1. It looks clear to me, government officials don’t want Canadian to travel for some reason they only know. What is the reason Mr PM?

  2. A friend of mine just got back from a month in Europe. No restrictions, no tests, the hardest part was getting back into Canada

  3. I’ll bet all those plane loads of ukrainian refugees don’t have to sit on their planes for hours and go thru what we have to.Have they had their vaccines or are they exempt.

    1. @them tube replace ‘covid’ with ‘government restrictions’ and ‘taking civil rights away’

  4. Keep downloading the app & give your consent to being tracked until they get the social credit infrastructure in place. None of this is about health, it’s about control of you.

  5. A shameful state of affairs. What has happened to my country? It’s like it’s been taken over by revolutionaries or a foreign power and no longer responds to the wishes of its citizens. I think I’m starting to understand how things went so wrong in Venezuela under Chavez and Russia under Lenin.

  6. What a clown this so called transport minister guy is. Just talks whole bunch of crap without any resolutions. He needs to resign immediately!

  7. He yells about science and calls anyone who disagrees with him a “science denier”, but this has nothing to do with science. This is all about power and Trudeau’s pride.

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