Concern Grows For The Safety Of Afghan Women And Girls 1

Concern Grows For The Safety Of Afghan Women And Girls


Humanitarian groups, politicians, and more are growing increasingly concerned about what kind of life women and girls will have in Afghanistan with the Taliban retaking power. We discuss with Victoria DeFrancesco Soto and A.B. Stoddard.
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  1. Mr and Mrs USA rally give a F about woman in Afghanistan, show them a map and they would’nt know where Afghanistan is. News today forgotten tomorrow.

  2. If the GOP doesn’t want the Afghan people, it’s because they know the Afghan people would never vote for them.

    1. If you will open up your door to every single homeless person in your community and let them live their permanently with no rent fees by all means you can say whatever you want about the GOP but I sincerely doubt it so shut it

  3. Handy for the GOP to forget who made this ‘bargain with the Taliban’ and the four years of ignoring Trumps mule kicks towards what we’re once allies.

    1. Oh stop don’t blame trump for the worst pull out plan to which Biden backs up. I am so tied of people blaming trump grow up

    2. But biden had like 7 months to make changes if he didnt agree with the “bargain”. AND, Trumps bargain with them had a list of conditions, which if werent met, the deal was off. you cant really be this stupid can you????

    3. @t bone fisher, Biden didn’t follow the Trump deal and he did make changes. The Trump deal had us leaving in May. Biden said it was his decision to evacuate and he stands by his decision, so I don’t know what the left are thinking by trying to blame Trump for this disaster.

    4. @Super Scary Russian Bot exactly. but are you surprised? they blame trump for everything. but most sane people know t his has nothign to do with Trump.

    5. @t bone fisher, I am surprised that the leftist media isn’t blaming Trump for this. They are criticizing Biden far more than ever. One video was even labeled “Where is the President?”

  4. Here we have Mitch making an uncharacteristically restrained and honest assessment: let’s see if Jo can uncharacteristically knock a few heads of those incompetents responsible for his first true failure.

  5. Biden did the best he could to save Americans, and the Afghan people under very difficult conditions. Hi hasnt forgotten about them….. whatever he did would not have been perfect. Ther was no perfect way to get the afgan people out. For gooodness sake…..

    1. You’re absolutely right but the fact is a lot of people do not understand. This was negotiated under Trump and the release of dangerous terrorist was also Trump negotiation and we should all be grateful that we didn’t have Trump in office when this went down because it would have gone down 50 times worse. And at the end of the day the Afghan soldiers chose to give up their country take off their uniforms put on their dresses and leave their women and children to try to flee it is no longer our responsibility to hold their hands when they can’t stand on their own after 20 years

  6. And now facts with Squidward: The only reason Americans care about Afghan Women and Children right now is because it’s an easy way to score cheap political points against the other side.

  7. As sad as this is it is The Afghani men who are responsible for their women and their children. And the fact is that in multiple countries there is very sad things happening to women and children. We can’t be there to save them all if their own men do not care enough. The Afghan men were cowards that is not their our responsibility. The US has been holding the Afghani men’s hands for years and if they couldn’t fight for their women and children. As sad as it is that is their choice

  8. Stoddard needs to do her homework….trump made the deal and his incompetence, stupidness and ignorance continues to affect the present administration

  9. Whenever western media plays the bugle of ” women rights” and the mission of “liberating afghan women”, it reminds me the great civilizing mission of king Leopold II in congo!

  10. What is happening now in Afghanistan is the same happened in Vietnam history repeats itself. We Americans should not interfere the other countries problems if we will going to abandon them in a first place. That’s very wrong

  11. This is all so short sighted. These Afghans should stay and fight for their country. Especially now since the Talabans are no longer in the mountains. They are so exposed.

  12. Tell Mitch he’s been a disaster ever since he won his election . Mitch was right there saying Trump won the election and denied Biden the election . If Mitch new this was such a disaster why didn’t he try to help stop it . We can Blame this on you as well as Trump you and your Buddies .

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