Commissioner Bratton On Capitol Attack: ‘It’s Very Disheartening’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Commissioner Bratton On Capitol Attack: ‘It’s Very Disheartening’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


Fears that right-wing extremists could attack DC and state capitals in the days ahead are testing law enforcement in ways we haven’t seen in decades. Former Police Commissioner for New York City and Boston and the Executive Chairman of Teneo Risk, Bill Bratton, joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain what we can expect next week ahead of the inauguration. Aired on 1/15/2021.
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Commissioner Bratton On Capitol Attack: ‘It’s Very Disheartening’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Law enforcement should have learned from what happened in Michigan. Therefore, the siege on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 would not have happened.

    1. I don’t think we should put the entire blame on law enforcement, not yet. If there exists a fifth column in government, the military and police, active or retired, that would have contributed immensely to the abject failures we saw on the 6th. But you are correct, it should never have happened, thank god these traitors did not wait until Inauguration Day.

    2. I frankly hate the cops, but I don’t think this should be dumped at their feet. Trump is the real villain here… Trump and his enablers.

  2. Trump is finally getting his military paradeBet he NEVER thought that it would be the National Guard protecting a different president parading against him and his base.

    1. @Frank Castle
      Only if they are violent or try to take over the nations capitol with the intent to take hostages and murder them.

      I hope your comments have no equivalency whatsoever.

      Go into your corner and drink your poisonous koolaid in silence.

    2. @Judith Smith BLM protests claimed well over a dozen lives? Ironically most of which were black?

      Can’t fix stupid

    3. @Frank Castle Every incident during the BLM protests has been investigated and charges laid and justice has been brought; are you now suggesting that the Capital invaders should be treated differently? Justice is supposed to be blind, if Jim Jordan incites violence then he should go to jail, just as I would, or you would if we had said the same things he did.

    4. @Tidbit Not at all. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. BLM riots caused billions of dollars of damage, but were labelled ‘peaceful’. That day violence was endorsed and normalised. This is called making a rod for your own back.

  3. Lets hope that Law enforcement isn’t a breeding ground for this type extremist views and they become the weak link in the security.

    1. Please explain why “only” white people are confused about this fact. It’s been a safe haven, since law enforcement was use to catch run away slaves..

  4. “Law enforcement personnel commit crimes at about the same rate as the general population.” – fictional agent Dr. Spencer Reed (Matthew Gray Gubler) on “Criminal Minds”.

  5. How does trump do it? He makes people break laws and ruin not only there own lives but there families lives. Amazing

    1. Michael Cohen warned us paraphrasing him; if, you follow Trump like I have you will end up in prison like me.

    2. His old qoute “shoot someone and get away with it” has attracted lawless and unruly citizens for many years now. Bent cops as well. No wonder they loved him, until now, when he threw them all under the bus.

  6. The militia groups will start dropping like flies in a few months.I can only imagine how many satilites are being moved around right now. Bad boys bad boys whatcha gunna do ……

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