Concern Grows Over Returning To Classrooms Amid Pandemic | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Yes I agree with you, however because WE THE PEOPLE know is what going own it is now our responsibility. Stop going into those places with or without a mask and WE THE PEOPLE stop spreading the disease. It’s up to us now. Not stupid White House resident.

    2. Gov. Disgrace. Stupid fcuking moron along with Yoho and the rest. I’m in Florida and these people don’t wear masks. This is Trump country. God’s waiting room needs to empty faster.

    3. @Lyette’s Diaries: American’s motto should be: ME, MYSELF AND I. DO NOT in any way listen to Trump and his administration. God bless you all Americans and God truly keep you safe. Take care.

    1. @Agathac Cheb – They *knew* #45✳ *was guilty.*
      Senator Alexander *admitted it.*
      Senator Collins *admitted it.*
      Senator Gardner *admitted it.*
      Senator Murkowski *admitted it.*
      Senator Portman *admitted it.*
      Senator Toomey *admitted it.*
      Senator Romney *admitted it* …but *ONLY* he had the b@lls to defy deceit and, at least, *vote AGAINST #45✳’s criminality.*
      As for *the rest* of the jellyfish GOTPers, well…
      #21stCenturyQuislings 👎

    2. @james kenyon RETHUGLICONS have never cared about ANYTHING but the hear , now , me first ! Trumphs family is no different than himself ! They all were raised in entitlement. Define , “job” , they’d have to go the internet…. VOTE BLUE !

    1. That wasnt his decision. He was just told there was no way it could happen. No state would allow a super spread event and conservatives who normally would have attended said they wouldnt go. He didnt make the decision, he just took credit for it. As usual.

    2. @Ali B – We’d have *loved* to have seen the look on NC Governor Cooper’s face, when #45✳ slouched his way to the podium to announce his ‘bigly’ *FL cancellation…* 😏
      “Sad!” 🤣

    1. @M John : When he tried to do things in Jan, he got called a racist and xenophobic. Pelosi said go visit Chinatown. Why ? because they were too busy with all the impeachment nonsense. By the way, BOTH of my senators voted against his impeachment. Had they not ? neither would have been re elected.

    2. @rosalind ganymede its going to be zero if schools don’t open up because I’m quite certain teachers wont be buying computers for their students if learning is online..If schools open, I’m all for funding them. If not, money goes to the families, its that simple!

    3. @Harold Moops they just will lose what little federal funding they get if they don’t. No big deal.

  1. Our Children 🧒 are not 45’s 🦠 COVID19 experiments Barron’s school 🏫 isn’t opening so what does that tell you?

    1. ​@Iris Hewlett ———–This is why they quit and wrote books to expose the conman
      ‘s crimes. The made for TV revolving door administration is about to end.
      The Bleach Injection Boy has zero qualification to work not even at a 7/Eleven. He was an entrepreneurial myth. He had no intention of being president. It was supposed to be a “prank”. Howard Stern: (about Donald Trump) “It was supposed to be a plot. He had no intention of actually being president. I don’t believe that he thought anyone would buy in it.” 
      The wannabe president cheated his way to the White House so his cronies could take advantage of his tax cuts and princess nepotism perception ivanka could use the White House for unjust enrichment, to get Chinese patents. We will soon discover the extent of his crimes once the fraudster is broomed out of Washington.

    2. While democrats actually do the destroying. Look at the Democrat run shithole cities. Burning, looting, killing, tent cities, bankrupt, drug needles everywhere, sidewalks used as toilets…and Trump is destroying the country? They don’t come much more stupid than you…

    3. Yes best criminals. You’d have to be a crook just speak to trump. We are in a fire situation with this traitor in office. Let him go to Russia.

    4. @Michael Pondo – #45✳’s been *fawning FOR dictators* since his ‘presidency’ began, really.
      In fact, let us ‘count the ways’:
      1. #45✳ smiled, *saluted* and shook hands…with the men *who murdered* collegiate Otto Warmbier.
      2. #45✳ smiled, danced and dined…with the men *who murdered* journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
      3. #45✳ posed, preened and puled…with the former *KGB agent who attacked our country* in 2016.
      *’Three strikes’* …and *#45✳’s ‘out’.*
      It’s *BEYOND* shameful…and yet *utterly* unsurprising, considering #45✳’s affinity *FOR* our nations adversaries. 😒

    5. @Walt Schmidt Have you ever been without for a long period of time and had no help? I doubt it or you wouldn’t be talking so cruelly! Other people have mental issues or have given up hope! Have mercy on others – you might need mercy some day!

