1. hey y’ all!
    no matter what you say to joe biden,
    you can call him whatever you want but you all can not deny he is doing he’s job!!
    you may not agree with him or you dont like him but what matter is he ‘s making everything for all of us to get thru with this pandemic that’s why people voted him
    it does not matter who is prez,republican or democrat as long as he is doing right!!!

    1. But at what price ?He is a sick man not capable of making the decisions he is making I give up on politics there is no use.But right is right and wrong is wrong.We are born with that sense.You know it when you do it

    2. Juliet come on. I’m a democrat and even I can admit he is not doing anything. His cabinet and staff are running the country. He’s just a sad puppet. It’s really embarrassing since I’m from DE and knew this man before he is brain tanked.

    3. @Shawn O’Connor interesting point of view. You are aware that inflation is just one aspect of the things the federal reserve has to take into account? Also, not sure where you see the “blacks are inferior” discourse, but it’s your pov. I wouldn’t say those are the most pressing issues facing the US, but that’s my take.

    1. Wait until Manchurian Corpse Puppet Resident biden declares the next “biggest threat” to American Democracy: The “White Nationalists Gender Fluid Climate Critical Race Variant”.

    2. @Vet On The Verge uh oh, more opinions from the fake veteran!!
      Here are some facts.
      Hunter Biden was paid $3.5 million by Russian oligarch – when Joe was VP – to open doors for her construction business in America, her brother claims

      Russia’s richest woman Yelena Baturina has refused to discuss her alleged payment of $3.5 million to Hunter Biden.
      The 57-year-old, whose estimated fortune is around $1.3 billion, told DailyMail.com she was ‘not interested’ in explaining the alleged consultancy fee, but her brother Viktor Baturin, 63, claims the money was ‘a payment to enter the American market’.
      The US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said Baturina wired the money to a bank account held by Hunter’s company in 2014.
      It would be considered illegal to try to influence a public official into creating policies that would favor Hunter’s interests.
      Joe Biden has flatly denied his 50-year-old son had received the Russian’s money.
      As Baturina refuses to answer comments about the payment, she is nowhere to be seen at her palatial five story multi-million dollar home in London
      The ultra-wealthy 57-year-old has long been dogged by corruption allegations.

    3. @K_supreme _ that’s because these CNN echo chambers are the nucleus of liberal stupidity. These ppl were educated by their yoga teachers. Even if you find somebody with internal dialogue all the theatrical vernacular or BS rhetoric spindle on earth will not make them right. They come here to circle jerk each other.
      And I’m always happy to interrupt the TDS induced make out sessions. I’m an educated black man, the liberal’s worst nightmare.

    1. Tucker never said he was against vaccination.
      He only opposes forcing young children and adults who have already had Covid to be vaccinated or wear a face mask.
      Don’t believe CNN’s one-second propaganda clip. Go and watch the whole video instead and see for yourself instead of believing in CNN or me.

    1. It’s about getting re-elected, too.
      I mean if people getting COVID for real and end up in hospitals or even morgues their lies that covid isn’r real or it isn’t serious will be exposed to the patients and people around them and they will lose many of those votes.

    2. @K WICK Nah they will say the world doesn’t have COVID either, the news are just made up by the government.

    3. The market was all time high. A 1 day dip 1 weeks dip doesn’t matter to anyone who isn’t cashing out in the ne t monthly

    4. Delta data outta India points to mostly cold like symptoms,of course barring obese and other underlying immune factors,,govrnmt /media hype to further the reset

    1. @Redo Over if you’re young and healthy it’s about 99.7%. The vast, vast, vast majority of people dying from covid are over 78 years old, extremely obese or have 2 or more comorbitities (diabetes, heart disease, asthma, etc.) If you’re zero to 70 and relatively healthy, you have nothing to worry about.

    2. Thats an odd position to take. CDC stats (as of July 19th) actually show states like New York is only a % point higher than Florida in regard to vaccinated population. Also, some “republican” states are even higher than states like California and Arizona.
      Aside from that the broadcast is unnecessarily making a medical issue into a political issue and promoting divisiveness IMO

    3. Sont forget biden and harris said they wouldn’t take the vaccine harris said it in the debate against pence

    4. @Mike Wilson exactly, also a majority of that small % that die – have comorbities such as obesity, diabetes, pulmonary diseases etc.

    1. @ape kaspank That is literally you just saying! You poor idiotic troll. Your stupidity to try to get a reaction is hilarious. Have fun saying you have proof. You brought up my dragon in my shed before what happened?

    2. @ape kaspank lol. Fool that you are. We need to prove hunter Bidens payment isn’t from a Chinese person? Literally the only truth you’ve ever uttered in your life is “someone from Asia”. Your friends have been saying Chinese government so long, I forgot what the truth is like coming from a conservative.

      Now you can resubmit your request for “proof” when it becomes illegal for a private citizen to receive funds from Asia.

    3. @Ryan Rickaby blacks actually have a real eason to not trust vaccines instead of the fairness your no-sense party have been running around with.

    4. @UCl_VVYZR9afj2hReKlDxDdw
      Only an idiot would think that someone’s kid being opportunistic affects their life more than getting a pandemic under control. Even if you stupidly deny the effects or existence of this virus, how in the hell is Biden’s kid affecting your identity? Life? He’s not in the administration like Ivanka who used her position in the government for grift with China..documented.. you cry wolf about Hunter Biden? Oh please.

