Concerns About Jamaica's Murder Spike | TVJ News - June 30 2021 1

Concerns About Jamaica’s Murder Spike | TVJ News – June 30 2021


The Jamaican Prime Minister is touting the success of the Zones of Special Operation, ZOSO in Norwood, St. James. The Opposition however, continues to ask what about other crime-plagued communities.

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  1. The government needs to do more as it relates crime on criminality is get out of control Jamaica had been watch by Americans on Canadians on also the rest of the world

  2. If I was given the national security minister I send most of the leaders to lockup because they r not doin wat they r suppose to be doin which is performing there duties

  3. Minimum wage is low but that does not give anybody any reason to be a criminal. There are people who are not working and they are not criminals.

  4. Death sentence needs to be implemented for those who commit egregious crimes
    Death penalty is what’s needed

  5. first thing dem need to do is keep the dangerous criminals locked up for good cause they cannot be tamed for instance dog paw until Jamaica start to control dem forget it

  6. Mark Golding needs some coaching on his deliverance! Sounds good but without authority. He is not entirely fit to lead the Opposition Party!

  7. We need to have systems/programs that prevent crimes not to invest in lockups. Death penalty need to be reinstated.

  8. No mr prime mister more guns is out their get the soilders and helicopter to fight the crime

  9. Prime Minister PERSONS is not applicable in this Presentation.

    Jamaican SLOGAN;

    As Prime Minister try to separate
    Singular & PLURAL.

    PEOPLE remains more than (1.) Person.

    1. Holness give criminals the ports of JAMAICA to criminal foreigners to import tons and tons of illegal weapons into the country, to date the prime minister have not identify that the weapons that come the country the country ports.

  10. Both the JLP and PNP needs to agree and upgrade guns and gangs crimes to higher sentences. Plus much better methods to stop the easy flow of guns and ammunition into Jamaica via Haiti in the gun for drugs trade which every gang is now getting into also and the ports where guns and ammunition comes in barrels and containers daily. Also both parties needs to stop giving government contracts to criminals which is also a major part of the internal fued in communities.

  11. The prime minister & police commissioner care because the shooting is not happening in there community.

  12. Three firearms being recovered is not even a drop in the bucket. Stop feeding the people lies.

  13. If the govt.were to hire me as a crime consultant crime would be down to 30% or less within two weeks

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