Concerns for Victoria ‘the Cat’ from Ukraine | TVJ News – Mar 2 2022

Concerns for Victoria 'the Cat' from Ukraine | TVJ News - Mar 2 2022 1


  1. Yea but the lady have Victoria 5 years now n no dead…yall bugging….she say the cat got all shots for rabies etc…smh

    1. Doesn’t matter, if she was to take that thing in America she would have ro be doing the same thing

  2. when Jamaican adapt foreign mentality 😐 so she stay a Ukraine cause a cat. lol she nuh have a man ?

  3. After COVID, we can’t take any chances. The man said anyone who contracts rabies will almost certainly die! Follow the protocols. Find a nice family in Poland to adopt Victoria.


  5. How did this make the news πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ cats out a go through hard life, Victoria is a celebrity, she better learn fi survive in this cold world

  6. Cat don’t have soul. You have a soul if you die and not save you would go to hell and the cat die and rotten I did not here you say God is good

  7. Greetings.
    As a Jamaican, I’ve been following this unnerving situation that involves Jamaican students who were stranded in war torn Ukraine. I had strong words of condemnation (which I expressed on another platform) for the Government of Jamaica and their offer of a loan to the students for them to pay their airfare out of Ukraine. I was genuinely concerned for the people of Ukraine but especially our Jamaican students. I was of the impression that these were students who are of very limited means who were determined to make a life for themselves by travelling across the world to study medicine. But having read about and listened to some of these students I’m getting the feeling that we the Jamaican public were probably more concerned about their safety and well-being than they were. Perhaps they are still in a state of shock – I don’t know.

    Having watched this TVJ report, I now feel as though the entire effort to evacuate these poor helpless students has been reduced to a circus, a comedy or minstrel show. Mildly put, I’m disappointed that the focus is not on how these students who were studying to be medical professionals are (based on what has been disclosed to the public) not focused on recouping and thinking about what their next steps/options are/will be. The subject of this TVJ report is a side show that we do not need at this time. Fathers, husbands, bothers, sons – all males 18 to 30 or 60 years of age are required to remain in Ukraine and defend their country. My guess is, they would have loved to not only stay with their loved ones AND their pet fish….how do you leave your precious beautiful fish behind? Unthinkable!

    I (and other Jamaicans of similar thinking) strongly urge the Government of Jamaica (JLP) to focus its efforts ONLY on matters relevant to Jamaican human beings. And to use the taxpayers of Jamaica’s monies wisely…we are highly in debt and DO NOT have a penny to spend frivolously. What a person wishes to do with their personal funds is their business, but the government should NOT in this instance spend one cent to give clearance to any living thing that is NOT a walking, talking, living human being. In medicine the word triage is widely known and used especially in emergency cases -PRIORITIZE!. It’s almost TONE DEAF given the context to not focus expressly on aid to fellow human beings. There are disturbing reports that some persons of African /black ethnicity are being discriminated against, threatened with violence if they do not step back/get off free trains and buses in Ukraine destined for safe neighbouring countries – the situation is dire, it’s a real war! Maybe we should send a private jet for the pair of shoes you forgot in Ukraine or its medication. The government’s priority at this time should be its people, nothing else. The line has to be drawn somewhere!!
    We strongly condemn this uncalled-for war and wish everyone affected peace, safety and that it will end soon. Freedom is never free and peace is very fragile. All the bestπŸ‘

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