Committee Chairman Chided for not Taking Covid Vaccine | TVJ News - May 23 2021 1

Committee Chairman Chided for not Taking Covid Vaccine | TVJ News – May 23 2021

Outraged at the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation's public health committee meeting after it was revealed that the committee chairman has not taken the covid-19 vaccine his reason he hopes to get the Moderna jab.

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  1. The man have choice so no one should force him to take what He don’t want..we’ll should respect people’s decision as long as it’s not about crime and violence.

  2. Everyone has a choice. They should respect. Why does he even have to reveal his status if people have a choice or has that been taken as well.

  3. Don’t worry. 40-50% of the USA’s NIH and CDC employees refuse the experimental booster shot too.

  4. The man have it right why you want to get the man what to do you people have no right

  5. Sir a pay dem pay you to fe sell out yo own people like the pm unu wicked all what unu a do God is in control

  6. These councillor are really out of order,who are they to force the man to take vaccine, taking it is person,it’s his choice…That man talking about Jamaica on ship going down,he is the only one on that ship going down.

  7. It would be good if the chairman does not take it at all. Jamaica has been warned about the vaccine and yet many still run gone take it. Everyone that takes the vaccine a go shock by the time the truth gets revealed out

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