Concerns Over Alleged Covid Breach by Jamaica’s Raft Captains | TVJ News – May 19 2021

Concerns Over Alleged Covid Breach by Jamaica's Raft Captains | TVJ News - May 19 2021 1


  1. Ppl ju nt taking this pandemic seriously at all i am an hairdresser n i also am feeling the lost must i must protect my family ? To the ras why r u putt the church in it without prayers we are nthing god is love

    1. This person who has been going to hotels and attractions taking pictures and putting it to be the media wants to cause double problem in Jamaica . please

  2. The struggle is real ! People need to eat and their children as well free up the raft captains !!

  3. People need fi life back them life again, tell the government that “People need fi live them life”

  4. When will the people rise up against this unjust approach to survival? The man says the big hotels are open and people having parties no one can shut them down, Time to stop the foolishness and get the economy going. How will this PM face the people again?KMT

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