even a serial killer. The brother Anthony Sowell in my city of Cleveland OH. Killed 11 women and kept the dead bodies in his house with him and some buried in his back yard. He didn’t even get a Mental Illness plea.

      Now you tell me this If you are LIVING IN A HOUSE with over 5 dead bodies some to the point it was damn near just bones… Got the whole neighborhood smelling funktified for months Damn near years.. and you doing regular day by by routines like going to the store, going shopping, bringing other women to get high in the death funky house, going to bed, eating food, watch tv etc etc… You don’t think THAT PERSON has a REAL MENTAL ILLNESS! But guess what the courts said NOPE.

    3. @Tommy Thompson well let’s start this off right! #1 I NEVER said African Americans. I said Americans of African Descent. It’s a difference. But I guess if you haven’t heard the liberal media say this then it’s not true to you!

      #2. Your answering a Question with a Question. I clearly Asked you when you said THE MEDIA basically calls anyone who is NOT a Lighter Hue European, a Person of Color Americans of African Descent, Africans, people from the Middle East, Latinos, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, even Asians! All I asked was wouldn’t you think a Person who changes colors from being bruised, mad, blushing, sick a true person of Color? That’s all I asked!

      #3. Now I read you said the Defendant have to put out and make the Plea of Insanity/ Mental Illness etc etc Not the Lawyer or Media. Ummmm your not telling the truth there! Most of the time The Lawyer tells their client let’s go for the Insanity Plea and the Lawyer is the one trying to make a deal with the prosecutor. But let’s take this Grocery Store Shooting. It wasn’t even 6 hrs after that the Media, Radio talk shows and Newspaper publication saying the Man MUST BE MENTALLY ILL. and for some reason making sure they say it more than once in their broadcast and publications. He didn’t even have a Lawer Yet nor went to court before they spreading out to the world Oh he has a Mental Illness, when his own friends from school and his neighborhood said No he was perfectly fine, just had anger issues here and there!

      I was going to keep going on, but I came up with something to shorten it up. Can you please name 1 or 2 Americans of African Descent who committed a MASS SHOOTING, MASS MURDER or even a Serial Killer who was tried and FOUND TO having a Mental Illness. That’s what my post is about! Now let’s sit back and think about this. Both DC Snipers (Darker Hue) tried for insanity courts said “Nope”

      Anthony Sowell Serial Killer of 11 women who’s dead bodies he kept in his house and buried around his house, tried for insanity “NOPE”

      Now I just names 2 now you tell me 2 that you know of, that soon after they was caught, the media automatically says oh he has a mental illness. Imma wait. I have no problem being educated on the truth.

  8. Imagine living in a country where you can get shot just by going to the supermarket, then imagine thinking that country is the greatest anything.

    1. ​@Eddie They have the best healthcare in the world, and do more than every other country combined to ensure the worlds freedom and safety.

    2. @Danny Oakenfold What countries do you think are better than the US? And why?

    1. ​@D Sab I think you’re mixing two issues. Punishment and rehabilitation. I don’t personally believe that locking convicted criminals in cages with other criminals packed in like animals, where they make connections, may need to join gangs to get by, and largely end up going to and from prison again and again because of how difficult it is to find a good job and make money after you’ve been convicted, the fact all your friends are there, etc., is about rehabilitation.
      Because I don’t believe the system we have is about rehabilitation but rather about punishment I think these people who plead insanity should suffer as much as anyone else would for the same crime. If they need to be made “sane” to suffer then I say start their punishment when they are able to feel/understand it. You are trying to say they shouldn’t be punished because they didn’t know what they were doing was wrong and I am saying that if we live in a Deterministic Universe no one has any control over what they end up doing, so that’s a moot point.
      I also don’t trust that someone who is actually insane enough that they legitimately didn’t realize killing 10 people was wrong can be rehabilitated even if psychiatrists deem them to have been and unless they are the next Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein I don’t think there’s anything they could ever contribute to society that would warrant the risk associated with ever allowing them back out into the general population. It’s true that punishment doesn’t help these people or us either but neither does keeping someone like this alive in expensive psychiatric facilities or prisons we all have to pay for when there is a near guarantee they will never contribute anything positive to society. I might be okay with paying for that stuff if there is never a chance that this person will ever be released but unfortunately the insanity plea is often used as a way to attempt to avoid a life-sentence…albeit a long-shot.

