Comity In Congress After 1/6 Impeded By GOP Boosters Of Trump's Big Lie | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Comity In Congress After 1/6 Impeded By GOP Boosters Of Trump’s Big Lie | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rep. Dan Kildee talks about healing from the trauma of the raid on the U.S. Capitol by rioting Trump supporters and how seeing his Republican colleagues vote in support of the big lie that motivated the mob makes it difficult to see them as working partners in governance now. Aired on 04/17/2021.
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Comity In Congress After 1/6 Impeded By GOP Boosters Of Trump's Big Lie | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. _Cortesía_ is the Spanish equivalent of _comity_ and in this case it’s the demonstration of respect and education that is expressed through good manners. I would find it extremely difficult to respect any traitor regardless of party affiliation. It just happens to be that these traitors are in the Republican Party.

    2. @Marco M My hope is for more education which will lead to an increase in respect, which would include self-respect: something traitors are usually in short supply of.

    3. Unfortunately, the GOP never wanted to be part of a co-op… they would rather have a political party that reigns over all others. Time to remove more Confederate statues from public view.

  1. The inaction a 100 days in is hardly surprising given the complicity of the GQP but it’s still sad and frankly embarrassing.

    1. @BooBooYup My thoughts exactly. Why has no one been sentenced? The traitors will own America if something is not done soon.

  2. Certain republicans are afraid that their roles in the insurrection will be uncovered if a real investigation is conducted. And we know who they are.

    1. @bo ter berg I agree, but, I think top to bottom, they all need to pay a heavy price. Those on top the most.

    2. @bo ter berg bull, the insurrectionists made a choice, they are responsible for their actions. Them and all the instigators. Don’t drag all the media through this, it was Fox “entertainment” and other far right media outlets. It was a planned and executed, desparate attempt by Republicans to retain power and we’re patiently waiting for the day they are all held accountable. The fact they are still participating in running the country is sickening.

  3. I don’t know how the people working in the Capitol can muster the self control not to haul off on some of these MAGA in the same building… god bless ‘em

    1. @John Freedman lol…almost as bad as all those ant-government “militia”…they always look like they’re packing on extra fat for their end of days fantasies

    1. They will destroy the country to stay in power. And if they stay in power, they will also destroy the country.

    2. @Aaron wake up the Republicans have increased the deficit and run the country into the ground encouraging racism bigotry and not fixing roads schools or bridges. Republicans have been a Bunch of lazy crooks.

  4. I cannot believe Republicans are still perpetuating the big lie! When are their constituents going to wake up and demand they start governing and stop this clowning around?

    1. They rioted and attacked fellow citizens, stop watching NBC and you might know this. Btw attacking fellow citizens is far worse than attacking the source of our problems, Congress.

    2. The left peaceful protesting? 🤣🤣 did you forget about all summer when BLM was murdering burning and looting in the streets like the animal thugs they are???? How about antifa yesterday? They are back on their burning spree. You’re a FOOL!!!!

    3. @No Show Joe about 90-95% of the blm protests were peaceful, you chose to only see the ones that did become violent and most of the looting were by organized gangs who were not part of the protests.

    4. @Pogo The fact that they call a whole movement by dog whistles, like “animals” & “thugs”, reveals it as a troll account, with the purpose of race baiting. They have no interest in rational, honest discourse.

    5. @Pogo The 90 % who blocked the cops from stopping criminals from looting and burning 🤣. That’s called an accomplice for you animals…

    1. Those who still support the lie, shouldn’t be eligible to run for another term. You can’t be anymore anti-american than that. Support and defend the Constitution. ❤️🇺🇸❤️

  5. I would have to have a legal arsenal of weapons to continue working around those snakes in the Capitol. I would never feel comfortable around them.

  6. A democratic country with a democratic government one party the Republican trying to make a coup in the United States of America, I thought this can never happen, but here it is right in front of your eyes

    1. @PJ Celeste America will be a single party autocratic state soon! The Dems are too weak to stop the takeover! Same thing happened in Germany in the 1930’s

    2. @Gerry Ward – “The Dems are too weak to stop the takeover!” – That’s an opinion, not a fact.

    3. @Tony Smith “Most debates about cancel culture are often battles over the usually powerless fighting for the right to self-definition and the push-back from the usually powerful to keep them in their place. You do not have to put someone in their place, if they accept their place. However, a person who questions their place reshapes the nature of the relationship.

      “Many groups are now challenging homophobia, sexism and racism. By employing terms like ‘snowflake’, the anti-woke protesters seek to dismiss these fights by characterising them as close to nonsensical, or a threat to traditional values, and reinstating the perspectives of the usually powerful as closer to the truth.”

      “Many groups are now challenging homophobia, sexism and racism. By employing terms like ‘snowflake’, the anti-woke protesters seek to dismiss these fights by characterising them as close to nonsensical, or a threat to traditional values, and reinstating the perspectives of the usually powerful as closer to the truth.

“To them there is nothing wrong with what they say, they are just stating the facts. ‘The problem is that people have become too soft and politically correct and what we need is to go back to the way things were.’ But the argument that anyone should toughen up so you may land a rhetorical punch about their sexuality or race is not persuasive. People do have a right to free speech but they do not have a right to be protected from the consequences of their speech. Especially, there is no obligation on the target of such speech to assist the speaker to feel good about themselves by denying how they feel. “


- Nyadol Nyuon (Panic over cancel culture really about the perceived loss of power. 9 Apr 2021)

    4. @phil spd then you’re detached from reality and the people and places you trust for information are lying to you.

  7. Can you imagine being her…..she goes to work every day ……another one of her coworkers has been killed….yet she doesnt know if anyone has her back. And over half the people she was sworn to protect say its no big deal….. Efin pathetic….just vile

    1. And that insurrection needs to be supressed. The authorities are moving far too slow. How many people have been sentenced? None!

    2. @Aaron LOL that’s funny. This on the day a founding member of the Oathkeepers pleads guilty and we found out that Trump and Manafort did collude in 2016.

    1. I hope Americans will wake up to the knowledge what fascism is, before is over. Looking at the comments here, I’m not sure it will,..

    2. @Chris I hope you understand that you are trying to have a battle of intelligence with an unarmed person. Stay safe.

  8. There’s something truly rotten in a country if one of your political parties is actively working to destroy your system of government

    1. @The _Awakening WRONG! it’s the trumplicans who want a right wing facist government not a democracy

    2. The Awakening, you REALLY must read about the rise of the Nazis in 1930’s Germany. The Republicans are following the blueprint. Demonize the other, spread the big lie, use the minority in the Congress to block legislation then blame the majority, use violence and “nationalism” to foment insurrection. Trump wanted to become the “Hitler” of the Republican party, and the Republican sycophants the new Nazis. If you don’t see it now, you’ll regret it later. They failed the first time, and so did Hitler. We have to be vigilant to make sure THEY don’t succeed the second time.

    3. @The _Awakening The other worrying thing is the stupidity of the Republican voters that refuse to see what’s right before their eyes. America is a s***hole country and it’s exactly what you deserve

  9. PTSD is debilitating. Ask any war veteran. Ask any woman attacked. Ask any child in a dangerous house.

    1. @Dinero Kid1603 Isn’t that what the OP just spelled out, in detail? Combat PTSD is most commonly known, but PTSD can result from any trauma, whether from sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, a car accident, neighborhood violence, etc..

    2. @H K S I know what it is because my Auntie has PTSD and she’s a military veteran. And my grandfather had PTSD and he was a military veteran. I also have another friend that didn’t even serve in the military that has PTSD. I’m very clear on what PTSD is bro. I just stated that you can get PTSD from anything.

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