No matter how this may be denied, Dominicans must be concerned about the lack of transparency, accountability and integrity in the conduct of this Government, including the conduct of our foreign affairs. If we are to take Dominica to the next level as the Prime Minister continues to state and not to the cleaners as he is trying to do, and if real Progress and Development are to take place we cannot do so by tarnishing Dominica’s reputation as a result of the manner in which the Dominica Labour Party governs this country.

When I gave Prime Minister Skerrit 48 hours within which to call an election, I did so because the nature of the information that was coming to us indicated that our Government had lost all semblance of integrity. Thankfully, Prime Minister Skerrit heeded my call confirming that he knew the nature of the information that we had.

We cannot take Dominica to the next level if we do not wipe the slate clean of Corruption. Wiping the slate clean means accounting for the refund of missing garbage bins, and providing a true picture to the citizens of Dominica on how the refund was made; accounting for the manner in which our diplomatic and or consular representatives are appointed. I promised the people of Dominica the evidence of corrupt practices. I am happy to provide the people of Dominica with the Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited Customer Advice reflecting the payment of US$50.000.00 to Mr. Hartley Henry on 2nd July 2009.  The Prime Minister cannot wipe the slate clean unless he tells the Dominican people what was the real reason for the meeting between Hartley Henry, himself, Baldwin Cheng and others in Hong Kong last month? 

He should also inform us about the reason why Hartley Henry would be responsible for supplying the Honorary Consul with ” logos, stationeries, guidelines, etc.´We also expect him to explain to us why the following statement would be made to Hartley Henry by people working with Baldwin Cheng

 I wonder what the situation is regarding Baldwin’s appointment? I understand from Johnny and Patrick that the agreed first instalment of funds was wired on July 2, so I presume you have received them OK some time ago.

Threrefore, Johnny, Patrick and, of course, Baldwin, are anxious to know where things stand and what the projected timescale is.

I’d also like to touch base with you so that we can start to move forward on some of the other projects we discussed“.

In light of the phenomenal expenditure on campaign paraphernalia  namely 24 billboards at US$76,032.00; 10,000 Manifestos at US$27,500.00; 10,000 tote bags  at US$37,000.00 ; 5000 Bandanas at US $12,500,00  with costs over US$500,000 and that is what we have seen.  Dominicans, ask yourselves where is the campaign funding coming from?

I want the Prime Minister to tell the Dominican people what was the real nature of Mr. Peter St. Jean’s recent visit to the United States? Was it to round up Labour Party voters for the elections? If not, can he explain why our Consul General in New York expressed doubts about Peter St. Jean’s ability to deal with the Diaspora in New York who she said and I quote “can be deadly”.  The Prime Minister as well as the Minister for Foreign Affairs needs to tell the Dominican people what is the real role of our Consul General in New York and which Ministers were dispatched to the Diaspora to identify voters for the forthcoming elections.

I want the Prime Minister to tell the Dominican people what role does Anthony Astaphan play in the operations of the Electoral Commission and what was the real reason why ID cards were not implemented. When he referred to “madness going on at the Commission” was it because the Electoral Commission had taken steps to introduce ID cards and I quote “Such reform will undermine your reelection legacy as the opposition will say look the Commission agreed with us: reform was required because of widespread fraud…”  In light of this, I again want to call on the Prime Minister to invite all international and regional Election Observers to observe the elections. I doubt he will do so because the intention is to try to steal the elections but I have faith that the Dominican people will prevent this from happening.

Dominicans, I call on you to wipe the slate clean in the forthcoming elections. We cannot go forward if we cannot trust the leadership of this country.  The Dominica Freedom Party reiterates its call for full disclosure in the conduct of affairs of this country. Do not be intimidated by the innuendos coming from supporters of the Labour Party and those who jumped ship for their own material gains. By staying silent and endorsing the corrupt practices of this Government, they are equally guilty. Dissolving the House does not mean that the perpetrators of the bin and garbage bobol scandal should not answer to the Dominican people! The Dominica Freedom Party is taking a principled stand in these elections, a stand we took in 2000 and 2005 and one which we are taking even more firmly in these elections.

We shall be revealing our plans for the REVITALISATION of the Dominican Economy within a matter of days, as well as releasing some of the details and evidence of corruption that we have, after vetting it with our lawyers.

We trust that after this election, a signal will be sent to every politician that Dominicans WILL NOT tolerate corruption in the governance of their country.

We call on all Dominicans at home and abroad, from Scotts Head to Capuchin! To Wipe out Corruption! Vote for Integrity and Honesty in Government! Wipe the Slate Clean once and for all!


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