Concerns About Deep Sea Mining in Jamaica | TVJ New – July 23 2022

Concerns About Deep Sea Mining in Jamaica | TVJ New - July 23 2022 1


  1. I am against all forms of mining for small countries. It destroys the environment and the public doesn’t get any benefits.
    Don’t believe me, look at any country in Africa.
    Watch documentaries like dangerous journeys and you will see the people suffering.
    How much has bauxite improved the Jamaican life, it hasn’t. We all see the residents of the neighboring bauxite communities suffer and their cries go to deaf ears.
    If gold is in the ground, let it stay, if oil, let it stay too.

  2. This is the worst thing. 😫 now how would I go back to my land if these thief 🤔. Come to rob us .

  3. Yes to economic exploitation of natural resource, what these idiots don’t realize in their talk of finding technology that will prevent us from relying on natural resource is; its those resource that’s the raw material for the technology, green isn’t really green and clean isn’t really clean. Any argument on mining must center around what’s in it for us, what share and how will it benefit us economically and socially, if its a case where they take and we remain broke, then we can say this can’t work for us.

  4. That not with all of what’s going on in the they don’t have anything else to do? I’m all for mining ⛏️

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