1. @Geff Joldblum he called his friend and attorney , My “N”ga – One it’s none of your business it was a private conversation, and 2 it wasn’t a racial slur used against a person of color – but facts? fuggem, right?

  1. Boy, it’s a good thing Manchin put a pause on the infrastructure plan, cause clearly everything is just fine. 🤨

  2. Half the country on fire, the other half underwater. Think maybe it’s time to start taking climate change seriously?

    1. Nah, little if any mob influence there… settled mostly by Poles, Hungarians, with just a few Italians tossed in. Many came from Northeast PA coal country for better job prospects in the asbestos plant and creosote plant in the 40’s and 50’s.

    1. Maybe regressives secretly know it, and this is why they want to drag us back to the pre-industrial age. They’re really just trying to save humanity! 🤔 🤣😅😂😆😄Nah, they’re just hate-mongers who want to be the only ones with rights. ✌️💜🌈

  3. Why is it so important for journalists to be so uncaring? This man has lost almost everything and she sneezes by him just to show the world his devastation. Lord, how uncaring.🤔

    1. The long view says move your populations away from coasts. Sea level will rise, there’s no question on that. The question is, how much?

  4. why they focus of what they have, why they didn’t focus of their life…offcourse there’s always a RAINBOW after the rain….be thankful of.what you jave right now…

  5. Then there’s Ben Shapiro on climate change “People will just sell their homes and move.” Looks like things are happening quicker than expected.

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