    2. @D Sab Hey. I agree with you that the insanity plea most often fails and when it is legitimate those who invoke it may actually end up spending more time in a mental institution than they would have if they were sane and served an equivalent prison sentence. It’s likely this whole conversation is probably much-ado about nothing because it’s unlikely anyone sane enough to buy a firearm and plan to shoot up a grocery store could ever be found to be too insane to understand what they were doing but I will just try to summarize. I’ll also say I enjoyed chatting with you on this. You had some good points.
      To summarize, I’m saying that if we live in a Deterministic Universe we have no free will. If we have no free will no one is ever “guilty” of a crime. We have no “choice” but to do what we do just like an “insane” person may be viewed as having no “choice” because of their non-normative cognitive function. Yet we have a double standard based on “intent” which is truly meaningless in a deterministic Universe. As we expand our understanding of how human behavior is influenced by biology and environmental factors, I think we will see a rise in “deterministic” defenses. “This person was going to do this because of X conditions and therefore they are not guilty.” You did raise a good point that if the goal is rehabilitation that the methods you use for reaching those goals would be different for the sane and the truly “insane” but to that I say, “Of course.”. However, for that to truly be fair then I think we need to get away from “punishment” for the antisocial actions of the sane and try to rehabilitate everyone rather than punish them. For instance, it’s demonstrably true that capital punishment isn’t about rehabilitation, it is about punishment. Anyway, I understand if you don’t get it. No one else seems to. Maybe I’m also “insane”. Lol. It makes so much sense to me and no one else.

    3. @Michael Hill Thank you, Michael. I also enjoy talking to reasonable people online who are willing to debate and adjust their position based on new information. Such people are rare, especially on YouTube.

      I believe the universe is probably deterministic, which probably means true free will doesn’t exist. There, I said it.

      But by the same token, if nobody has free will, then we have no free will ourselves in treating or punishing the worst or sickest members of our society. Whether we execute them, jail them, or treat them, it’s all free will.

      I’ve thought a lot about this in the past, and still can’t wrap my head around there being no free will. It certainly feels like I have free will. Maybe it’s just a perception. And I don’t know how this can work its way into our daily lives with any practical meaning.

      When I think about free will of criminals, I don’t see it in this sense, but rather a rational decision-making process where somebody decides to either commit a crime or not. The guy in this story went out and bought a weapon and planned to use it. It’s hard to imagine that he’s insane and not criminally responsible. Insane people don’t typically plan anything.

      As living organisms we evolved the ability to respond to stimuli and adapt to it. Our ancestors evolved senses for this very reason.

      If I’m faced with the decision to jump off a cliff or not jump off a cliff, and I want to live, I can think of the best thing to do, which is to NOT do it. It’s more than just my fear of heights stopping me. My brain must process this information.

      If that’s deterministic, and a false illusion of a choice, then so be it.

      All I was saying with the criminally insane is they don’t even have this much.

      Interesting topic, for sure.

    4. @D Sab Yeah. It is interesting. So much in criminal law is based on “intent”, “pre-planning”, etc., which goes out the window if the universe is truly deterministic. Which I believe it to be. I don’t see any way around it really.
      I do also “feel” like I have a choice in everything I do but what does having no “choice” feel like. We have no point of comparison. I do know that some clever psychologists set up experiments where they essentially proved that (for the tasks being conducted as part of the experiment) the people taking part had made a choice to take a certain action before they perceived they had. (Clearly I don’t remember much of the details but you can probably Google it if you’re interested. The other thing is it this delay between choice and perception of choice may be totally irrelevant to the question of free will but is interesting in its own right.).
      Another example that is a bit harder to decide on is the so-called “warrior gene” defense. People with this gene (if active) produce lower levels of MAOA which regulates the levels of neurotransmitters involved in impulse control. So you might say people with that gene are “predisposed to violence”. This has actually been used twice as a defense in murder trials and I suppose it is quite similar to the “insanity” plea but more a temporary “insanity” that has a clear biological root cause.
      So you see, my point was that “deterministic” defense arguments (which will no doubt increase in scope and number as we understand our universe better) may well be a slippery slope unless we can define some logical limit to the extent they can be applied. Whether that means redefining “free will” (if it’s even necessary to do so) is a different question. I guess my initial stance was “Throw the baby out with the bathwater! It cries too much anyway!” but maybe there is a better more “fair” way (whatever “fair” may mean in a deterministic universe). I think your approach is more that it’s a non-issue. We perceive we have free will which the “insane” do not…which may be a reasonable argument, if true. We can’t put ourselves in the head of someone else to test it.
      Anyway, an interesting topic, as you said.

