Columnist questions why Army is faulting top general over reacting to Tucker Carlson comments

Washington Post columnist Max Boot discusses the Army investigation that found Major General Patrick Donahoe tweets defending women brought "negative publicity to the army from conservative media outlets."This all stems from a series of tweets Donahoe put out last year in response to Tucker Carlson, saying the feminization of the U.S. Military was out of control.

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  1. So.. a general essentially supports the Army against outside discrimination of women in it… and HE gets punished?? Who EXACTLY decided this. That’s who we need to question.

    1. @TheCamps10 over 70% of women are against being forced into the draft and of things got hot that brave 30% would drop to 0%

    2. The people making something out of what he said are Trump toadies. Tucker had someone in the Senate make a call and start some ish. I’m ex military and will be making my opinion of this rando nonsense known to the powers that be on that man’s base

    3. ​@Nick Tanner Dude, thinking can’t seriously be this difficult for you, can it?

      Yes, over 70% of women are against being drafted, but guess what, not wanting to get drafted doesn’t mean you want the opposite gender drafted. Men are also over 70% against being drafted. Do you think those men want the women getting drafted?

      THINK, JUST THINK. I literally said people for or against drafting tend to have that opinion across the board. Saying “uhh, women don’t want to get drafted” doesn’t contradict it at all because says literally nothing about what they want for men.

  2. If you’re getting Tucker Carlson frustrated, you’re doing something good.

    I find it ironic to the highest degree that Tucker made such a stink about the feminisation of the army, versus the “masculinity” of the Russians, and we’re seeing in real time just how “masculine” the Russian army is running away.

    1. You can’t say the word ‘War’ in Russia or criticize Putin – but you CAN enjoy Tucker Carlson on Russian State TV.

  3. I understand how the military is punishing this General for him just speaking out and not being silent while TC just spews his biased, sexist bullcrap. But, just because I understand it doesn’t mean I agree with it.

  4. I happen to be an female Air Force Veteran whom has had 2 sons while active duty in the 80’s, Reagan era, and we did have maternity blues, and BDU’s. I also worked every day until I went in to labor and came back to duty 6 weeks after birth, the time I was given for maternity leave. Loved my time in the service. My oldest Son is now active duty Air Force and youngest is Active duty Army. My Father and Mother were Air Force Veterans as well.

  5. Tucker Carlson is not easy to listen to, look at, follow logically.
    I can’t see many outside USA thinking much good of him.

    1. @no body Ummmm, no’ Tucker is a circus performer. that has no concept of what “truth” is. (Maybe, the CNN people are too Your equivalence is irrelevant.).

    1. @Kittie Pride 🦧💩🤡 Lost Bigly 😂 😂🤣🤣😂 Lost now you know who side they are talking about.

  6. Ok, from a disabled vet, this is jaw dropping! This hurts so bad. This General needs to be recognized as a hero!
    Everyone, please remember, traitors like Tucker Carlson strongly supports fascist leaders and enemies of the US.

    1. You seem knowledgeable with your comments I do appreciate that I was wondering if you could explain to me who Ray Epps is

    2. What is jaw dropping, that someone questions the dire state of the US military, a force that has got a recruit shortage and who’ve lowered it’s requirements to enter?

  7. Cant believe what I’m hearing here!
    A General standing up for service members and thus for the Army, gets in trouble from Army top brass for that?
    WTF is wrong with these people!? 😡

  8. As a Brit I applaud General Donahoe for taking his stand for what is right and shows that some of the army personnel are not only good military people but good human beings too.

    1. You can’t say the word ‘War’ in Russia or criticize Putin – but you CAN enjoy Tucker Carlson on Russian State TV.

    2. @dan dansen except several journalists and TV anchors have criticized Putin and are not taking dirt naps. However, nothing screams fascism like Zelensky nationalizing TV news and restricting opposition parties 😱

  9. You can’t say the word ‘War’ in Russia or criticize Putin – but you CAN enjoy Tucker Carlson on Russian State TV.

  10. Major General Patrick Donahoe @PatDonahoeArmy is a true American hero. He deserves gratitude and respect from all of us, even from those who call themselves ‘men’ but are acting like whiny little scared boys when it comes to females. The US Army needs to honor its commitment to Maj Gen Donahoe in full. I’m proud that he stood up for the honor and dignity of all American soldiers. 💪

  11. In a hierarchy, if somebody higher up doesnt like you, they can make something out of almost nothing or exaggerate or mischaracterize your actions in order to harm you. They may even assign the task of harming you to another person they supervise. And they can get away with it. This may have happened in this case.

  12. It’s like when someone hits you and when you go to stand up for yourself you’re the one punished.

  13. It amazes me that a man with like 8 middle names, went to boarding schools his entire life and hasn’t served a day in his entire life and who wore a mfing bow tie into his 30s before finally hitting puberty is lecturing anyone else on masculinity or criticizing a military he’s never served in. It’s crazy to me lol

  14. As a Navy vet who has little use for the Army or officers I greatly respect Major General Donahoe. I served in an era where a pregnancy resulted in an involuntary discharge rather than any sort of accommodation. That was bad for morale and unit cohesion. Having maternity uniforms surely does not, except in the fevered mind of frozen food heirs.

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