'Completely fabricated': Burnett calls out GOP's false conspiracies 1

‘Completely fabricated’: Burnett calls out GOP’s false conspiracies


CNN's Erin Burnett calls out Republicans for not checking facts before spreading falsehoods about the Biden administration.

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    1. @Friend I never said they were, I however pointed out the “science” shows children are the absolute safest of all infected.

    2. @Friend So your source to back your claims is you? This wouldn’t even stand up in kindergarten, grow up child.

    1. @David Galehouse and its you’re ??? that comment seemed a little childish to me Sry not trying to be mean

    2. @Robert Ross Sorry I triggered you by teaching you something. That explains a lot about your ignorance.

    1. The lawyers for Fox told a judge that no person would believe what comes out of Fox. It’s entertainment not news.

    2. @Caroline Maybe then someone shod sue until they put a disclaimer saying its all a joke or take news out of name

    1. @Tim Kozlowski “Russia if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find……..”. Fucking nothing!!!

    2. @Tim Kozlowski not gonna lie, I’m impressed you’ve had your account for less than a year and have over 1k comments on CNN alone. I obviously can’t ask you to troll any harder.

    1. @Friend I asked a question and you answered a different question that you wanted me to ask. And you’re calling me ignorant? Go sit in the corner kid.

  1. I feel so bad for her that almost every night she has to explain that what is obviously false narratives and lies by conservatives and Fox News is obviously false narratives and lies. Thank you for sticking with it though as the rest of us are too exhausted at this point to deal with stupid people

    1. @Jang Les seems to me that you can’t get enough of em, I think you have a secret crush on CNN. Weird.

    2. Who ties your shoes in the morning? And answer honestly for once in your life. I read your post and the answer is definitely not you so… pray tell.

    3. @Friend there are plenty of manipulated sheep in your herd but you absolutely take the cake. Cnn has totally mind fukked you. Yikes

    1. @Four Monkeys Cafe he lost big time, alpha Biden won by a landslide, gamma feminine trump lost like the loser he is. So sad

    1. @Dorian Bashaw While reducing meat consumption is a proven method of reducing the impact we have on climate change, the conspiracy theory here is that the administration is including it in the plan it’s working on. Nothing in the clip claimed that the study was wrong.

      And this is where the old adage “a lie can get around the world before the truth has got its boots on” comes in. By tying two separate truths together a lie has the veneer of being truthful and believable. But this sort of lie is even more insidious.

      When the plan is released, the conspiracy theorists will take it that *they* influenced Biden to remove it from the plan, giving them a sense of achievement and a belief that they can change policy makers minds by causing an uproar. But also, when they see the final plan (or more studies proving that industrial scale meat production has a large impact on climate change), they’ll be less likely to believe them.

      So it’s really important to ensure that we don’t conflate two issues into one when they’re completely different.

    2. ​@Ethan Kristopher-Hartley sorry any reasonable plan would have some plan to deal with the the livestock industry. so again i owuld argue it is reasonable assessment of the suposed planand if not it if faulty plan… but honestly kerry is riding around in a private jet and i can bet they still going to have ac in the white house so they they can all shove flagpolls in their asses.
      and apart this is the same network that supported conspiracy theories against gabbard and sanders, not including russiagete the bounty story, etc they have as much credibility as the people they are targeting

    3. @Dorian Bashaw Ah, you’re one of *those* people. OK, I’ll just have to hope that people listen to Ms Burnett and ignore the reinforcing message you’re sending to support the conspiracy. (But I would suggest that you re-read my earlier reply and hopefully understand how conflating two truths into one conspiracy undermines both truths…)

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! He he NOT. You are waging war on the people, we see you clearly. That’s on you, not those who understand you.

  2. Lying is never going to be a good long term strategy. Sooner or later the truth will be believed and those who spread the big lie won’t be forgiven or forgotten. History will not be kind.

    1. This goes both ways. Do your research and sift through the b.s. that’s the only way we the people stay in control of our country

    2. I wish I believed this, but I don’t. Politicians and Reporters (opinion and actual Journalists) have been lying for decades with close to ZERO accountability. Look at what Fox said about Tucker during their lawsuit, that no sane person would believe he is telling the truth….yet millions of Americans believe he is. Culture Wars is all they have left, and they are gonna play that fiddle as long as it continues to get viewers.

    3. I can only hope. Unfortunately, no evidence so far. The make-believe being handed out by psycho Repubs is infiltrating society. It really looks like the nutcases are winning! Very, very scary.

  3. Biden needs to get that infrastructure bill passed and use it to build insane asylums for the Retrumplicans. These people have completely lost touch with reality.

  4. The most frequently used words by Tucker Carlson are “They”, “Them”, “You” and “Us”. No one else does more to divide the country.

    1. @Arbitus ofc he did. And ticker has chosen a easy smooth rich life at what 20mil a year? as a conformist and not a moralist. Confuse the sheep. It is a strategy for totalitarianism and it works. public education is good for a living, but self education is good for a fortune.

    2. @anita windbigler Then explain why their technical director said that they lied about President Trump.

  5. Say what now!!!! These aren’t conspiracies anymore but craziness on steroids. There’s no helping these lunatics.

    1. Lunatics is an understatement. Not one flew over the cuckoo’s nest, they all flew
      over the cuckoo’s nest. They need Electric Shock therapy. ‘Treatment, something.

    2. @John Ash yeah the conspiracy theoriests were right. All along. Thats why the fbi named the conspiracy theorists. Because, they do not want people to be able to UNDERSTAND that they were and are, RIGHT.

    3. @John Ash the Nuremberg trials will,happen again. Atleast one more time. usa will be punished and the people persecuted. Even though they support blm and asians LOLOLOLOLOL

  6. So the GOP is freaking out over the idea of Harris profiting off of her position? I can’t wait to hear their response regarding Trump forcing the Secret Service to stay at his hotels…

    1. Conservative right-wing media never reports on clown Trump’s grifting schemes. They just tell the MAGA cult, “see how generous Trump is, he is donating his salary.”

  7. Tucker: “at walmart buy swanson, keep me rich. Don’t look at my yearbook clubs. One named after the assassin of a gay politician, the other named after a notorious racist.

    1. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Breaking news: trump jr evidence of perjury and fraud related to inauguration say cooperating witnesses

    2. @Unknown Variable BREAKING NEWS Fraud by the Democrats found in Maricopa county Arizona.

    3. @FORENSIC AUDITS ACROSS AMERICA!! Breaking News: immortal pervy demon possessed reptilian vampire clones are not real and “flood” is not upon no EBS

  8. When Tucker Carlson was having dinner with Matt gaetz with a underage girl he should have called the police

  9. They don’t need these lies to be true, they just need them to get people emotionally invested. They just need the reaction. Once people react they are sold.

    1. yeah, it’s a marketing tactic. I recall reading about it, can’t recall the name of the tactic.

  10. What makes me the angriest about this is how it takes away from the real child abuse that goes every moment of every day and everyone on fox news don’t give a crap about the actual child abuse that is happening!! . They and Facebook need to go!

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