1. Elon Musk: I’m canceling the Twitter deal. Sorry, magats.

    Twitter: Well, it wouldn’t be the first time they got conned by a billionaire.

    1. @sammyshott23 I just saying the many ways this could go. When the stock falls mon below $34 we’ll have a better idea of what will happen.

    2. @Robert Nussberger And Elon also immediately came out against free speech on Twitter. He wanted to ban bots, wherein bots are absolutely an extension of my free speech rights. Writing and publishing a bot is literally no different than writing and publishing a mean tweet.

  2. Conservatives do have a strong sense of humor. Are you telling me that Rudy’s total landscaping mishap was an accident?

  3. I love how these guys catch folks off guard and ask serious questions – that suddenly cannot be answered. Kind of like Klepper. Good job guys!!

    1. @XVI state and LOCAL laws. May not have been allowed to carry at the place it was held….. who knows and who cares.

  4. “…which of course is not true…” but the NRA doesn’t promote the ownership and use of hammers.

  5. 2:52 I like his body gesture as if it’s a great speech, the “thoughtful” pause after certain words, and repeating them again & again. lol

    1. It’s pretty much how deeply religious people speak. Just like he said – he modelled his speech after people who spoke before him

  6. This isn’t the only time I saw the same guy telling his hammer claim. He’s still spewing the same lie even tho he’s been corrected.

    1. @bang-bang As of 2019 45.7% of homicides were committed by handgun, 25.9% by other/unknown firearm, 10.6% by blade, 11.4% by “other” (which would include blunt force), and 4.3% by hands/fists.

      He’s repeating a plain ‘ole lie with literally zero basis in reality.

    2. @bang-bang I looked up the stats. You are misinformed.
      The majority of murders (45.7% are handguns, a further 25+% are other firearms).

      Maybe look up the stats before writing.

    3. @Andy Lord Lol I don’t have to look it up as I’m very familiar with the stats. You should look again, weak andy.

    4. @bang-bang I did, before I replied. And you should. You’ve been misinformed.

      The FBI keeps good track of those stats, and they’re published online. I provided the numbers, please feel free to correct me. (you won’t)

  7. There is nothing wrong with thoughts and prayers but God expects us to do more than that. He expects us to have common sense and laws that make sense. We need stricter gun laws.

    1. @Brian Lawrence The overwhelming majority of DV-firearms violence, and mass shootings are committed with legal firearms.

    2. @T. R. Campbell So you support violent felons owning guns? Or do you also support some infringements on 2a?

  8. The audience actually applauded when Jason finished his “thought and prayers” speech – though the clip cnn showed stopped just before the applause began!

    1. @Andy Lord vote? Oh right voter ID for all legal Americans…good call …remember it’s only been 18 months from fuel to formula… Andy🤡Lord enjoy commenting

  9. I love that prank on the NRA Leader LaPierre! 🤣 😂 😄 It’s so funny and the NRA deserved it.

    1. @Dwight Fry About 45 years ago the NRA stopped representing gun owner rights, and started representing the interests of people who make and sell guns. They are a marketing firm who’s goal is to sell more guns.

  10. Watching the “thoughts and prayers” video reminded me of Stephen Colbert “praising” W at the White House Correspondents’ dinner in 2006. They’re also like The Yes Men, though the Yes Men’s pranks are quite a bit more elaborate.

  11. You guys should’ve seen “The Chaser” an Australian show that was even more outrageous. You can get it on YouTube.

    They even dressed up as Osama Bin Laden and broke into some International Security Conference and had security details scrambling for control.

  12. He did such a good job with trolling the NRA….I literally LOL. “Thoughts and prayers” is all you will ever hear from the GOP

    1. @M. O’Dea That’s not how you deal with the problem of gun violence. We need mayors, city councils and especially district attorneys and state legislatures to step up. No more revolving door justice. Gun criminals need to be put in prison for many decades. Not just released or given sentences of 1-5 years. Decades I say.

  13. I love these guys and I congratulate them for their work. It seems they are using reverse psychology, the very words from the people they interview to strike an ah hah moment, but whatever they do, keep on doing it.

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