Commentator says press secretary 'clearly' doesn't understand this 1

Commentator says press secretary ‘clearly’ doesn’t understand this


Political commentator Angela Rye responds to President Trump calling Black Lives Matter a "symbol of hate," chastising Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's role within the Trump administration's handling of race relations. #CNN #News


  1. This was one of the most articulate passionate displays of emotion I have ever seen. I love Angela, she is the ray of light and the depiction of hope this country needs. I could listen to her speak all day.

    1. Key word EMOTION. Its always emotional thinking with Libs. Libs are 100% emotional thinkers.

    2. @mksrookies do you know all liberals . Better yet do you know how all republicans think. STFU.

    3. @mksrookies Emotion is good, at less it’s not what the Republicans are
      HEARTLESS BIGOTS, who cares only about themselves, me first me second me last, that’s the Republican.

    4. Stan Stan I agree that emotion is extremely beneficial but it can’t be the center of debate when there are laws against the actions carried out by the people driven by the emotion. BLM has shown that they are willing to act against the law to achieve what they want. But what if someone breaks the “emotional “law of BLM? Suddenly that’s not okay? Lawlessness creates lawlessness in a never ending stream. This applies to everything. If they are willing to break a law and want us to be open minded about it they having to be willing to let other people break their “law” and make them open minded about it.

    1. @Marlene Sollgruber I think she would make a brilliant acting-triangle player in the local County band.

    2. @Brion Stronghold Another right wing troll who doesn’t actually know what Marxism is…. Marxism is an economic theory and is a totally meaningless epithet that has nothing to do with BLM, expect in the small minds of people like you.

  2. Her intelligence far exceeds that of those who believe she is less than human – well said !

    1. What intelligence. It doesn’t take intelligence to lie for Trump. Only a group of gullible idiots who don’t know any better.

    2. Like he “truly” cares, he doesn’t, we don’t as whites and Cuomo doesn’t either, it’s all about votes

  3. *”press secretary ‘clearly’ doesn’t understand this” ~ that’s a basic requirement for every person hired to do any job in the trump administration. **#NoKnowledge** **#NoExperience** and **#NoIntellectualCuriosity*

  4. Press Secretary seems like she is clueless, and obviously she is confused on what constitutes a lie.

    1. @Anthony S2K04 You mean all the former Trump* Press Secretaries have been Democrats? Hmmm. Let’s see if we can follow the Trumpette message. Squirrel!

  5. I know how livid and frustrated this president makes me as a white person, I cant imagine just how stressed, angry, and hurt black people are feeling. My heart goes out.

    1. Its just as frustrating to hear his supporters who I now call worshipers defend me, actually saying they dont have no clue why people say he is a racist .. or they dont see why people say he is dividing the country…it makes me want to cry sometimes

  6. The real terror here is the number of people who actually believe her and still support the president.

    1. No one does they just have to put on an act of believe, Actually that’s why they vote for him the first place.

  7. Incredibly eloquent- share with those that don’t seem to understand. Black Lives Matter. Period.

    1. @Ryan M. No, if anything BLM is extremely popular right now.
      People are uniting under the idea of fighting for justice.

    2. @Ryan M. do you even understand what BLM is? or do you just believe what the racists tell you about it?

    1. She has no arguments . Only lies and deflections. At least she’s not as ugly as Sarah hippobee Sanders.

    2. @Charles L Jonescome on i don’t like her, i think she’s a dame liar, but when they go low try to go higher mmm.

  8. Well said, that is the most important words I’ve heard to bring this human race forward. I share your pain. God bless you girl. I’m with you.

    1. @The Azrael
      Is that the best these people can come up with? Just marginally better than the current lunacy? Sorry but thats not good enough for me to get behind it.

    2. @OneDigitalSoul I agree… Being educated has various levels of being competent. However, racism and being uneducated limit the ability for change in behavior!

  9. Angela Rye is just so AMAZING!! During the past four years she has consistently been the voice that walks the fine line between righteous indignation and level-headed reasoning!! THANK YOU

  10. “Now we are still at life” – that’s one powerful statement. Thank you Angela Rye! I adore you!!!

  11. “He has never lied to the American people.” … that’s literally the only thing he EVER does

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