Concerns About Crashes in Jamaica During Curfew Hours | TVJ News - April 25 2021 1

Concerns About Crashes in Jamaica During Curfew Hours | TVJ News – April 25 2021


There are growing concerns about the many road accidents occurring during curfew hours.

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  1. My grandma use to say obey is better than sacrifice, Jamaican doesn’t want to obey the curfew, party have fi keep and we have fi go

  2. The Jamaican Government need to do something, like public passenger vehicles, if get caught speeding they need to pay a huge fee and have their license suspended or do jail time.
    If it’s you’re personal vehicle. Pay a higher fee, license suspended or jail time. People stop letting people driving crazy with you in there vehicle and talking a man big driver. Safe driving is good driving, not reckless driving. It’s better to reach late than dead.

  3. That 16-year-old, as well as all those other youngsters, had absolutely no father figure… Absolutely no discipline. One can boldly assume…

  4. What curfew hours have to do with people driving carelessly. Careless driving those, drive within the speed limit nothing nuh wrong with driving in the speed limit… but we have to show off

  5. We Jamaicans just don’t like abiding by no rules n laws so sometimes drastic things just of to happen to open up some of our eyes bcuz ppl will still be breaking rules, sad but it’s the truth…i know where parties still be keep everyday with alot of ppl n i don’t know how police doesn’t find themJamaicans tho

  6. Some people believe sa dem affi a drive fast fi show off. Me nah fraid fi tell no driver fi tek time drive r let me off. Fi mi life precious. N me respect mi life

  7. These crashes has nothing to do with curfews. Speeding and misuse of the road codes are the problem.

  8. Some Jamaican don’t like to obey rules..if I don’t go now i don’t miss a thing..some people if them nuh go out is like a the end of the world..I enjoy the lockdown more than anything else.

    1. If it was minutes after 8,maybe u could say they trying to beat the curfew but the crash happen way past curfew..May there soul RIP

  9. I’m very happy that I can watch the news even a day later. Thanks TVs for posting the news on YouTube

    1. You are welcome. Thank you for your feedback& continue to share the video feed with family and friends

  10. As a regular user of the road I observed that ppl are trying to do the most they can at the last minutes and still reach home on time hence speeding.

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