  2. He’s canceling rallys due to the covid danger, but keeps pushing schools to reopen?? trump don’t care about our kids!!!

    1. @mateowey it’s not a story it’s a fact, you probably should go learn some rather than listening to the Media stories and having a false sense of knowledge about the virus itself.
      Take Care 🙏

    2. @yogi the whole indoor/outdoor debate is ridiculous! A crowd is a crowd, a group is a group. The virus will spread if people are close enough together and not wearing masks, no matter where your are. Thats just an excuse. Trump cancelled a rally due to covid risks because there would be a large ADULT group congregating. He is promoting kids back to school because KIDS statistically have a much less risk of spreading the virus, much higher tolerance to fight it if they get it and so they can go back to school if done safely . The ramifications of keeping kids out of school far outweigh the covid risks. And that is the consensus of most doctors and psychologists out there!

  3. USA is being punished for choosing Trump as non-president. What did they expect from a corrupt bankrupt liar?


    2. @G Guest no problem! America is run by corporations and the wealthy elite. We are told that the country gets together and votes. We pick our own leaders. Now, this is the tricky part. It’s not true. Hillary won the popular vote. Trump is president. Our votes do not decide the ruler’s of our country. It’s a lie.

  4. Homeless people will not care about voting. That was the GOP plan. Slicker move than voter suppression. Make people unemployed and homeless.

    1. Nope. Homeless people have nothing left to lose by protesting and 3 hots+cot to gain. That’s a bad idea.

    2. @CShield aww are you not paying attention the areas passing voter id laws and closinges / reducing the hours of places that produce ID?
      Can you go into a polling place say a name an address and just vote?
      Even if you can everywhere. If people are still waiting for their stimulus cheques what are the odds of a back log updating info from the id issuing places that have reduced staff and funding?

    3. @Nevyn of OZ 1973 I can walk into my polling place and give them my name and address, sign my name, and vote. No ID needed. Voting by mail is also an option for homeless people. Why try to discourage people from voting even when homeless? I don’t understand that.

    1. After two divorces and cheating on pregnant wife with professional women, you think now ttump* has no values.

  5. *Fed govt and states should be preparing ‘Distanced Learning’ for kids and families.. Not bullying people back into school classrooms during the Coronvirus pandemic.*

  6. 9 year old girl in Florida just died from tge virus.. Do not send your children back to school they’re not prepared 🙃

    1. @Rapture 111 got it. Dead kid fake news. Just tell us how many dead kids are acceptable?
      0.05% fatal means 36000 dead kids.

  7. Our kids are doing online only, even though they want to see their friends. This virus sure has been tough on families.

    1. I’m thankful my daughter is too young to go yet and my son is done with school.
      If things are like this when she is supposed to go, and there’s an attempt to force kids to physically go to school, we may just move. Especially if such a large swath of the country is ” coa-coa puffs” enough to back the type of person that they do now… aboud it!. Scary times when someone who can walk and chew gum at the same time thinks a man like Trump is good for anything other than a laugh.

  8. My kid’s school administrators just announced they were all exposed to Covid and have to quarantine.

    1. @Rapture 111 yes. Being inconvienced and financially set back 2 years being worth experiencing to spare hundred of thousands of citizens lives is communist.
      0.05% childhood death toll is 36000 dead children, capitalism and democracy says that is acceptable for the sake of money and convience.

    2. @Nevyn of OZ 1973 It’s because people aren’t willing to raise /feed their demon spawn…schools do it for them

  9. Shut the schools down its to dangerous teachers can get a job in a ware house till the smoke clears

    1. Space is a big issue. Maybe they should move the schools into warehouses. In any case, teacher’s will not have time for a warehouse job. They will be busy teaching remotely.

    1. If you are in a problem area, you would be irresponsible to send them. Just because the president throws a temper tantrum to open schools, you don’t have to give in. Just a few months ago, he PUSHED states to re-open BEFORE they were ready. Look where we are now. Our kids aren’t an experiment.

  10. tRump cares about his GOP voters’ health but since children do not vote, he deems them expendable

  11. Trump only cares about getting elected and is willing to sacrifice American children for his own selfish gains. Shameful!

    1. Outside of it being normal for Trump to lie and scheme… he knows he’s facing at least 2-3 years jail time for campaign finance issues of not re-elected. In addition his recent loss in court to hide his tax and other financial documents from criminal investigation means he is looking at 10+ years in prison. As we grow closer to Election Day his desperate measures will increase. Ultimately upon losing reelection he’ll run to Russia to hide out with Snowden. His moronic base will pay $5-$20 / month for trump tv. Similar to what palin did, except Putin will be directly pushing his message through trump.

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