Concern Grows That Police Reform Will Hit A Dead End In Congress | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Concern Grows That Police Reform Will Hit A Dead End In Congress | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


  1. Moscow Mitch and the rest of the Republicans Senators need to go.
    Remember they voted for NO witnesses in the Impeachment trial.

    1. They are sitting on all of your Bill that you voted for but Moscow Mitch sits on it and won’t pass them.

  2. How about Police have to pay Insurance back to the Government and when a Cop is caught violating the Law the Premiums for that precincts rise and All cops have to pay for that cops racism

    1. Pay the government ?
      How about paying the local people that he’s wronged ?
      The government doesn’t pay the police,the local people do.The taxpayers.

  3. Once the Dems Retake the Senate. The Legislation will move forward.
    Mitch the self-styled “Grim Reaper” will never move on anything substantive.

    1. @Biden is NOT the candidate Did it ever occur to you that these two parties have swapped ideologies & morality, & that the Democrats are trying to correct those past mistakes as Republicans cling to them?

    2. An interesting outcome and juxtaposition amid the new policing approach advanced by the Minneapolis City Council. After voting to remove police from the community, the same city council now approve hiring private security for themselves at a current rate of $4,500 per day. The taxpayers, who pay their salaries, are left to fend for themselves, but the city council members won’t be left without. Funny how that happens.

    3. @Spaghetti Monster Just get the police unions to agree to the removal of
      Qualified immunity. And Hiding personal misconduct history. And body cams that cant be turned off… So everyone is accountable..

  4. So,taxpayers pay the poilce to abuse them and pays the lawsuit settlements ,from said abuses,to themselves ?

    The taxpayers are paying big money to be assaulted and killed,basically.

    What kind of twisted system are we under ?

    Isn”t this like paying the neighborhood bully to torment you ?

    How is this any different ?

    1. White People pay taxes to ensure blacks citizens will policed and jailed and murdered… Justice in America is the justice you can afford.

    2. snoop alert : What would a trump troll know, son? Why do you live on these channels? Go away kid

  5. Congress needs to get tough and start using their funding controls to stop Rep’s from ruling on their own terms.

  6. When you kick a dog everyday as you walk past, don’t act shocked when it finally bites you.

    1. MVVpro every democrat in America should be executed for treason you are all brainwashed communist and anarchist

  7. Like we didn’t expect that, with the combination of Moscow Mitch, blocking reforms, and Police Unions refusing to give up power, and NOT EVEN BEING MENTIONED in ANY, “legislation.”???

  8. Everything is connected. This is what happens when you have an economy based on “who you know” and not “what you know”.

    1. It’s not going to happen because despite all the SJW rhetoric, the police are needed WAY MORE than “Black Lives Matter.”

  9. The GOP is down to three policies: 1) give rich donors a lot more money through bailouts and tax cuts 2) prevent all other legislation and 3) put unqualified judges into the fed system.
    I’m reading William Shrirer’s Berlin Diaries; it’s remarkable how much the GOP is acting like the Nazi party did in 1934.

  10. Of course it will.

    The Senate was included in the Constitution to protect white supremacy.

  11. Doesn’t matter…. It’s been 100 + degrees in Siberia this summer, you better start looking for high ground NOW !

  12. Not as long as Moscow Chokeholdmitch is in power, he will block any such bill. Putin must be rejoicing at seeing Trumputinos destroy our government, our people and our economy! Vote!!!!!

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