  9. Americans never learn. Owning guns is a “right”, but don’t you dare allow my precious children affordable healthcare!

    1. It’s not the governments responsibility to supply you healthcare but it’s yours to choose what you can afford. Same applies to guns. The government doesnt give us “free” guns or affordable guns it’s not their responsibility, they are supposed to protect the right. You already have the right to choose your form of health care without being robbed for a “tax”.

    2. Stupid people never learn guns don’t kill people. People kill people with what ever they have. Little side note prohibition started and more alcohol was produced when alcohol was illegal from when it was legal, not to mention all the crime that came from it.

    3. Every one in America gets treated if they go to the hospital and yes it can be expensive but still have the best health professionals in the world will take it over and other system of health care in the world

  10. Insanity! We all are insane to some level and something far above our reach but we do our best to live with our demons. This bro denied others a life full with so much to look forward to. In my view, he is not insane but a cold bloody murderer!

  11. It’s pathetic to hear the excuse that he’s been bullied, still doesn’t justify to kill innocent people. Hence he definitely aware of what he’ was doing…

    1. There were 2 shootings near by where I live but they didn’t receive much attention.
      I. Don’t Know. Why…
      Until we can discuss topics openly and equally there will be few answers found. Sad.

    2. There are so many ways to deal with bullying but this is DEFINITELY NOT THE WAY TO HANDLE IT. As a musician, I channel my feelings from my experiences of being bullied into music and if someone is bringing you down by bullying, you can try to get them out of your life by talking to HR for a workplace incident, talking to the principal , guidance counselor, school therapist, etc, if someone is bullying you in school among so many other ways. INNOCENT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE AFFECTED LIKE THIS AT ALL.

    3. @D.O.A_ Unpossibles I wouldn’t blame on anyone but the Media! who chooses what benefits their interest and that’s sad

    4. I found this in a news article online – “Our hearts go out to the victims, their families, and the community of the senseless domestic attack in Boulder. While the community searches for answers to why and how, the family of Alex Kimose, the victim of an Assault by Alissa in 2017, wishes to clear the record. **As corroborated by the police investigation and independent investigation consisting of over 30 interviews from witnesses regarding the Assault for which Alissa was convicted, Alex Kimose never bullied Alissa** or used any racial slur. The attack was unprovoked. Alissa plead guilty to 3rd degree assault and we stand by that conviction.”

    5. @Sheila Millar If he feels bullied then he goes after the bully person, not after the people that does not have anything to do. If he is mental, why the family allows him to buy gun. Sue the family to work for free in mental health place. Do you remember the San Bernardino terrorist that has an army of guns in the living room, and the mother kept saying did not see anything, and also did do anything. I think the mother was punished, whatever the criminal left: retirement, pension, life insurance was denied to the mother and was used for the victims. Stop this low sentences and bully and mental excuses, it’s getting old. Unless, a doctor drugged you up with Ambiem sleep pill and other drugs, then you can scape the sentence. That’s why I am very careful what I put in my body that is a temple.

  12. one of the things that really bothers me is the apparent ease of acquiring a weapon. its NOT supposed to be that easy!

    1. @Kegan Vlogs Sometimes technically it is racism and hate from the government that wants to take the guns. Those who need protection the most are the poor and they can’t afford body guards but the rich can hints why guns should stay legal..

      Them taking the guns is saying we don’t matter to them we are peasents.

      If you want to take somebody’s last ditch effort of potentially defending themselves it sounds like you have a pretty strong hatred since the person taking the guns is wish death basically.

      Guns won’t stop the violence anyways knifes will be the next trend. Oh wait nobody talks about more knife attacks and knife deaths than guns…..

      But your correct more people should be saying that.

  13. He’s not crazy he knew what he was doing. Family is covering for him he hates America nuff said.

  14. Don’t dare say he was born in Syria and immigrated during the Obama Administration you might be censored and don’t mention hate crime

  15. Even if he was mentally ill I will at least assume he would be capable of attempting to reach out to another instead of containing a gun with the only purpose of killing others It’s just truly sad

  16. The only thing that mattered here is that his own family knew he had mental problems, his friends, and even the FBI.

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