Commissioner Wants Gun Crime Offenders Denied Bail | TVJ News – June 11 2022

Commissioner Wants Gun Crime Offenders Denied Bail | TVJ News - June 11 2022 1


  1. The government need to implement tougher laws, it seems as if these politicians have no power.

    1. Most people have their days when they don’t look their best but of course you’re not one of them.

  2. This bill is unconstitutional, its goes against the Constitution of Jamaica and its a step down a slippery slop.. Our legal system isn’t sophisticated enough to handle a bill of such magnitude as thousands will be behind bars (innocently) awaiting trail that might take years to come. Jamaica cannot go back to the stone ages in fact throughout our History we have never even had a bill of such barbarism as they primarily are passed in the middle east and muslim countries which is then used to imprison innocent people unlawful, some of them are still awaiting there day in court while others Feld and seek asylum in foreign lands… just to add all of those muslim states with such laws have fallen nationally, turkey is a prime example!!!!

    1. Furthermore If the commissioner is so concerned about crime and stopping dangerous criminals from being returned back out on the streets through the means of being granted bail, How about advising and ensuring all police personnel wears there body cameras that they have in Jamaica that they aren’t using, They were given body cameras and they actively decided not to use them… How about getting police personnels to wear these body cams especially when they are going on these raids and operations whereby they will without a doubt have physical evidence as where these guns came from specifically and whom they saw with them by means of video recording.
      The state prosecutor’s could then use these tapes from the Police body cams to request that the judge denies bail thus keeping these guns off the streets he just mentioned which is the “primary” concerned surrounding this barbaric bill…

  3. I truly believe that anyone cought with an illigal gun should not get bail and they should get a speedy trial and send to prison for not less then 30 years in prison..
    No gun boys should get bail period!!

  4. Imagine how much mollions people will claim when wrongfully arrested, case disposed and they sue the state. But that doesn’t affect people who say these things because its tax payers money will cover that 😒

    1. @GAMECHANGER💋 well I’ve been in jamaica long enough to know that even when we hear the person was caught red handed they can still walk after trial and sue state after

  5. Commissioner what about corrupt politicians and police officers who are carrying out the same things criminals are doing .the bill should be
    1st offense- 1 year in prison
    2nd offense- 4 years
    3rd offense – 7 years
    4th offense 10 years
    Laws in Jamaica are out dated , some of those judges need to be investigated , also be Mr. Bayley need to be top Commissioner

  6. If the commissioner really wants to catch criminals he should go to Gordon house where the two biggest gangs in Jamaica are. The PNP AND JLP. Anything less than that is waist of time.

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