1. It is quite mind-boggling that Americans just cannot work together to stop the financial and other pain you are all experiencing because of COVID and the divided response to it. |The world looks at you aghast and cannot believe how weak you look in the eyes of your enemies and the world as a whole.

    1. @Lillian Matthews true…. But there are so many!😣 guess I sort of gave up, I only venture into comments to see if maybe, maybe in left ran media are waking up. I think they are paid to act stupid. Carry on friend!😊

    2. @Shaun Garrett And you’re clearly down playing and blatantly ignoring people’s comorbidities and age as the REAL CAUSE OF DEATH. Maybe in your fantasy world humans regularly live to 150. But in reality your lucky to hit 90. Here’s an even better example. My old landlord told me a few years ago that when he went for his annual physical at the age of 89 the doctor finished without checking his prostate. He asked the doctor why and that’s when the doctor had a very blunt conversation with him about his age. That while he maybe in good health for a man his age, there’s no need to check for prostate cancer any longer. Simply put even if he got diagnosed…HE WOULD NEVER SURVIVE THE TREATMENT AT HIS AGE!

      So sorry my little propaganda Bot, your experimental injections can’t turn back the hands of time or reverse the damage you’ve done to your body over years of abuse and neglect. I’m not “mad or upset” or whatever you called it that people are dying of old age. I’m mad our constitutional rights are being destroyed over a scam.

    3. @Daniel Wood What’s funny is Prince Harry moved to stay out of the lime light. Now there is a lifetime movie about the Monarchy. And talk shows. They are some of the English nutters.

  2. I don’t politicize my healthcare. I seek experts in the exact fields of study, and accept their expertise as the truth. People are gross!

    1. When the “experts” turn out to be bureaucrats and political animals themselves and change their opinion and “the science” every time the wind blows, it doesn’t exactly build confidence.

  3. If you need your car fixing, you wouldn’t go to a plumber you would go to mechanic, So if your need a medic you go to see a doctor, not a politician

    1. @Some Guy

      ‘Gain of function’ means bestowing new, or enhancing existing functions. Considering most viruses that are subjected to this kind of research are disease causing, ‘gain of function’ typically refers to increase of infectivity and or lethality.

    1. @midnight moon Saving humanity and the world as we speak. These people are too brainwashed to realize that they are missing out on the Great Awakening. The greatest thing to ever happen to humanity it’ll all be over before the year is over.

  4. It seems to me that Florida’s governor needs to learn about Typhoid Mary. She had typhoid and was asymptomatic but still infected and fully capable of spreading it to others.

    1. Sounds like you need a lesson in risk. You take a risk everyday you leave your house you mindless creep. Get a brain

    2. @FreeRange Slaves Oh. so you do research. Why didn’t yo say so?
      What lab are you working in, and where did you get your biology and/or medical degree?
      …or is it that you’re yet another idiout that thinks that “doing research” means looking at/listening to bullshit propaganda?

    3. @John Bob The only people that don’t like Fauci are the dumb hicks that don’t understand science and get their info from Qanon and other propaganda. The rest of the world respects this great man for the decades of great work he has done. What good things have YOU done to save lives? Nothing I bet.

    4. @FreeRange Slaves – SCOTUS has not ruled on COVID. Stop posting your BS everywhere. And no, ‘a pathogen is never a vaccine’ because SCIENCE.

    1. @joshkibshima you, sir, and all anti vaxxers are a problem that will sort itself in the long run. Enjoy yourself while it lasts

    2. @joshkibshima Your doctor wants your money and that’s it. He doesn’t care about you or your health. It’s better for him if you’re sick and coming to him for help. Duuuhhhhhh

  5. Just like ‘vampire nation’ the country is being infected by kookanoners, who for the sake of self aggrandizement will say and do anything.

  6. The same people screaming about protecting children from blooding drinking Democrats are the same people who are screaming about not protecting children from covid….

    1. The same people crying to protect children from Covid are angry that Texas banned abortions, spare me your concern. Children have a better chance of getting hit by a meteor than dying from Covid.

    1. come winter, when the north is covid spiking, it’s gonna work out for him. Bet on that.

