Common On Rap’s Lessons For America, Michelle Obama And Confronting Racism | MSNBC 1

Common On Rap’s Lessons For America, Michelle Obama And Confronting Racism | MSNBC


Grammy-winner Common opens up about being the face of "conscious rap," confronting racism and white privilege in America, the meaning behind some of his lyrics, Michelle Obama, and the Black Lives Matter movement in this excerpt from the newest installment of "Mavericks with Ari Melber," a series of interviews with artists, musicians and cultural icons.
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Common On Rap’s Lessons For America, Michelle Obama And Confronting Racism | MSNBC


  1. Thomas Sowell said if we black people can equip ourself with a skill someone else is going to pay you for, our people can be better off.

  2. Being unreasonable is a protectionist tactic of privilege. If you can’t engage and reconcile with others and if your difference of opinion is regarded as a threat you are contempt with a lack of change and progress for all. Just for a few.

    1. I agree… And as an old white Hippie.. I can tell you that there are some of us who have always been ready for that… And I don’t hold a whole lot of hope for the other extreme of my brothers… But one under appreciated avenue that should be looked into is… Food! Because food is a great Cultural unifier

  3. Dude it takes to grow up in a multicultural background in Europe. Moved to the D and yes lived West and East Side and middle of ! Many times I had to stand my ground with da opposite color. Earned my respect from many of my brother’s and sistas and will live humble always because starting from the bottom isn’t easy and struggling to be profiled for just being you isn’t easy for sho .

  4. For anyone who doesn’t understand. Ari is a big fan and a common reporter of hip hop. This is a fluff piece, yes, but he’s also a member of the scene.

  5. Racism needs to stop. Help those racist people Dear Lord that Our Father in Heaven did not make us different to hate but to love 1 another.

  6. Now, this is preaching, educating, and testimonial EVERYONE needs today. Thanks, Common and Ari for this episode segment.

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