‘Complete failure’: Alta. Premier Kenney on throne speech

'Complete failure': Alta. Premier Kenney on throne speech 1


Alta. Premier Kenney reacts to PM Trudeau's throne speech criticizing the lack of focus on the energy sector.

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39 Comments on "‘Complete failure’: Alta. Premier Kenney on throne speech"

  1. Not one word about fathers and parental alienation .

  2. And Seamus supports eastern oil, what a bunch of corruption and disappointment

  3. They are all puppets my friends!!!!

  4. Nutsilica: Renaissance moving comix | September 24, 2020 at 5:00 PM | Reply

    Suicide rate up 600%

  5. Oil & gas are still our largest exports by far. The next is autos & auto parts; should be reduced as GM shut their last plant in Oshawa.

  6. Our Energy industry is going down the toilet , like our textile , farming , forest sector industry , fisheries , etc….., now to only get rid of the Liberal industry ?????

  7. If canada can spend billions of dollars on foreign oil they can spend the same amount on Canadian oil and keep the money in Canada

  8. One question: if the governor general gives a speech from the throne ( throne speech ) are those the words of the queen herself?

  9. Maybe we can take that tar, and rebuild, our dilapidated hiways, and roads system. ” build back better”, right! We could hire CNC Lavillin, they have an “in “, with JT! Maybe get it cheap!, before cost over runs, that is.

  10. shut off the tap

  11. after the bait and switch clown show this guy has brought albertans – and the fact that he fired the guy investigating his election fraud – how can he even virtue signal at all?

  12. Time for a seperation referendum Kenny. He defecated on the west’s doorstep. You need to rally with Moe, Pallister and Horgan. Confederation isn’t for the west, figure it out already.

  13. I guess it takes a complete failure, to recognize a complete failure.

  14. Of course he is a complete failure, Trudeau should be ashamed of himself

  15. Doris McNaughton | September 24, 2020 at 9:17 PM | Reply


  16. When will you call out the dysfunction of this “federation” Jason? How much more abuse before you acknowledge that the West will always be sacrificed by federal parties in order to cling to power? The time to try to make this work for Alberta (and Saskatchewan) within this federation has long past, that ship has sailed. It should now be putting your energies behind our terms of separation. Engage Saskatchewan and Manitoba in dialogue and lets move forward.

  17. Aloys Fleischmann | September 24, 2020 at 10:04 PM | Reply

    Well I guess the whole country isn’t willing to pour every cent they have into subsidies for a dying industry. How’s that 7 billion for a useless pipeline going?

  18. great speech Jason.especially the fantasy and myth part. right on the money.

  19. 15 years in oil and gas.
    Lucky to have a construction job doing general labour. I am 52.

  20. Kenny get on board with WEXIT.
    Stop this watching Alberta die. Your anger and frustration is not enough.

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