      One thing is certain, I’ve worked and pay my bills this whole time, nobody is evicting me or putting a lien on my property for taxes. Hows it going in progressive land because the bailouts and moratoriums are ending and those bills are coming due.

      I hope they keep your bridges warm…..

  7. It’s tragic that we have educated “leaders” in this country that will pretend they don’t understand how a vaccine works just to pander to bunch of gullible, uneducated fools that really don’t.

    1. @Jerry Beloin You do realize that every single president in history has tried to spin the optics on bad news stories, right? Bush did it with the entire Iraq war, Clinton did it with the sex scandal, Obama did it with the drone strikes and Trump did it with covid, Stormy Daniels, the Ukraine phone call, the election etc etc.

    2. @John Doe Like any other vaccine. For some people it does provide immunity. For some people it provides protection from a serious case. And for some people it doesn’t seem to help at all. The same is true of Influenza vaccines.

    3. @I like Free Speech you’re literally saying that “lifeguards are useless because you could still drown if they didn’t see you or if they are helping someone else” except that in one situation only one person dies, whilst in the other situation you are endangering hundreds of other people by not getting the vaccine

  8. We in the netherlands did a good job by vaccinating 89%
    Life is now pre pandemic thank god
    Wish my family in boston good luck

  9. Gee Governor Desantis, didn’t realize you got your MD. You talking about vaccines not being effective is amazing. If that is your thinking, then why did you get vaccinated. I don’t care who runs against you, anybody can be better than someone who talks from both sides of his mouth!!

    1. @SumguythatisaContrarianNPCLibtardwholovesWaifus the source is the whole video instead of an edited clip yet again by the media to play into their fear mongering.

    2. @SoTex Mex like Fauci – you cannot hear well- Desantis clearly said that being unvaccinated does not impact others. That’s an outright lie bc the unvaccinated spread the virus & the spread creates the mutation which is how we got Delta.

    1. @Andrew Iglinski I know the CDC is corrupt to the core but there’s Ivermectin under treatment plans. AKA “muh horse medication” 😎👍

    2. @Andrew Iglinski By the way, Oscar De La Hoya was fully vaccinated and ended up in the hospital with Covid infection Joe Rogan caught the Rona and he took ivermectin and was better in a couple of days and tested negative in four days 😎👍

    3. @Brass Tacks lol your argument is one person with the vaccine ended up in the hospital? Rogan was also on high dose steroids, monoclonal antibodies, antivirals and a bunch of less powerful drugs. Ivermectin works by poisoning nerve cells in parasites…. virus’ don’t have nerve cells ace. The single study promoting the efficacy of ivermectin was retracted after a grad student noticed they copied a publication from his professor word for word, and under further investigation they found the numbers are to repetitive to be genuine lab results, and all of the people contacted from the study are either dead, or didn’t participate in the study. These are facts… but scientific literature doesn’t give you that same social interaction and conflict you’re looking for to fill that need to not feel so lonely, pathetic and desperate for attention that you feel when you walk through the store, or your school and not a single person cares that you even exist. The YouTube comment section fills that hole for you, and that alone should be reason enough to stop and think, “maybe I am actually pathetic, and maybe I should consider the point of view of all of these people that are just genuinely better at life than I am”.

  10. There is a large portion of America that believes it’s only about Them , We casually call them Sociopaths .

  11. If people can’t see the lies surrounding covid by now they are too far gone. Back to your kardashians and nfl football sheep

    1. It might too distant now that it will be statistically demonstrated, perhaps even proven, by viewing death numbers over a period of years, establishing a trend and calculating the excess deaths in the covid years. I’d be very surprised if the excess death numbers are anywhere near the reported covid death numbers.

      As always, DYOR.

  12. America has some crazy Governors/Senators, have you noticed how many are from the right? Quick answer…most of them .

    1. Person, man, woman, camera, tv … Stable genius with a big brain who knows more than scientists – ring a bell?

  13. Joe, “Next, my admin is going to confiscate all guns from law-abiding citizens to assure that criminals aren’t injure during a home invasion.”

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