    1. @Jean Murray my wife is a nurse at Mule Creek State prison. She is going through a case right now where a supervisor told her to let a patient (prisoner) Die of a drug overdose in order to get their Covid numbers up for the governor (Ca) . Her supervisor refused to sign out a shot of Narcan And had an officer file a false report of staff assault in order to signed the directive to allow him to die rather than administer life-saving medicine. I would love to say that someone is going to get in trouble for this, but they are already offering her supervisor positions and huge retirement bonuses if she just goes back to work and signed the nondisclosure agreement dropping the case. I’m a simple man, and we are a simple family and I’m not gonna lie… We are seriously thinking about taking the offer. Because even if we testified against the state of California, Nothing… Would ever happen

    2. @hey margarita 1. They counted all of the ballots that went through including the ones that went beyond the amount of registered voters. If you think that is disapproving election fraud, you are a massive idiot
      2. They never did signature verifications. There is no documentation stating that they had a machine verify signatures from previous voting polls… Every signature verification they did was contingent upon whether or not the signature was updated on their drivers license… There was only 22% of applicants that qualified for this signature verification
      3. When you are saying that they verified signatures and verified all of the addresses to these votes… You are lying through your teeth. If you’re too much of an idiot to actually go onto these government websites and verify the rules for the audits that they did after the internal investigation… Then maybe mom needs to change your diaper and take your Internet privileges away. Because you’re not convincing anybody hear that wasn’t already tracked by the main stream media in the first place

    3. @Nicky the Fish Okay , in the past, which Democrat candidate had to pull out of the primaries due to being caught blatantly plagiarizing (lying) ?

    4. @Nicky the Fish Not both sides. Hitler tried to say the communists were worse to avoid pinning down how objectively evil he was. It’s gaslighting to avoid responsibility. In this case, Trumpism is objectively more terrible than the alternative due to his amoral demagoguery and obfuscation of science, expertise, and journalism as well as the non-stop conspiracy theory nonsense.

    5. @Ryan Rickaby Anti-science is not isolated to Trumpism. Both of these stances correlate strongly with a lack of education, as the most unvaccinated counties AND the most pro-Trump counties are statistically the most uneducated counties in the nation. Some of these have many people that are unjustifiably socioeconomically disenfranchised, so it is not their fault, but it still falls down primarily to education level. Trumpism just happens to be a major political party that full-throatedly advocates it on top of conspiracy theories as a modus operandi rather than the idiosyncracies of the socioeconomically disenfranchised.

  2. Imagine if these people didn’t make a such political issue about this in order to rile up the base to make money or get votes….

    Too bad these people will never be held accountable.

    1. Andrew Cuomo – “I’m not that confident. You’re going to say to the American people now, ‘Here’s a vaccine, it was new, it was done quickly, but trust this federal administration and their health administration that it’s safe? And we’re not 100 percent sure of the consequences.’ I think it’s going to be a very skeptical American public about taking the vaccine, and they should be.”

  3. When its killing their fan base, they are forced to recognize this finally. Its all about the money.

    1. @Xyz Abc nah man pelosi was on tv saying that. Literally said she’d take it if anyone else spearheaded the vaccination rollout.

    2. @Xyz Abc so what part of my statement was false? You are only going to believe what your state run media tells you. It’s fine ill sit back and with a grin when your immunotherapy drug kicks in and you all start crashing. Be a good lab rat and get all the boosters they tell you to, that way the process is sped up Homie!

    3. @Brian Olea repeating this nonsense to act like you are smart does give meaning to your pathetic life, doesn’t it? You do you, homie. Peace out.

    4. @Xyz Abc if you mean pathetic as in I don’t take government handouts and can do what I want, yes it’s pretty pathetic. Lmao

    1. GOP aren’t losing voters. They’re actually gaining more than ever because of the rise in victims being created from Democratic policies, like less police = more crime, adverse effects from the vaccine which Republicans were skeptical about versus the “just take it” idea from the dems, and then you got Biden that can’t even make it through a sentence.

    2. Okay as far as being scientific how come everyone who contracted covid died of covid I had a cousin and for over a decade his heart has been failing it’s had two heart attacks his lungs were infected his other organs were were affected by the heart disease and yet on his birth certificate he died of covid how can that be what kind of science is that very sloppy I believe it should have been he died of heart disease and with covid there’s honesty the number that we produce is truly inflated please if you don’t believe me go and see how Germany is counting the covid Dead it’s a more honor system yeah make it richer and big pharmacy gets richer and we get poor and our great grandchildren are going to be paying for this fiasco

    3. @Mike Wilson good try. It more like them crazy anti Jewish Lazer white folks not getting vaccinated.

  4. They’re fearful of another shutdown and economic loss. Notice how they neglected to mention the reinfection rate for those partially and fully vaccinated.

  5. Those are the same ppl call liberals “sheeple” are the very ones who don’t do anything unless their idols do it.

  6. Guarantee, when they heard that their constituents were the ones who are dying, they had an epiphany. Better late than never. Maybe now,those same people will realize they can’t take everything Tucker Carlson says is the truth.

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