Community Under Flood Watch As Tropical Storm Elsa Sweeps Up Florida 1

Community Under Flood Watch As Tropical Storm Elsa Sweeps Up Florida


The Tampa Bay area is still feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Elsa with high winds, and with high tide approaching, there’s still risk of storm surge and flooding in the area.

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Community Under Flood Watch As Tropical Storm Elsa Sweeps Up Florida


    1. @GutPunch republicans can’t function without having an enemy. If there were no democrats y’all would turn on yourselves.

    1. @Harold Moore it’s all in our recommendations. So no we dont go out looking for it. It’s easy to troll it because of its absurdity. The sheep that follow it are equally as absurd. As they censor and ban wrong think channels and accounts, Biden and Harris is all that is allowed to be shown. Dont you morons realize how dangerous this is?

    2. @Mein Depp his ignorance on climate change… ok let’s take that as a valid argument. The man only served 1 term. You expect him to fix alleged climate change in 4 years? On top of that, you expect him to fix China’s climate change? Russia? India? Is his stance on climate change the only thing chalking you to his criminality? I’ll give you a freebie. Look into his shady dealings with the Saudis and his hotels. Now that is something of substance. The problem you Tiktok commies have is you cant even accuse him correctly. If you did, then a lot of other politician’s dirty laundry will start to surface because they all do it. They can’t allow that, so they confuse you all with broad claims of racism and climate change to intentionally put you in circles. I ask you to give me, specifics. You say climate change. That is extremely broad. Narrow it down. Did he stand outside with an aerosol can? What did he do?

    1. Interesting how you love Florida when it’s up for grabs during the election, then when minorities smash the gop record by voting Trump, Florida is a s hole now

  1. On joes WH Facebook posts joes getting destroyed in the comments. I got FB jail for pointing out our post election inflation rate. Shades of Stalin. On Elsa we got jack in Charlotte county southwest Florida. Rachel does not answer my love letters!!

    1. @H2o Echo Of course not now… but they will be. They have already admitted to needing to build their roads up higher to avoid flooding as the water level rises.

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