Comedian teases DeSantis punchlines at WH Correspondents’ Dinner

"The Daily Show" comedian Roy Wood Jr. joins "CNN This Morning" to discuss his preparation as host of the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner. #CNN #News


  1. “whether or not the joke can influence change…” wise words. RWJr is an intelligent and cunning man.

    1. A joke may not change a politicians platform or lack thereof, but it may change who a voter chooses…

  2. It is refreshing to once again have a President that will attend the WH Correspondents’ Dinner and endure some roasting.

  3. I love the angry Obama bit. That was one of my favorites. But I also really liked Michelle Wolf. I’m sure Roy Wood Jr. is gonna kill it! He’s incredibly funny on TDS.

    1. I don’t why many disliked Michelle’s bit, but I too enjoyed watching her. Hasan Minaj one was also very good.

  4. This man better become permanent Daily Show host!!! Many guests were phenomenal but he’s been there, done that, has earned & deserves it! And is a seriously intelligent, funny man & journalist!!!

    1. WH Correspondence Dinner almost makes him a bigger star in this industry. I hope he gets good movie deals.

    2. @EarthKnight Klepper had a show that failed. That’s going to make him very unattractive to the producers.

  5. His comment that his “humor to righteousness balance” comedy lands really well with most Americans. Can not wait to see what he’s prepared for us!! 💙

  6. RWJ is a smart comedian. His jokes aren’t done for shock, they are intelligent AND still funny. Like a Chappelle that doesn’t deliberately try to push the line

    1. It’s called class… Some people, like Mr. Wood, have it .. Chappelle doesn’t. Which is fine, just depends what you like

  7. Roy Wood is hilarious! I recently discovered him and he always has me in stitches. All the best to him.

  8. “ that man’s fighting Mickey Mouse! You’re can’t change that person’s mind with a joke!” ❤❤❤😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Finding Roy has an actual journalism degree and family background makes me enjoy him even more. Dude is excellent!

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