1. You can tell the pain in his voice.
    The video is heartbreaking for those civilians who lost their lives in Ukraine 🇺🇦

  2. This made me cry, a father singing to his child with so much hope. My brother leaves for Poland tomorrow as part of the United States and I’m SO proud of him. But I’m also afraid.

    1. My best wishes to you and your brother, I also shed a tear for this brave man and his new son. May Ukraine prevail.

    2. @CMaylene I think dear CMaylene, that if there will be a nuclear weapon engaged, her own country will be a target as well. So, she will suffer herself in her own house, without moving to Poland.

    3. @Robyn Hickey I do not dismiss her fears. I’m just telling her that her brother is not in danger.

  3. I feel his story on a soul level. My own family is so toxic & abusive that I completely went no contact with all of them on both sides except 1 aunt & uncle & their oldest daughter. That’s it, I walked away from 72 others just to break the cycle of abuse & give my daughter a chance at a healthy normal life. My heart goes out to him. The horrors he has to endure are compounded by the loss of a family to brainwashing & manipulation when he really could use them now more than ever. But he has the right mindset on it & that will help him heal once he is able to deal with it. If he ever even has to. He was so able to cleanly flip that switch & not deal with their toxicity that he’s obviously had to spend years trying to get them to see the truth already. Now he’s done. Just done & that’s healthy.
    And the video of his little one no longer even reacting to the sirens is familiar. I lived right across the street from train tracks in a Denver suburb when she was born. Every morning a train came thru at 2 a.m. blowing the horn & shaking the whole complex. She only reacted to it for the 1st 2 weeks. After that she could sleep through anything that went on around her.

  4. I hope this brave Ukrainian and his son make it to be safety soon. This invasion has to be STOPPED NOW!!!

  5. These wonderful people are filled with sorrow. So humble and so brave, just unbelievable!!! They need MORE Help to fight with

    1. @Sue Howie Hey, ww3 is just finishing up, it started a long long time ago. Ww1 never finished, this is just act 3.

  6. That’s heartbreaking to see a newborn seeing the world for the first time with those air raid sounds 😭

    1. 😢😢 God bless the families who lost the tragic lives on war.Have Mercy on us.🤗♥️

  7. There are more of us, stay strong.
    No farther should have to go through this,
    Watching that kid barely even react to the sirens is awful.

  8. He’s lost weight. I can’t even imagine the horrific stress he is experiencing. This whole situation is utterly nauseating.

  9. It brought me a lot of joy to see a father singing The Beatles to his adorable infant son. Very moving.

  10. I don’t blame him on not wasting time with his relatives in Russia because he’s taking care of his child and not heartless Russians and evil. When you don’t believe someone that is inside the war is ridiculous for his relatives not to believe him. He’s your own blood in Ukraine and you don’t listen then you are my family anymore keep believing your dictator and hope the economic sanctions hit them hard because Putin don’t care if his people starve just like the soldiers they leave behind and treated better as POW. God bless you and your family in Ukraine and all Ukrainian people

    1. I know people are even shot in Ukraine 🇺🇦 for expressing different viewpoints. Even Ukrainian chief negotiator Kireyev got shot in Kiev. No trial, no prison

    2. @Bab Blo Ukraine is a democracy. They can vote for a different leader if they think there is a problem with the existing one. But that can’t happen in Russia. When Ukraine joins the European Union, its economy will continue to improve. But the Russian economy will head in the same direction as North Korea.

  11. Crying hard…for this man and his son…for his neighbors who tried to evacuate and perished…for the women and children tortured and killed…for the People of Ukraine. Praying that Putin is taken out and the bombs stop. Praying for the World who have helped Ukraine that they continue to fight for them. Prayers that the bombs stop.

    1. @Oscar Harrison Hungover today, Oscar. It was another late Saturday night at the local drinkery. What do you usually do when you are hungover? Me, I usually have a couple of eye openers to get back to reality

    2. One day we will give up the idea of prayers and then we can do things that can actually fix this crap.

  12. Such emotional strength and fortitude.
    I cannot imagine how I would actually react to such horror.

  13. The layers of bravery and humanity in the Ukrainian people is astounding and humbling 🇬🇧🇺🇦❤️

  14. Bless this man and his baby. Im a huge Beatles fan and its seems like he is too. Peace and love to his family and all in Ukraine.

  15. As an American born in USSR, I have family ties to both Russia and Ukraine. I can attest to the fact that most Russians are brainwashed to the point of refusing to believe their own eyes and ears. My heart goes out to this guy and his family as he’s right. Ther’s absolutely nothing you can tell the people on the other side of this conflict to make them see things for what they are. But the hangover of realization of what they supported will be heavy and long.

  16. Бог вас бережёт и украинского народа спасёт . Смелый человек.

  17. Listening to this man having to not only deal with the trauma of war while caring for his child but also the trauma of having his own family not believe what he’s going through makes me think of the phrase “the first casualty of war is truth.” #standwithUkraine

  18. He is so right expressing his feelings, my heart aches listening his singing to the baby, wish them the very best to survive these atrocities and a long life to enjoy his lovely baby🙏🏻🌈🌹.

  19. Ukrainian’s such strong amazing people my heart goes out to them, Prayers for Ukraine 🙏🏼 God Bless ❤️

  20. Heartbreaking.. absolutely heartbreaking. I will continue to pray for the brave people of Ukraine. My love and respect is with you.🕊️

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